Baldwinsville/Have broken-colored irises if you can dig :0)

phylrae(z5a/centralNYS)August 17, 2005

Hi all....I'm in Baldwinsville, just outside Syracuse. My husband and I have 6-8 varieties of Brad Kasperek's broken color irises....

I loved their look, but they weren't that great for all the bouquets I want...better for the garden itself.

If you are interested, go to and look at some of the Tall Bearded iris he has hybridized....

I can't remember all the ones I have, because I lost their tags, etc. They were all very nice.

If anyone is interested, they can come out and dig what they want....I want to plant spurias (best iris for bouquets) in their spots, as I am running out of room and can't really dig too many other raised beds!

Let me know if interested. Phyl

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hammerl(z5-6 Amherst NY)

Ohhhh. If only I lived near Syracuse, and didn't have a broken foot. Oh, well.

I have a few zebra iris that I acquired from my husband's cousin that I have to wait until next year to see what they look like, and one from a plant swap. I guess that has to do :) Good luck.

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Aw- I was just in Syracuse yesterday! I'll have to see when I can get to Syracuse again and see if they are still available. They are quite pretty and all I have is the common purple ones (still pretty but variety is nice too)

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Hammer1 and Laurk,
I'm sorry I didn't post earlier....but offer still stands...I will probably ask people at work/church if they are interested....but need to move them/give away before the snow falls at end of October! Anyone else? Let me know. :0) Phyl

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Hi Phyl, I live in Hannibal, and work out of Liverpool, and my friend and I would love to come dig some, if they are still available. I don't have spurias to trade, never grew them, but I have siberians- they make pretty good cut flowers, or I might be able to come up with something else you might like. Thank you, Polly

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I tried to email you earlier, but apparently it didn't go through, and then I was away. I'd LOVE it if you could come out maybe this weekend (it's supposed to rain, rain, rain through Thursday at least, due to the hurricane!) I'm in Kimbrook, up 57 almost to Rt. 31. If still interested, can you email me? Thanks. BTW, I don't need anything in exchange...trying to make room also for lilies. :0) Phyl

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