Ladybug 's for Morgan

flwrs4everJuly 2, 2009

Hello to all my garden friends..I am writing to ask you to help me..

An old classmate of mine (many of you know from me telling the story and askin for prayers) has a little girl Morgan. She spent the last 20 months fighting brain cancer. Her parents call her their little ladybug. last night, Little Morgan earned her wings..and is in heaven now. She was 7 years old...

As a tribute to Morgan, Id like to ask you to join me on Sunday July 5th in releasing some ladybugs in your garden. This way...little Morgan will live on in the gardens all over the US !

If you plan on joining me..(even if it is during the week and not on Sunday) would you please post. Id love to send this thread to her parents..Morgan was a true inspiration.and her parents were truly blessed with an Angel.

Please join me, in celebrating Little Morgans life..and supporting all the kids that are still suffering from cancer.




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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

I am new to this site and this is my first time posting. I would be honored to add my name to the list for Morgan. My father in law just passed away a few months ago of the same disease. The family is in my prayers.

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Hi Kym,

I'm so sorry to hear that a lovely little girl lost her battle with cancer, what a shame!

I would love to take part in releasing some ladybugs into my garden in honor of little Morgan. I just need to find out where to get some!

I'll make a few phone calls today.


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You know the family has my heart felt sympathy and you too. I know this has been hard on you because you were so close to the family.

If I can find the ladybugs I will participate as well.
It is such a tragic loss to lose such a precious Angel at such a very young age. I just can't imagine how hard this will be to get through.

Bless the family, and you. You are such a good friend.
Hugs honey,
:) Fran

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threas(z7 PA)

I am so sorry to hear of Morgan's passing. I am not sure if I can get ladybugs to release, but know I will always remember Morgan when I see one in my garden.Morgan and her family will be in my prayers.


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This is a wonderful gesture to the memory of Morgan.

My schedule does not permit me to be able to find some ladybugs to release in time for the 5th but in reading this post, I realise now that every time I see a ladybug in my garden, I will remember a little girl named Morgan. Even though I have never known her, it is a life cut way too short to a devestating disease no child should have to endure.

I am a mother of five and can't imagine the pain of losing any one of them. My thoughts and prayers are with Morgans family.

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suecirish(6 SE MA)

Kym, it is very sad for Morgan's family and for all of you who were close to her. You can only take comfort that her pain and suffering are at an end and she is now in a happier place. I won't be able to do the ladybugs on Sunday, but here's one from my garden for little Morgan Ladybug.
From 2009Garden From 2009Garden

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amelia_pepper_lady(8B/9 LA)

I won't be able to find Ladybugs to release.

However, my office is filled with Ladybugs. I will think of Morgan each day as I watch them.

My prayers are for healing the hearts of her family and friends.

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

Fly home little ladybug, your journey here is through. There is peace and happiness on the other side.

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I went and checked out the site. She was a beautiful little girl. It is just heartbreaking. When I was little girl my best friend's brother died from brain cancer. I remember how hard it was on the family.
As others have said when I see ladybugs I will think of her and all the other children who lives are cut short by cancer.

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