What tropical fruits are you growing?

dlingyAugust 23, 2006

Hello, I was wondering what types of tropical fruits everyone is growing.

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I'm growing these in Southern California:

Purple Mombin
White Sapote
Green Sapote
Sugar Apples (Green and Kampong Mauve)
Red Custard apple

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I would like to grow soursop, but I don't have room for it. I do have a mango and a guava and a small tamarind. I used to have papaya and passionfruit, but I got rid of them. I would also like to have Sapote, but I haven't seen it in the nurseries.

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What kind of Sapote are you referring too? I have seen Mamey Sapote at Mimosa Nursery in Los Angeles. There is also White Sapote there. Be aware that if you are referring to Mamey Sapote, I don't think anyone has been able to fruit them in California with the exception of SAn Diego. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong.

As far as the Soursop, mine got burned back considerably by the cold last winter. It is growing back again but I don't think that it will fruit ever if it keeps of losing the branches due to cold But I still have it in a big pot just in case.

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maxwell_a(z10 FL)

I'm growing the following in south Florida:

Guava(large and strawberry)
Barbados cherry
Citrus (orange,tangerine,lemon,grapefruit,citron)
Sugar Apple
Muscadine grape
Passion fruit

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Mango, Guava
Barbados cherry
Ackee, Citrus
Avocado, Bananas
Longon, Peaches
Sapodilla, Sugar Apple
Mulberry, Momacillo
Muscadine grape
California plum ,
Passion fruit, tamarind
Carambola, pommerac
Persimmonm, wampee
Sugar apple, custard apple
To name a some.........
Also, I just got seedlings of
colubrina elliptica-mauby
Pouteria caimito-abui
Dwarf sugar apple-supposed to stay 4' tall

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Hope this isn't too boring... South Florida, Jupiter Farms area.

Front yard:

Cherimoya, Golden Sugar Apples, 4826 Atemoya, Red Atemoya, Kampong Mauve Sugar Apple, Tamarillo, Cinnamon, Sapodillas, Papayas, many different Musas, Coffee Arabicas, Mamey Sapote, 5 low-chill Pear Trees, Red Lime, 5 low-chill Plum trees, Pineapples, Tamarind, 6 Mulberry trees, Ice Cream Mango, Fuyo Persimmon, 2 varieties of Chayas (Spinach tree- more of a veggie), Meyer Lemon, Pineapple Orange, Calamondin.

Front patio: Cacao, Breadfruit, Miracle Fruit, Jaboticaba, Papayas, Passion Vines, Ponderosa Lemons, 6 low-chill Peaches, Pomegranates, Barbados Cherry, Cherry of the Rio Grande, Atemoya, Figs, many other citrus.

Side yards: About 75 Bananas (a young hedge and two older beds), 18 Moringas, 4 Mulberries, Temple Tangelo, Navel Oranges, Macadamia Nut, Satsuma Mandarins, Figs, Julie Mango, other various citrus.

Back yard: Large area on west side- Pomegranate, Chayas, Musas, large Barbados Cherry, large COTRG, Pitomba, Mamey Sapote, Nectarines, Papayas, Black Sapote, many Peaches/Plums/Mangos, Macadamia Nut, many various citrus including Key Limes and Sanbokan Sweet Lemons. I made a dense planting to screen out the ugly view the storms left for us. Malabar Spinach (veggie) on a trellis.

Orchard area: Peaches, Pears, Lychee, Avocados, Figs, bed full of Blueberries, Longan, Jackfruits, 13 low-chill apples, many Blackberries, Sapodilla, Jamaican Cherry tree, Passion vines, 7 named Muscadine grapes, Dragonfruit, Raspberries, white-fruiting Mulberries, Cherimoyas, green Sugar Apples and the whole north/east area is various citrus.

Then there is the veggie gardens, and the ornamentals.

Lost so many trees in the hurricanes that I've been trying to get a bit of greenery around us again.


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Hylocerus cactus?

I saw some monster fruit here in a grocery store last year. As big as a big mango, from Central America I believe the sticker said. I sure never saw fruit that big on Hylocerus vines in Florida. I wonder if it is a large fruited selection or sprayed with gibberelic acid?

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Posted this already, but here goes again.

Black Sapote
Tropical Guava
Key Lime

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Lisa...that's not a "yard", that's a freaking nursery! Nice job! Oh how I wish I could have your climate here in Ohio.

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

Funny, OhioJay! I seriously thought about getting a nursery license, but realized then I would feel pressured to sell my plants. I can't do that yet... I can give them away to friends, but balk at selling them to folks I don't know.

Wanna trade weather for a while? I'll trade hurricanes, droughts and now, - flooding, for a few months of lovely snow, anytime(G).

Oh, I forgot about the Carambola trees (G). Have two varieties in the orchard.


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Passion Fruit: Edulis, Edulis Flavicarpa and Foetida... These are inside on a windowstill...

Beat that for a one bedroon Flat LOL

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Lisa: I'm the same way about plants. I would have to start rows of seedlings specified for selling before I could sell any. I can barely give away plants to friends, but it's nice to share when you can.

ninecrow: Good job! Marcelo is also good with windowsill growing with Cacao plants and such. I've been able to grow Jackfruit, Loquat, and Yuzu (all home now) in a very similar situation. Don't be afraid to expand and try virtually any of your favorite plants in your windowsill, it's very rewarding :)

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Here's my list, most are young but some are bearing...

Avocado- Monroe, Lula
Banana- Cavendish, Raja Puri, Ice Cream, Manzano
Barbados Cherry (2) Florida sweet
Bunchosia argenta- Peanut butter fruit
Brush Cherry
Canistel- 9861
Carambola (2) Arkin
Chinese Jujube
Dwarf Ambarella
Fig - Brown Turkey, (Celeste - still in container)
Inga edulis Ice Cream Bean
Key Lime (2)
Lemon- Meyer
Lemon- Pink
Loquat- Christmas
Longan- Kohala
Lychee- Mauritius
Mango- Carrie, Valencia Pride, Glenn, Cogshall, Ice cream, Nam Doc Mai
Monstera Deliciosa (x 3)
Mulberry- Tice, Everbearing
Muntingia Calabura (3) (Strawberry Tree, Jamaica cherry)
Orange- Navel
Papaya- Red Lady, Caribbean Red, Solo
Persimmon- Fuyu
Pineapples -- Smooth Cayenne, Sugarloaf
Pineapple Guava (2)
Pomegranate (2)
Prickly Pear Cactus- Unknown green, grown from very sweet fruit seeds
Sugar apple- Thai-Lessard
Sapodilla- Alano
Suriname Cherry- Red and Dark Zill
White sapote- Younghans

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

I've actually sold a few, given many seedlings away, and donated some to our local conservatory. Seedlings are one thing, but I believe it would be hard to just give away a plant that I spent a lot of time and effort into growing! Then again, it all depends upon the plant and size too.

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msmarion(9aPort St Lucie)

Lisa has inspired me to try fruit. Let's see I have:
Sanbokan Lemon, Harvey Lemon, 2 Brown Turkey Figs, 2 Red Sugar Apples, blueberries and peach. Oops! forgot it's Tropical.
Wish list: Key Lime more blues and peaches. I'm still learning about tropicals.

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john13(Oregon z8)

I have Meyer Lemon, Nagimy Kumquat, Dragon Fruit,
Pygmy Date Palm, Satsuma Mandarin.
Thats all for now but in a month or two me and my dad are going to build a 20x20 greenhouse and IÂve earned $700 from selling my vegetables so hopefully IÂll be getting a lot more plants to fill it up. :)
P.S I'll post some pics when itÂs done.


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Marion: Key Lime should be available at a grocery near you, and they're easy to germinate from seeds. I have one about 2 1/2 ft tall now that I planted a couple years ago. Try it out! :)

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Well, I'm not a tropical fruit grower but the other day...darned if I didn't notice my Lapageria vines have 4-5 Copihue berries on them. Well, at least when they ripen, I get to taste them. I've read they are sweet.


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My Foetida has 2 fruits on it.... Please send me some "Get Ripe Soon Vibes"
Thank You

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Wow, some of you really have alot of tropical fruit trees! I said to my family, "geez I am almost embarrased to post my measly list on this site." My son looked at me as if I had just sprouted a horn from the middle of my forehead and replied, "YOU are embarrassed becaused you think you don't have ENOUGH plants???" My family thinks I am nuts for wanting more :P LOL! (well I was talking about tropical FRUIT .. not tropicals) :D

Anyhow, here is my measly fruit list..
Moro Blood Orange
Australian Fingerlime
Rangpur Lime
Bearss Lime
Key Lime
Kaffir limes
Meiwa kumquat
Owari satsuma
Meyer Lemon
pink variegated lemon
Buddah's hand Citron
Etrog Citron
Cara Cara (red navel orange)
various seedlings :ponderosa,keylimes,minneola,blood orange
Dragon fruit
Passionfruit (various vines)
Mango (and 2 mango seedlings)

I am inspired by everyone here and am looking forward to trying new really exotic things!
Now, tips for hiding new plants from dh?? Love this forum..

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

SJN, what has worked for me, is to keep a fairly large group of potted trees together. As I get new ones, I tuck them in among the older ones, and they rarely get noticed. Months later, I can say, "oh that, I've had it for months, it isn't new!"

I also learned that if I really, really want an oddball, striking, rare plant, like a Breadfruit, it helped to look up the history behind the plant, print it out, and tell my history-major husband that I bought it for him! That one is displayed on the patio, by the front door. He also likes the Cacao, since the idea of growing Chocolate appeals to him.

So, figure out the appeals of different fruiting plants, and pretend to buy them for your other half, and family.

Devious, but we fruit-tree-addicts must persevere!!!!


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Growing in my yard

12 varieties of bananas
dwarf mulberry
dwarf alano sapodilla
kamppong mauve sugar apple
green sugar apples
3 kinds of pineapples
hayden mango
Hawaiian red papayas
low bearing papayas
cherry of the Rio Grande
closed eye fig
dragon fruit
pad cactus
pepino deluce

and some not so tropical but in zone 10
2 varieties plums
3 peaches

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

What an excellent idea of grouping them together. I could get away with that for awhile, I bet :P
My dh likes the strange and unusual and anything black....so some things I can get without too much of a comment until they take up too much space. Maybe I will tell him that the black sapote is black HA! Then act surprised when I get the tree and its green.
One other thing that has worked somewhat is , since he doesn't know the names of my plants, If it is a vine or something not too big, or tree like, I buy it small and tell him that it is a cutting that I rooted from another one I already had. I know that is an out-right lie. Ha
Sometimes bargaining works like if he wants a video game or power tool - I get a plant! The bad thing is video games take up much less space than plants lol.

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coffeemom(Broward z10)

This is my first year for citrus since the quarantine was lifted for S. Fla. So I have baby trees.
Key Lime
Meyer Lemon
Pink Lemon
But I have been growing/eating
Ice cream Banana
Monstera Deliciosa
Do Coconuts count?

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kerrican2001(z9b CA)

This is what we've got growing in Northern California, about 35 miles inland from San Francisco, where we get a nice long sunny and warm growing season. Some of these are more "sub"tropical than tropical though...

Pineapple Guava
Strawberry Guava
White Sapote
Banana (no fruit to date)
Jelly Palm fruit
Navel Orange
Valencia Orange
Moro Blood Orange
Meyer Lemon
Owari Satsuma Mandarin

And plain old fruit trees:

Santa Rosa Plum
Bing Cherry
Apricot (not sure of variety)

Our stone fruits do absolutely nothing for us. We prune correctly but get little or no fruit. I think the last 4 to 5 years (since planting) have not had enough chill in the winter for these plants, plus we seem to benefit from a microclimate where our coldest air drains into a small valley basin below the street. Good for the tropicals, bad for the stone fruit.

Our most prolific producers are pineapple guava, strawberry guava, meyer lemon, pomelo, mandarin, and this year, sapote. We are finally getting our first macadamias this year and expect a lot more next year!

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AmberSky(9b FL)

I have small trees, and only a few produce yet, but I have high hopes. I can eat somethign out of my garden every day of the year, but I can't harvest a lot of anything yet.

Key Lime (My single most prolific and trouble-free fruit tree)
Parson Brown Orange
Rio Red Grapefruit
Honey Murcot Tangereen
Varigated Myers Pink Lemon

Apple (My fav!)
Ice Cream
Raja Puri
Misi Luki
Monkey Fingers (Never has produced, the stubborn thing!)

Everbearing Mulberrry (And it does bear all the time)
Miracle Fruit
Alma Fig (Very yummy, very prolific)
Peanut Butter Fruit (Just started producing this year, and is going great...pretty when in bloom, too)
Star Apple (Very pretty...no fruit)
Cherry of the Rio Grande
Acreola (Hugely prolific, very pretty...perfect)
Monstera Deliciosa
Feijoa (Pineapple guava)
Cattley Guava
Farkle Berry
Lychee (Bloomed last year, but dropped them all
Black Suranam Cherry
Randia (Blackberry Jam Fruit)
Sugar Apple
Black Sapote
Papaya (3 different, none of which have ever fruited)

Peaches-Saturn (Wow, very pretty), Tropical Snow, Mid-Pride
Plum- Methaly and Guthree
Blackberry - Two thornless low chill types, can't remember which
Pomegranet-Dwarf, Wonderful

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

Growing in east central Florida, including non-tropicals:

Peaches: Tropicsnow, Tropic Beauty

Plum: Scarlet Beauty

Avocado: Haas, choquette, Brogdon, Marcus Pumpkin

Guava: Cattley, Barbie Pink, Richards Red.

Banana: Pisang Ceylon, Apple, Ice cream, goldfinger, sweetheart, Nam wa, Praying Hands, Misi Luki, Raja Puri, Dwarf Jamaican Red

Macadamia: Dana white

Pecan: Desirable, Elliott

Lychee: Sweetheart, Hak Ip, Ohia Red, Ohia Pink, No Mai Tze

Longan: Chompoo, Biew Kiew, Kohala, Pepperseed white, Shi Xia, Chuliang

Barbados Cherry: Fla sweet

Cherry of the Rio Grande, Grumichama

Suriname Cherry: Dark Zill

Atemoya: Geffner

Sugar Apple: Thai Lessard, Phillippine, Golden

Purple Mombin, Dwarf Ambarella

Pawpaw: asimina parviflora, asimina reticulata

Blueberry: Misty, Sharpblue

Carambola: Sri Kembangan

Mulberry: Giant, Tice, Red

Mango: Po Pyu Kalay, Cogshall, Florigon, Edwards, Van Dyke, Bailey's Marvel, Dot, Kent, Mallika, Carrie, Phillippine, Rosigold, Glenn, Graham, Cushman, Valencia Pride, Nam Doc Mai, Keitt

Pineapple: smooth cayenne, royal hawaiian, victoria, champacca, cheese pine, MD2, spanish red, permabucco

Citrus: minneola tangelo, persian lime, ruby grapefruit, valencia orange, pineapple orange, red navel orange, eureka lemon, meyers lemon, satsuma mandarin, key lime

Jakfruit: Mia1, Gold nugget

Sapodilla: Alano, Makok

Jaboticaba, Monstera Deliciosa, Canistel, Cashew Apple, Cinnamon, Tamarind, Miracle Fruit, Coconut

Pitaya: American Beauty, yellow, Giant viet, Red

Muscadines: 7 varieties

Pomegranate: Viet, Hypolito

Persimmon: Fuyu, Izu

Apple: TropicSweet, Golden Dorsett

Papaya: caribbean red, solo

Passionfruit: Giant Granadilla, Purple, maypop

Edible leaves: Laurel bay, red bay, Chaya, Moringa, okinawa spinach, new zealand spinach.


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My list is very modest compared to many of those listed here.
My have:
* A lemon tree that was spared from the canker eradication program Florida forced on homeowners.
* A star fruit tree
* A Barbados cherry tree

Note: I had a male avocado tree until Hurricane Wilma blew through last year and put it half way on my roof.

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dghays: Impressive collection! How were you able to get Philippine Mango? This is the Philippine Super Mango, correct? I've seen the Manila variety for sale, but that's only the Mexican descendant of the Philippine mango, so I'm determined to get a real Philippine Mango tree.

rite2u: Give it a couple years, you'll be hooked with a huge collection and an empty wallet like the rest of us :P

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

tropicaliste: I believe Phillippine is different than Carabao (super mango) and Manilla. Its an odd tree, so far only has one growth flush per year. At this rate it'll never grow much. I'm told its pretty good tasting, but only time will tell. I'll give it a few more years to do something desirable.


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Has your Purple Mombin Fruitedd yet? Do you have any pictures of yout tree and/or fruits.


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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

Racor: Here's my purple mombin, it fruited for the first time in large quantity this year. They're not bad, similar in quality to barbados cherry. They root super easy from limbs. I have 3 in process right now.


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patusho25(z11 Mexico)

I also got that tree! Mine one is the yellow form of the Purple Mombin, which is sweeter. It bears some hundred kg each year, it´s about 15-17 years old and for about 3 weeks we drink ciruela fresh water (or dried), LOL. The purple form is for making "atole" or mixed with chile and make a "chamoy", etc.

To the right of this tree there´s a 8 year old "son" (from a stick) which produces less sweet fruit! That´s interesting, at least for myself.

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patusho25(z11 Mexico)

woops, sorry.

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

The purple form is for making "atole" or mixed with chile and make a "chamoy", etc.

Describe these above, maybe I'll have something else to do with my fruit next year.


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Nice looking trees.

Thanks for the pictures Gary and Patusho.

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patusho25(z11 Mexico)

I should ask my granny first, but is somewhat tedious process, if you can read spanish I can e-mail you later the process or try googling it.

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alzypelican(z4/z5 MN)

From my basement here in Minnesota I'm growing:

meyer lemons
noni --morinda citrifolia
blue lily pilly
star fruit
jack fruit
prickly pear
goji berry
indian ginsing

My hobby is to collect seeds from friut that I have eaten or from places I have been.

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Regarding your Sugar Apple varieties Thai Lessard, Philippine, and Golden - What are there characteristics? weight and taste?

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)


I can only comment from a fruit standpoint on the Thai Lessard, as its the only one I've eaten, first harvest this year. They were about baseball sized, pretty tasty, but moderately seedy. I think the only thing that might set the golden apart is its ripe color allegedly very golden colored. Are you someone I traded with before? Perhaps the Philippine one is from you? If you wanted some Thai Lessard seeds I have some I could send to you. The golden probably won't be ready to fruit until the year after next.


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Yup, I was the one who traded the Philippine Sugar Apples long time ago with you. I have fruits of the Taiwanese Atemoya right now which we harvested from my friends Atemoya Orchard. If you're interested, I could exchange some seeds for scions of your Thai Lessard.

Do you know where I can source scions of 48-26 atemoya in Florida? Currently I have the following Annona species Biriba, Guyabano (fiberless), Custard Apple, Sugar Apple (Seedless), Atemoya (Geffner).

How can I post a picture in the forum?

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)


Email your address to ghays at harris.com. My tree isn't dormant yet, but I can send you some scions now if you think they'll work. Let me know what diameter you want, and how many. You might post your trade request on the Florida forum of this board, a few people have the 48-26 variety.


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Green Sapote


Turnbull White Guava

Red Indian Guava

Alano Sapodilla

Purple Mombin

Gefner Atemoya

Sugar Apple

Suebelle White Sapote

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i have two little loquats i started from seeds. i got the seeds out of the fruit from the store and they grew, i was wondering if anyone has grown dragon fruit like that before?

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)


First, does ilex mean your name = holly?

Dragonfruit are Pitaya, an epiphytic fruiting cactus.
I've heard of various people growing various fruits from seed from grocery, should work out ok for you. I've also seen people growing dragonfruit from seed also, I have one someone else started from seed, its doing well.


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thanks Gary, and yes,ilex as in holly. well sounds like i will give it a try.

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hello ilexgirl, Gary is correct it is epiphytic cactus, hylocereus undatus, guatemalensis, polyrhizus, and selenicereus megalanthus are all known as dragon fruit. Info on growing them "epiforums", pretty pictures of fruit "pine island nursery", want a live plant?....At various nurseries you see cacti grafts, it will have some sort of day-glow cacti grafted on a triangular green stalk. The stalk is hylocereus undatus (in most cases), cut off the parasitic day-glow, use a sharp knife and make a clean cut below the grafted day-glow. Allow the top to dry and it will start to show new growth eventually. Usually these grow very large before they flower and fruit, they also do not like it cold. Good luck they, like other epiphytic cacti, have beautiful flowers.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

racor_2006 ,

Do you have an update pic of your sapodilla and soursop? I have these plants and would love to see your updated pics. Thanks.

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Wow, you guys all have wonderful fruit. It's makes my garden look bad lol. Anyway I have
2 white flesh dragon fruit
1 red flesh dragon fruit(up for trade)
And I have 1 brown turkey fig tree

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Cherimoya Selma, Honeyheart, El Bumpo, Shalom, Helmut Cherimoya lotsa seedlings
Giant Taiwan Atemoya
Mamey Sapote
Black Sapote
White Sapote seedlings
Lychee Brewster seedlings & Air-Layer
Guava Ruby X
Pineapple Guava Nazemetz, Smilax
Papaya yellow maradol, solo seedlings
Mango Kent seedlings
Avocado Chilean Hass seedlings *vigorous*
Avocado Fuerte, Hass, Reed grafted
Fig Black Mission, "Honeydew?"(sweetest fig I've ever had)
Loquat Gold Nugget Seedling
Passion Fruit Fredrick
Citrus Meyer Lemon, Key Lime, Minneola Tangelo
Goji Berries
Tropical Blackberry
Indian Curry Tree

All organic, most everything in containers, looking to trade for scions or seeds.

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Currently in an apartment setting (o_0):

1. Carambola (4 in one pot...seedlings)

2. Sapodilla

3. Various citrus. Sour orange, lemon, "normal" orange, pink grapefruit, and key lime.

4. Mangosteen!!! Got four of them going.

5. Kiwano. Dying :-(

6. Jackfruit.

7. Lychee.

8. Mamey Sapote.

9. Mango

  1. White Sapote.

  2. Monstera.

  3. Dwarf banana

  4. Dragonfruit.

Oh my god.

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boson(Delray Beach,Florida)

Here is my list:

Ambarella (dwarf)
Blackberry Jam Fruit
Cambuca (Plinia edulis)
Cape Gooseberry
Cherry Mangosteen (Rheedia edulis)
Citronelle (Citrus jambhiri)
Meyer lemon
Mountain papaya
Pataua palm
passion fruit (Passiflora edulis)
Ramon / Mayan Breadnut (Brosimum alicastrum)
Yellow Jaboticaba

What I am most excited about is my Cambuca. Too bad I just have to wait 10 years or so for the first fruit.

Delray Beach, FLorida

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cattman(z10a FL)

Hey erict, another tropical-crazy Atlanta resident here, at least for a few months longer! I'm renting a couple rooms at a house, and nursing the following seedlings along in pots:

Sugar Apple

Also have bananas:
Ice Cream
"Le Petit Prince" superdwarf Cavendish
Dwarf Jamaican Red

I wonder if there are any more of us crazies here in the ATL. Drop me a line if you wish.

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Hello folks,
I grew up eating several tropical fruits. So, I decide to grow some of them here in Fort Myers.

1) Avocado (choquette)
2) Banana - several varieties inclunding plantain
3) Lychee (brewster) (2)
3) Mango - Glen, Nam Doc Mai, Keith, Malika, Iman Pasand, Florigon, Rosigold, Large Mango (fantastic seedling - have no ideia the name. Wonderful large fruit)
4) Pitanga - Surinam Cherry
5) Acerola - Barbado Cherry
6) Coconut (Green, Red, and Yellow - Malay Dwarfs)
7) Jackfruit - Black Gold, NS1
8) Key Lime
9) Oranges - Several varieties

  1. Poucan
  2. Noni
  3. Carambola - Star Fruit
  4. Jabuticaba (4)
  5. Sugar Cane
  6. Red Mombin (2)
  7. Sapoti - Sapodilla
  8. Yellow Passion Fruit
  9. Sugar Apple - Annona
  10. Indian Jujube
  11. Persimmon (Fuyu, Suruga)
  12. Cherry of the Rio Grande
  13. Neem

Also have
Pigeon Peas and Black fig.

I would like to ask if it is worth while to grow Cabelluda and Pitomba. Also, I am germinating some Abiu seeds and getting some Rollinia Deliciosa (Biriba)seeds soon.
I am willing to exchange information, seeds, seedlings...
Fort Myers, Florida

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boson(Delray Beach,Florida)

Hi Berto,

Nice collection you have! About Pitomba, I am currently germinating about 50 pitomba seeds. I read all I could about pitomba and I got hooked. I have 2 Cabelluda (yellow jaboticaba) plants but no fruit yet. I also planted lots of regular jaboticaba seeds some years ago but for some unknown reason only the Cabelluda seedlings survived.

Delray Beach, Florida

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I have an interest in Pitomba and Cabelluda. I friend of mine in Ft Myerws has Cabelluda and I am waiting for the fruits. He said in another month, he will some some fruits.
I am working on getting some jabuticaba seeds, in Brasil is called Jabuticaba Hibrida ou precoce (hybrid or precocious).
Tomas please check your emal.

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boson(Delray Beach,Florida)

Hi Berto,

Sure. I will send you some pitomba seeds (read my email reply).


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I garden on the southside of Raleigh NC zone 7b. I have plants in the ground, in pots (some come inside for winter, some get moved into a temporary hoophouse kept above freezing) some produce fruit, some probably never will in this climate.

In the ground: Blueberries, Elderberries, Crabapples, Figs, Paw Paw, Goumi, Raspberries, Wineberries, Blackberries, Opuntia cactus, Tea Camelia, Cardamom (winter hardy for me, with lots of protection) and Loquats (will never fruit this far north).

As seasonal crops outside I grow Bitter Melon, Papaya (gets fruit but it wont ripen without protection), ginger root, Kiawao, various husk tomato/tomatillo varieties.

As potted plants I grow Pineapples, Galangal, Tumeric, Cardamom, Variegated Lemon, Bearss Lime, Navel Orange, Key Lime, Dragon Fruit, Lulo, Fuchsia, Tamarillo, Pomegranite, Pineapple Guava, Strawberry Guava, regular Guava.

Seedlings I have growing now include: Longan, Rambutan, Loquat, Mamey, and numerous cold hardy hybrid citrus which will end up in the ground when they get big enough.

I am developing a big collection of tomato/eggplant relatives, mainly the husk tomatoes like Poha, Aunt Mollys, Pineapple, Physalis peruviana, Litchi Tomato and all the Wonderberry varieties. I grow the true Lulo naranjilla - Solanum quitoense (bigger fruit, fewer spines than Bed-onails). I like the way this group of plants gives a crop of berries when grown from seed as an annual, one less thing for me to worry about in the winter.

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mommystuff(z9/10 Cent FL)

We have 1 2/3 acres in Florida and have quite a few mature trees, as well as many young trees. Most are producing now. The trees include:

Acai Palm
Apple Anna
Apple Dorset Golden
Atemoya Gefner Grafted
Avacado Haas
Avacado Fuerte
Bay Rum
Black Sapote Seedless
Black Walnut
Blueberry Gulf Coast
Blueberry Sharp
Blueberry Windsor
Camellia Sinesis, Tea
Cashew Apple
Cherry Black Grafted Surinam
Cherry Grumichama
Cherry Rio Grand
Cherry Barbados
Cherry Dwarf Barbados
Chestnut Malibar
Dragon Fruit
Eugenia Confusa
Fig Brown Turkey
Fig Green Isha
Fig Kadota
Goji Berry
Grapefruit Pink
Grapefruit Yellow
Grapes Bunch
Grapes Muscadine
Guave Chattey
Guava Pineaple
Guava Ruby
Guava Strawberry
Joy Perfume Michelia Champaca
Kiwi Tomuri m&f
Lemon Harvey
Lemon Sambukan
Lemon Varigated Pink
Lime Key
Lime Kaffir
Lime Persian
Lime Red
Longan Kahola
Lychee Hakip
Lychee Maritius
Mango Carrie
Michelia Alba
Michela Champaca
Miracle Fruit
Mombin Red
Monstera Deliciosa
Moringa (Horseradish Tree)
Mulberry Dwarf
Mulberry Shangrila
Natal Plum
Nectarine Sun Raycer
Olive Fremtoya
Orange Dwarf Navel
Orange Red Blood
Orange Ortanique
Orange Tarocco Blood
Passionfruit Yellow
Peach Red Cylon
Peach Tropic Beauty
Peanut Butter Fruit
Pear Pineapple
Persimmon Ichibe Juro
Persimmon Triumph
Pineapple, Golden
Plum Gulf Rose
Pomegranate Dwarf
Pomegranate Vietnamese
Rose Apple
Spanish Lime
Strawberry Tree
Sugar Cane
Tangerine Murcott
Tangerine Satsuma
Wax Jambu Thai Red Sunset
White Sapote
Yerba Mate

Our HERBS include:

Arnica Montana
Anise hyssop
Bacopa, Lemon
Basils, Greek Columnar, Lemon, Lettuce Leaf, Lime, Sweet
Bay Tree
Bay Rum
Bergamot (Monarda)
Camelia sinesis
Caper bush
Chives, Garlic & Onion
Curry Plant
Dill, Boquet & Fernleaf
Fennel, Bronze & Sweet
Galangal True
Garlic Society
Geranium, Apple, Citronella, Lemon Sculpture, Rose
Goji Berries
Gotu kola
Greek mountain tea
Hibiscus, Edible & False Roselle
Arabian Tea & Confederate
Lambs Ear
Lemon balm
Lemon grass
Lemon verbena
Lions tail
Mint, Apple, Berries & Cream, Blackberry, Chocolate, Citrus kitchen, Corsican, Costa rican Kama Sutra, Cotton candy, English, Grapefruit, Hazelnut, Italian spice, Jims Fruit, Lavender. Lemon sweet, Margarita, Marilyns Salad, Mojito, Mountain, Orange Bergamot Oregano thyme, Pennyroyal, Spearmint, Sweet pear, Wintergreen, Yerba buena
Moujean tea/Bahama Berry/Pineapple Verbena
Murraya koeniggi
Myrtle greek
Oregano, Cuban, Italian, Mexican
Pandanus Amaryllifolius
Parsley, Curled & Flat Leaf
Pepper, Black Pepper Vine, Chili, Habernero, Jalapeno, Ornamental, Red Pepper Vine, Tabasco
Root beer plant
Rose, Bon Silene Tea, Champneys pink cluster, Climbing don juan, Double red, Moanne lombard, Red cascade, Safrano, Treasure blend hybrid
Rosemary, Romero, Spice island, Victorian
Sage, Common, Diviners, Grape scented, Mexican, Pineapple
Spice bush, Lindera Benzoin
Spinach, Malabar & Okinawa
Star anise
St johns wort
Sugar cane
Sweet almond verbena
Tea olive
Thyme, English, Lemon
Violet sweet
Yerba mate
Zuta levana


Bacopa, lemon
Celer, water
Chestnut, water
Mint, water

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how do you have enough room for all of that? thats alot for 1 acre

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

OMG..that's a long list. It that a nursery??? lol.

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My list in no way compares to most, especially mommystuff's, but if I could I would.

June Plums
Lychee Emperor
Banana Red Dwarf
Banana Dwarf Cavendish
Sugar Cane

Will be purchasing soon!
Mango Cogshall
Lychee Sweetheart, Brewster, Mauritius or Hap Ik

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meiwa kumquat
temple orange
red navel orange
dancy tangerine
sanbokan lemon
pink varigated lemon
buddha hand citron
flame grapefruit
duncan grapefruit

kampong mauve sugar apple
Lisa 48-26 Atemoya
Rolinia Biriba

Lemon Gold Jackfruit
Cheena ChempendakxJackfruit

Triple Crown red raspberry
Brazo blackberry

Pyo Pu Kalay (lemon meringue)

Viollete De Bordeoux
Brown Turkey

Del Monte Gold
Spanish Red
Sugar Loaf

White Babylonian

sweet sunrise
purple possum
sweet calabash
giant granadilla


Purple Haze
Yellow Dragon
Red Jaina

Red Lady
Yellow Solo

Pommerac, (Java apple)
Giant Jambu, (Java plum)

Cabelluda (yellow Jaboticaba)

Garcinia Laterifolia (achachairu, achaca in Austaralia)
Garcinia intermedia (lemon drop mangosteen)




Paradise Nut (monkey Pot) minor
Barbados Cherry
Miracle Fruit
Monstera Delicosa
Vanilla Orchid
Black Sapote (chocolate pudding fruit)

a few other non fruit curiosities im planting this weekend are Rainbow Eucalyptus and Green Jade Vine.

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In Northern California I want to grow as many tropicals as possible, as long as they grow something a can eat (LOL).

Anyway in Nor Cal I already grew bananas ( yes they fruited and are left unprotected from frost and will come back after they look dead)

Here are my smaller ones :

I also have coconut palms, seems like no one but me wants to grow them :D

Here's what they look like...

Good luck everyone.

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You guys amaze me. You have more varieties than I have growing down here in the islands. I would love to add a few new trees but it is difficult to get my hands on. I have just posted on my blog what is in season in my garden.

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islandgal what is importing fruit trees and seeds like in Barbados?

many fruit trees grow good from seed, you can get seeds from Sadhu

you have a definite advantage over us being so close to the equator. you should try growing mangosteen, rambutan, wild rambutan (yellow), pulsan, durian, and pedalai. these are all similar varities to the fruits we grow like lychees and jackfruit, but they are ultra tropical and extremely rare in private cultivation.

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Thank you Boom I will try the link. The government is very strict and requires a permit and phytosanitary certificate from the seller. Many don't want to go through that process and it is expensive for me as well. I have been thinking of seeds and may be able to get those in.

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These are on 1 acre in Hawaii:

Atemoya: 3 Gefner
Avocado: Green Gold, 2 unknown from seeds
Black sapote: 2
Blueberry: Misty, Sharpblue, Sunshine
Coconut palms: 17 total
Durian: Monthong
Fig: White Kadota, Brown Turkey
Green Sapote
Guava: White Indonesian , unknown pink
Jakfruit: 2 Ziman pink
Lime: 2 Tahitian, 2 Kafir,
Lemon: Meyer
Longan: 2 Biewkiew, Sri chompoo
Loquat: Golden Nugget, Mammoth
Lychee: 2 Kaimana, Bosworth
Malabar chestnut: 9
Mango: Namdocmai, 2 Florigon
Mountain Apple: white, 2 red
Mulberry: 3
Orange: Washington Naval, Valencia, 4 unknown
Pomegranite: 4 Wonders, 1 unknown
Pummelo: Tahitian Pomplemousse, 2 Chandler
Rambutan - R134, R162, R167
Sapodilla: Makok, Betawi
Star apple
Surinam cherry: 4
Tamarind: 1 Sweet, 1 unknown
Tangerines: Honey, Clementine, Fremont, Dancy, 2 unknown
Water apple

Banana: Thai (Kluay kai),Red Iholena, Red apple, dwarf
Chinese William, William, 2 Cuban Red, IceCream,
Rajapuri, Silk Fig, several Apples.
Papaya: several unknown
Pineapple: too many to count, curently 50 with fruits

Potted Seedlings: Cherimoya, Java Plum, Mayong Chid,
Thai lime.

Wish list: Sugar apple, Cherry of Rio Grande, and Fig (Black mission or others with deep dark color).

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Tropical/Subtropical Fruits:

Bananas (himalayan, dwarf cavendish, enano gigante, African
giant "Kandarian")
Oranges (Valencia, Washington Navel, Satsuma mandarin
& Blood
Persian Lime
Lemons (Meyer's and Eureka)
Kumquat (meiwa and nagami)
Citron (Buddha's fingers)
Poncirus (hardy orange)

Tropical Guava (Ruby Supreme)
Ficus carica (figs)
Sugar cane
Loquat (in the ground)

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I live in SW Ranches, Florida. Due west of Fort Lauderdale we moved into our house last October.

So far we have...

Valencia Pride Mango
Russell Avocado
Ayala Sapodilla
Sweet Sop
Pimento Tree/Allspice
Coconut Palm
Banana Dwarf Cavendish

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hello swrancher, you sound like me, i moved into my house about two years ago and started my collection out small like you and now have about 20 different trees.

you are right next door to the Broward Rare fruit council. you should join, its $20 per year and they have a a garden with 208 different fruit tree specimens growing and have semi annual sales.

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I'm in Miami and here are my Fruits:

*Bananas (Two types)
*Mangos: Carrie, Valencia, Choc-anon(Miracle Mango), Mallika, Madame Francis
*Avocado (Special type from Cuba)
*Pine Apple(delicious, just picked one last week)
*Coconut Palm(yellow Type)
*Sugar Canes (Two types)--Growing on Pot perfectly

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michsu(Zone 9)

Here is what I'm growing.. =) Wow, you guys/girls sure have a lot =). Also, I'm looking for "Thai White Guava" (I think the "Bangkok Apple" kind?).. It is the crunchy version. My wife said she ate some in China and wanted to grow it. Anyone have any for sale? =) Thanks. I can never find that on the internet for sale.

Trees (Large,Medium)
Lemon (Zones 8-11)
Apple (Zones 3a-8b)
White Nectarine (Zones 5a-9b)
Buddha's Hand (Zones 10a-11)

Snow Peas **ALL ZONES**
Cauliflower **ALL ZONES**
Kohlrabi **ALL ZONES**
Brussel Sprouts (Long Island Improved) **ALL ZONES**
Broccoli **ALL ZONES**
Asparagus (Zones 4-9)
Ginger (Zones 8b-11)
Red Onion / Green Onion **ALL ZONES**
Potato **ALL ZONES**
Celery **ALL ZONES*
Carrots **ALL ZONES**
Cucumber (Dasher II) **ALL ZONES**
Spinach (New England Heirloom) (Zones 6a-9b)
Watermelon (Crimson Sweet, Yellow Doll) **ALL ZONES**
Pumpkin (Connecticut Field) **ALL ZONES**
Soybean (Be-Sweet 292) **ALL ZONES**
Tomatoes (Big Boy, Yellow Pear Cherry) **ALL ZONES**
Rosemary (Zones 7a-10b)
Basil **ALL ZONES**
Bitter Melon **ALL ZONES**
Aloe (Zones 9a-11)
Strawberry (Zones 5a-9b)
Kumquat (Zones 8-10)
Golden Kiwi (Zones 8a-10b)

Avocado (Hass) (Zones 9a-10b)
Santa Rosa Plum (Zones 5a-8a)
Eggplant (Hansel + Other) *ALL ZONES*
Li Jujube (Zones 6b-9b)
Blueberry (Southern Highbush) (Zones 6a-9b)

Stark Bros
Cherry (Gold Sweet, Royalton Sweet, Emperor Francis Sweet) (Zones 5a-8a)
Blueberry (Misty, Legacy) (Zones 7a-8b)
Mango Grafted Pawpaw (Zones 5a-8a)
Kiowa Blackberry (Zones 3a-8b)

Burnt Ridge Nursery
**Puget Gold Apricot (Zones 5b-7b)**
Nijesseiki Asian Pear (Zones 4a-9b)
Italian Plum (Zones 5a-8a)
**Gooseberry (Invicta, Pixwell) (Zones 3a-6b)**
Currant (White Imperial) (Zones 3a-8b)

**Sugar Apple (Zone 10a-11)**
**Mangosteen (Zone 11)**
**Jackfruit (Zones 9b-11)**
Loquat (Zones 7-10)

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Sugar Apple
Mango (3 types)
Li Jujube
Guava (3 types)
White Sapote
Mamey Sapote
Japanese Persimmon
Moringa (ok, so it isn't a fruit...)

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Mangostana- what zone are you and how are your mangosteens doing? Any pictures? Have they fruited yet?

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Hi rayandgwenn,
Im in southern california. My mangosteens are doing very well. I'll let you know when something big happens soon. smiles!

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Hello ,
Read that someone might have yellow Jaboticaba seed and wonder If you would consider parting with a few seeds

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Current tropical fruits:

Coconut (Malay Dwarf)
Dwarf Papaya
Guava (Ruby Supreme)
Simpson's Avocado
Persian Lime
Key Lime
Mamey zapote (Pouteria zapota)
Eureka Lemon
Meyer's Lemon
Kumquat (Meiwa)
Kumquat (Nagami)
Satsuma Mandarin
Ruby Red Grapefruit
Valencia Orange
Washington Navel Orange
Moro Blood Orange
Sea Grape
Dwarf Orinoco Banana
Dwarf Cavendish Banana
Raja Puri Banana
Brown Turkey Fig
Celest Fig
Dragon Fruit
Glen Mango

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Right now I have these growing in my backyard:
Li Jujube
Barbados Cherry
2 wax jambus (1 pink, 1 white)
2 persimmons (1 chololate, 1 fuju)

I would like to add these:
star fruit

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Australian Finger Lime - (Citrus austalasica)
Wampi/Wampee - (Clausena lansium)
White Sapote - (seedlings) (Casimiroa edulis)
White Indian Guava - (Psidium guajava)
Red Malaysian Guava
Pear Guava - (Large) [seedling]
Lemon Guava - (Psidium littorale)
Feijoa/Pineapple Guava - (Acca sellowiana)
Cherry of the Rio Grande (Eugenia aggregata) [seedling]
Surinam Cherry (Eugenia uniflora) [seedling]
Loquat - (Eriobotrya japonica)
Jujube - Li & Lang (Ziziphus zizyphus)
Cherimoya - (seedlings)
Jackfruit - (seedlings)
Mango - (seedlings)
Papaya - (seedlings)
Passion Fruit - (seedlings)
Pomegranate - (seedling trees)
Dragon Fruit - (Hylocereus #2, H. Peruvianus, Pink - ? [La Verne Nursery])

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anyone know if Rancor2006 is still around? he's got a nice collection...what part of Socal is he from?


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Here in Malaysia, I am growing the following:

Banana - 4 varieties
Passion Fruit - Edulis & Flavicarpa
Papaya - 6 varieties
Star Fruit
Sour Sob
Kafir Lime
Sugar Apple

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1 Jackfruit (Mai 1)
1 Chocolate Sapote
1 Turkey Fig
1 Blueberry
1 Rasberry
2 Sugar apple trees (annona squamosa)
2 Malay Coconut
2 Dwarf Coconut
1 Haden Mango
1 My own exp cultivar mango
1 Seedless Indonesian Guava (Best I've had!)
12+ over a dozen miniature "Mazula Bannanas"
1 Pumello Citrus tree
1 Custard apple - annona reticulata
1 Atemoya - "Lisa" 48-26
1 Sapodilla (unknown variety)
1 Sapodilla (Hasya)
1 Avocado (Lula?)
7+ Kathi Patha (Curry Leaf tree)
2 different cultivars of Papaya
1 Pineapple

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I live in PA and would like to grown a Sugarloaf Pineapple and Kaffir lime. Can anyone tell me where I can find the sugarloaf and where I can get seeds for the Kaffir lime? Would anyone be kind to send/exchange some seeds/cuttings of the Kaffier lime and the top of the sugarloaf pineapple?

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You can purchase Kona Sugarloaf pineapple on Ebay. There are 2 ebay dealers-

wellspring gardens

I purchased mine from wellspring gardens. Just do an ebay search for Kona Sugarloaf pineapple.

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2 Julie Mango (one is 5 yr old, the other a 7 gal)
1 Nam Doc Mai (5 yr old)
1 Lancetilla (7gal)
1 Mallika (7gal)
1 Oxkutzcab Sapodilla (3gal)
Sugar Cane

    Bookmark   September 24, 2011 at 8:41PM
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6 grafted mangoes: Kent, glenn, lemon zest, nam doc mai #4, carrie, and valencia pride.

2 grafted pace mamey sapote.

2 bananas: manzano banana and a "baby" banana. I think baby banana's are the same as lady finger.

Brogdon grafted avocado.

Passion fruit.

4 ft thai-lessard sweetsop seedling.

6 ft soursop seedling.

Choquette(or beta) avocado seedling.

3 year old magana mamey sapote seedling.

Vietnamese pomegranate.

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samuelforest(5b Montreal)

I am growing:

A mallika mango tree.

A dwarf musa green banana.

A commun fig tree.

A purple passion fruit seedling.

A Pakistani mango tree seedling.

A mandarin tree seedling.

All this in canada brrr....

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Marina33(9 Monterey, CA)

Hi Everyone! I just joined this forum because I would very much like to grow my own purple mombin tree as I cannot find any websites that carry and sell the fruit in California. I have been craving for this fruit for years and haven't given up on getting my hands on it. I decided that I should try growing my own mombin or sineguela fruit.

What websites do you recommend I purchase the purple mombin tree from?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...Thanks in advance
I look forward to hearing from you.


    Bookmark   November 20, 2011 at 1:09AM
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@Marina welcome to the forum, I am sure someone from California will answer your question soon, you might want to try the search function, someone may have already covered that topic, also the California Rare fruit growers website might have growers that have the plant your looking for.


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Hello & welcome to the addiction,

Here are some CA nurseries.
There's also Mimosa nursery in LA, Champa nursery, the list goes on .... search function hahahaha


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Marina33(9 Monterey, CA)

Thank you!


    Bookmark   November 21, 2011 at 11:53AM
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@esco, after reading my post over again , that does sound funny, i meant the forum search of course.

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Wow this thread goes back to 06.
I started growing plants as a small hobby and am really enjoying it.
Im here in massachusetts so as you can guess it gets very cold here.
This is what i have growing in my sunroom.

Super dwarf cavendish (2)
Musa basjoo (2)
Meyer lemon
Dwarf tangerine
Nugami kumquat
Lemon guava
Dwarf navel orange
Hardy chicago fig
Top hat blueberry

i will probably look to add a couple more plants in the next couple of weeks.

    Bookmark   January 11, 2012 at 11:17PM
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Nice starter list, now its time for some mangoes, lychees, sapodillas, starfruit, etc. hehe. You may want to supplement lighting with some LEDs, if you lack good sun for the sun loving plants.

    Bookmark   January 13, 2012 at 12:31PM
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Calamondin (2)
sugar apple

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I'm in Florida - started off just growing veggies and herbs, then planted a few trees, now I'm pretty much trying to duplicate the Garden of Eden! lol. Here's what I have:

Tarocco Blood Orange
Eustis Limequat
Meiwa Kumquat
Vietnamese Red Pomegranate
Dwarf Pomegranate
Carrie Mango
Bacon Avocado
Hall Avocado
Coconut Palm
Australian Finger Lime
Key Lime
Pink lemon
Meyer Lemon
Barbados Cherry
Black Turkey Fig
Sweet Sunrise Yellow Passion Fruit
Possum Purple Passion Fruit
UF Sun Peach
Miracle Fruit

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mangoes (julie,starch,sap,therpintime,dodues,applemango)
custard apple
king orange

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I had a mango tree few years back (Julie) It didn't grow much and finally died. Also had 2 wax jambu last yr and they died too! I am in zone 6 so any tropical would have to be in pots and winterized. I like to try growing mangoes again and I have seen some of you having fruits growing in containers. Any suggestions and tips for growing and winterizing would be most appreciated. thanks in advance

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I live in Lithuania, Europe (Cold Zone 5A/5B), and I'm interested in exotic plants my area. Unfortunately send in plants of the U.S. is very expensive, so maybe you know where I can get seeds Fig Chicago hardy, Persimon (Diospyros), Pomedgranate (Punica granatum), goji, Poncirus trifoliata, succulents and other exotic plants in Lithuania, which could grow in my area.
Maybe I could buy or exchange seeds (in my area).
Best regards
Zenius Sadauskas

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I live in Grenada a small volcanic island in the Caribbean it's extremely tropical but because of the high altitudes some areas experience some cold weather not snow obviously but cold enough to cause discomfort.
I have ten acres that I want to turn into an exotic fruit garden most of it would be cocoa and nutmegs which are the primary export crops. I want to plant them in a systematic way as to use the canopy to create an attraction.

I grow a variety of tropical fruits and some sub tropical and temperate for experiment. our zones range from 9a to 12b.
I grow:

purple and yellow mobin
Mangoes many varities
Citrus many varities
Sugar apple
Sour sup
pond apples
Custard apples
Spanish lime
Brazilian cherry
Suriname cherry
Cherry de rio grande
Rainforest plum
pine apple Guava
pear guava
large Bangkok guava
red strawberry guava
large red guava
local unnamed varieties
Indian jujubee
jack fruit
caimito and the small similar variety
star fruit
sweet tamarind
Otaheite gooseberry
Cashew nut
malay apple
water apple
lemon drop mangosteen
unnamed mangosteen with very large seed.
velvet apple
mamey apple
mamey sapote
and a few temperate for experiments

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I grow these in south Texas.

30 assorted apples, peaches and plum trees.
Dragon Fruit

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Hi, I'm new to the forum! I don't see anywhere to post an Introduction, so I thought this might be a good substitute.

I am very fortunate to have recently moved to the Florida Keys, to live out my dream of growing every tropical fruit I can manage. I grow only organic, and am very conscious of native plantings and invasives, as this is an ecologically unique and sensitive area - so in some cases I grow items that need special care or quarantining in pots, or even indoors. My list is ever growing, but this is as it stands now (tropical fruits only, I have plenty of other stuff that doesn't fit this section):

Cavendish Banana
Namwah Banana
Blackberry Jam fruit
Gulfstream Tropical Blueberry
Barbados Cherry
Coffee Arabica
Wild Coffee (Native to Keys)
Bahama Wild Coffee
Pygmy Date
Brown Turkey Fig
Muscadine Grape
White Guava
Meyer Lemon
Key Lime
Persian Lime
Mamey Sapote
Maha chinook Mango
Mallika Mango
Passiflora caerulea (I know... eh...)
Passiflora edulis, Possum Purple
Passiflora incarnata
Passiflora multiflora (native to Keys)
Royal Hawaiian Pineapple
Sugarloaf Pineapple
Dwarf Pomegranate
Vietnam Pomegranate
Sapodilla Hasya (grafted)
Wild Dilly (wild sapodilla, native to the Keys)
Black Sapote
Dwarf Starfruit (Averhoa carambola var Hart)

Hoping to add to this list soon: Acai, Pitomba, Ice Cream Bean, and Strawberry Tree, among other things

** I think it's safe to say I'm addicted. **

Prior to this, I lived up North, and although I had a knack for gardening I did not get the opportunity to grow any fruits at all, just a handful of plants in a yard, and experiments in pots indoors on a very small budget. Now I grow everything that could conceivably be edible that I can fit either inside or outside the house! Fruits do dominate my curiosity, but I also am foraying into a lot of tropical vegetables (which I assume belong to the Tropical Plant forum, so I won't list them here). I intend to be completely self-sufficient when it comes to my produce needs, and to be able to eat as much fresh produce every day as I feel like.

I am new to this, so I will need a lot of help from this forum to keep everything healthy, and fruit-bearing. But so far, so good! Most of my plants are a few years old, so only about half have fruited as yet.

[I'm also growing some cold-weather varieties of fruits, and will be experimenting with simulating chill hours indoors. I have no idea how successful that will be yet, but I am not one to be limited by climate - if others can grow tropical fruit up North, why can't I grow cold-weather fruit in the tropics? :) ]

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Hi all Great thread!
Apologies if this is not in the right forum, but looks like I've come to a thread where you all know what your doing.
I have what I thought where goji berries but by other pictures from google I'm not sure anymore, google pics of the goji leaf are narrow with a slight point, mine however have a heart shape type of leaf, here are some pictures any help would be appreciated.

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I'm not sure how to apply two pictures in one message!
But here is the bottom of the plant, the first leaves to sprout looked like the goji but as I mentioned in my first post the round heart shaped leaves have thrown me off! Thank you for taking the time to help.

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i have 2 different Goji
there are lots of variety from my understanding.

still... it doent look like either one of mine
i dont think its a goji

try the link below

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Lala_E(GP, ZA (11))

I've started my first proper garden after years of living in smaller places. I'm currently growing:

Cape Gooseberry (basically a weed in my garden)
Blackberries (don't know the type)
White, weeping mulberry (found on the property)
Litchi / Lychee (nursery didn't label the type)
Avocado (Fuerte & have been advised to get a Haas too)
Apricot (Cape Early, a South African cultivar)
Apple (Early Red one & looking for a tart, green pollinator/pie apple)
Eureka lemon
Unidentified dwarf lemon (found on property)
Shaddock pomelo, red flesh
Peach (Oom Sarel, a large South African cultivar)

Two fruits that I'm growing, but I've never tasted before:
- Miracle Fruit (3 seedlings about 20cm, under glass & one recently planted outside). I've served the pills for a party.
- Pepino

Got a whole of herbs, peppers and veggies too. I'm looking to replace granadilla / passion fruit and mangoes that I've grown before. I don't care for the taste of granadilla but I love the Passion flowers.

I live north of Johannesburg in South Africa & it's spring time here. I want to grow some of the traditional fruit trees I grew up with, like delicious sweet Marula (sclerocarya birrea). Marula makes a small, sweet fruit that you can eat fresh when it turns yellow, can ferment into a traditional beer and leaves a hard seed with a sweet nut. Other traditional trees are Milk plum (Englerophytum magalismontanum) & Moepel (Mimusops zeyheri)...I don't know it's English name but I see it's part of the Sapoteceae genus.

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Lets see,
Dwarf Meyers Lemon.
Ice cream Banana.
Mexicola Avocado.
Suebelle Sapote.
Mango 'Baileys Marvel rootstock"
Cherimoya "Supermarket" !
Root Beer plant- a Piper species.
Ti plants..the wife uses the leafs for steam cooking. Same for the Banana.
Like many people none were from a list..just add here and add there...

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Zone 10 a

rollinia deliciosa
nam doc mai mango
dragon fruit
passion fruit
cacao tree
miracle fruit
2 glenn mangos
3 blueberries
Barbados cherry
florida crest peach
persian lime
navel orange
brewster lychee
emperor lychee
hass avocado
strawberry tree(my favorite)
Everbearing mulberry tree
black sapote
And then a rainbow eucalytpus and silk floss tree

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I'm growing the following in New Orleans La.

Guava(Mexican Cream and strawberry)
satsuma orange
Sugar Apple
Papaya (( 20+ plants 5 varieties))
Jackfruit (several)
dragon fruit
Red mulberry
Everbearing mulberry
Loquat (several)
Black Sapote
Turkey Fig
Baobob (several)
Giant Soursop
jujube (several)
prickly pear (several)
Black Elderberry
Autumn olive

Roselle Hibiscus
annato (several)
Malabar Spinach
ashwaghanda (several)
basil (several)

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Ruby red grape fruit
Valencia orange
Sunburst tangerine
Key lime
Red lime
Meiwa kumquat
Mangoes: Kent, Pickering, NDM, Po Pyu Kalay, Lemon Zest, Southern Blush, 2 Coconut cream, Mallika, Peach cobbler, Irwin, Galaxy
Lychee: Hak Ip, Sweetheart
Longan: Biew Kiew, See Chompoo
Carambola: Kary, Fwang Tung
Jaboticaba: Grimal, White, Yellow, 2 Sabara, Sabara X
Miracle fruit
Black Sapote (seedling)
Mamey Sapote (seedling)
White Sapote (seedling)
Jack fruit: Mai 1, Cristela, Bankok Lemon, Gold nugget hybrid, Black Gold, Fairchild Hardy (seedling), NS1 (seedling), Lueng Bang (seedling), Borneo red (seedling)
Persimmon: Fuyu, Saijo, Chocolate
Atemoya: Geffner
Custard apple: Tobago Pink, Fernandez
Sapodilla: Silas wood, Alano
Canistel: Fairchild 2
Cherry of the Rio Grande
Grumichama: Yellow
Cacao: 4 different
Bananas: Raja Puri, Gran Nain, Jamaican red, Blue Java (a real one), Manzano, Namwa, FHIA 17, Hua Moa, Ice cream (not a blue java)
Dragon fruit: Halley comet, Physical graffiti, Purple haze, yellow, Vietnamese Jaina, American beauty, Arizona purple, Edgar's red, Condor, Cebra, Natural mystic, 2 unknown white flesh
Star Anise
Cinnamon tree
Datil peppers
Tulsi (Holy basil): Vana, Rama, Krishna, Kapoor
pineapple: White jade, elite and the tops from most of the ones I eat


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