HELP- what produce can I plant in the fall?

emilyfaithAugust 19, 2012

I live in upstate NY in the Binghamton/Whitney Point area and I am doing an internship project in order to graduate. I have been given this project with absolutely no help so I am all on my own and I am new to gardening. I need to research what vegetables/fruits I can plant now (late August/ early September) in 4 raised flower beds outside of a daycare. I need to find options that are low maintenance, that do not attract dangerous pests (since children will be nearby), and that are easy to grow. Google is getting me nowhere because my criteria is so extensive so I would GREATLY appreciate any help I can get.

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You should have good success with lettuces! in general, the same crops recommended for early spring planting are the best candidates for 'fall planting'. You are looking for fast-growing crops that prefer cooler weather. By "fast-growing" I'm talking about the number of days to maturity that are listed on seed pkts... REALLY-fast is 30 days, so if I were you I'd look for things that mature in 50 days or less. Things like lettuces, chards, maybe radishes and pea pods? Fast-growing herbs like cilantro and dill might do well, so are worth a try. Nice experiment! Wish I could be there with you to try it!

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Plants like garlic, onions, radishes and beets are commonly grown in the fall.

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