Roses and Ongoing Garden Projects ...

roselee z8b S.W. TexasMarch 21, 2012

I just couldn't stop myself from showing you some more of the roses and projects. This looks like the best spring ever for roses in my garden, but then I tend to live in the moment so how would I know?

Wanderin' Wind is trying to cover David. Some would say it's about time something did ;-)

Mrs. Dudley Cross shows none of the pink that she will when the weather warms ...

Nor does Gruss an Aachen show the bright pink edges in this cooler weather. I love changeable roses ...

Mrs. R. M. Finch's clusters are huge ...

Ah, the incomparable delicate blooms of Duchess Brabant. Thank you Meredith for the cutting you gave me a couple of years ago to start this rose ...

A deeper shade of pink is from a bloom deeper within the bush. The Duchess probably has the strongest of the tea scents the class is noted for ...

Pretty Jessica is new for me this year and what a rose! I love the large shaded very fragrant cabbagy pink blooms on a small plant. I planted her by Prospero thinking their colors would go well together and they do, but I didn't realize her blooms would be so much larger than his ...

Leonie Lamesch's blooms are shaded, which I love, and no two are ever the same color. Some can be quite a deep cream edged in bright pink. Here she is more in her pink stage ...

Now for some of the recent garden projects. A dear friend gave me this "Old Man of the Garden" bird feeder. I gave him eyes. He seems quite surprised at what he sees ...

I painted the light fixture/plant stands from Yeya's purple. The vines will add some substance ...

When in doubt -- paint it purple, seems to be my motto of the moment. (It used to be cobalt blue!) Purple bird cage from Yeya's is shown with a young Mrs. B. R. Cant rose bush I finally got brave enough to plant ...

I antiqued this metal bird bath by spray painting it brown and then giving it a turquoise antique finish. Right now it's displaying sea shells ...

The Buddha in the bird cage is a new addition ...

I'm trying to 'beautify' the side of the garage where Bob stacked some Mexican stone tile on some orange 2 x 4s! Yuk! The pile is not going down fast enough so I grabbed some clay pots I already had and planted them with anything I could find. It helps some, and I'm hoping it will look better when the plant grow up a little OR the pile of tile disappears ...

That's all for now. I hope you got some ideas you can use in your yard.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Even with our early Spring, your growing season is weeks ahead of ours here in North Texas. What a delight to see your garden at the stage it is now, Roselee. Thanks for taking us on these tours.........I always get ideas from you. Your roses are beautiful.

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PKponder TX(7b)

I love the rose garden tour! I can almost smell those lovely blooms.

The purple is a perfect color on those plant stands, the bird cage and the gate! I'm trying to decide on a vibrant color for an old rocking chair and a birdbath that I'm making from our old Dish satellite dish. I'm leaning toward purple also.

The budda is perfect with that cloisonne duck. Is that a christmas cactus on his right?

What a cute lil neighbor you have in the last shot! Is that a junco?
Great job of covering the work in progress supplies. That wrought iron mini pot holder looks great there against the brick.

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Yes, just like everyone else I love to see what you have going on in your garden!

I wish I had the time to do all those artsy things you do, its all I can do to keep things cleaned up and alive...

One day I will have it under control and have time to do the artsy stuff too. :)

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Love your garden and projects, the old man in the garden bird feeder is just soooooo cute. Is it coral honeysuckle on the trellis behind the antiqued bird bath?

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Wow, Roselee! Those roses are beautiful! I really like the way you did the birdbath and the plant stands.

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That bird feeder rocks, Roselee!


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lou_texas(8a N Central TX)

Thank you, Roselee, for sharing your beautiful - and interesting - garden. I especially love your roses. Lou

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Thanks everyone for looking and commenting!

Pam, yes --I think that's a Christmas cactus. I got it at a swap last year. BTW, the nice thing about painting is you can always change it or antique it with a light wash of another color. Turquoise is another favorite color for the garden, and lime green.

Melvalena, I think I got into artsy things because I have no more room for expansion of the garden (you'll get there too one day :-) plus they don't need to be watered -- just painted ... sometimes. Plus I'm retired so that helps.

Jim thanks. I like how the bird bath turned out too. Now I have to find paint that would work on the corroded aluminum bowl of the other bird bath. Lowes didn't have 'zinc chromate primer'.

Indu, yes that's a coral honeysuckle. It's so easy to grow. Everyone should have one.

Omar, the 'old man' does have a lot more personality with eyes, doesn't he! "I once was blind, but now I see." was Bob's comment who insisted on the eyes. Now the cactus where I took them from, is blind. Oh well, Patty is going to try and find some more.

Lou, I see your name on the rose forums so I'm happy that another rose fancier, along with the others above, enjoyed the roses. I just got three more in from Roses Unlimited today; Pink Gruss an Aachen, Mother of Pearl and Marechal Niel. With these I'm stopping. Probably ... :-)

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"With these I'm stopping" Ha!Ha! Famous last words!

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

She did say "probably", Jim.............LOL>

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