Wiggly worms!

weedyseedyAugust 23, 2013

Anybody got Burmese Snake Worms in their garden??? Them critters slither right out of the ground when you try to weed or dig and are just plain disgusting-----although my oldest son and I got a lot of fish bait!!!-----------------------------Weedy

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I don't know if these are Burmese snake worms but they sure are huge and have taken over my garden this year, leaving me with worm casting crumbles for soil, absolutely devoid of anymore organic matter. I have resisted adding compost in order not to feed them. They are this year's pests! They have caused my cedar mulch pathways to be uplifted, almost completely eaten, and spongy to walk on.

People say earthworms are good but these are destroying my soil, have eaten way too much of the nutrients meant for plants, and have ruined the texture of the soil to the point where it no longer holds much water. It just pours through the balls of crumble. I've never had this before and I don't like it!

I've done a search and it says it's in California, in warm soils. That's not upstate NY, so I wonder what is happening. All the gardeners I've spoken with have the same problem around here in Ulster County.

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I found this on them. http://awaytogarden.com/earthworm-101-with-great-lakes-worm-watch/

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