Anyone in the Albany area do succulents?

jean_mdc(z 4/5 NY)August 29, 2006

Does anyone in the Albany area do succulents? I have a ton of them that need to come in to the basement and artifical light.

I always forget what the night temp warning number is. And do you have any secrets that help to keep them in good shape.

I do 60 degrees and 2 long overhead lights that we keep on for 12 hours a day!

Give me some good advice....please!


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guess not ..

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Do what to succulents? (Ha Ha)

I have a very small collection of cacti. Most of them are cuttings from the original plant, which I bought in 1986.

I am not sure if the same is true for fleshy succulents, but cacti can take a drop in temps and I have had my plants take a few near freezes.

Your 60 degrees sounds good and being under a light is a nice treat for them. I simply winter my gang in a bright window and they survive just fine.

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jean_mdc(z 4/5 NY)

Hi lilacs_and_hyacinths's

I do know that the cacti can take that drop in temp but I am curious....since you have cacti do you happen to have the winter hardy prickly pear. I am down by Albany NY and have a pp the blooms yellow that stays out all winter....I really feel it is hardy your way since my daughter lives in East Aurora and we can do the same plants! There are also other pp's that bloom a different color that are hardy for us and I am always looking for them.
My succulents that are outside are starting to look really good......we have had a little cold snap and they appear to love it.....but they will have to come in soon.

Thanks so much for responding......I love your name!!!

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