Edgewood Nursery (auction site) is now retail

breenthumbAugust 17, 2006

Just a heads up that Edgewood Nursery where those fabulous auctions have been held is now open to the public. I haven't been there (except for a quick drive-through with driver who wouldn't stop, grrr) but I'll bet its a good place to visit for those trees, etc. as we start fall planting season. Next time I'll drive out alone. Its on Rt. 441 (Penfield Rd.) in Macedon, just East of Penfield. Sandy

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tastefullyjulie(Lewiston, NY 6)

Ha, I was just telling my hubby that going anywhere with him driving is like being held hostage.

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Hey breenthumb,

We live walking distance from the nursery. Went to the auction in the spring and picked up 2 nice maples. Prices are quite amazing. Selection is hit or miss. Last year there wasn't much we were interested in but this year I bid on quite a bit. There were quite alot of trees this time. There's also Country Way on 441 kinda expensive during the year but they also had an auction maybe 2 years ago. Don't know if that was a one time thing.


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Denise, hi neighbor, you're not far from me. Did you mean selection is hit or miss for the auction or on a regular basis? I've been to Country Way too and also found them expensive but good selection. Still not sure what I should do here, so haven't been out that way again yet. Sandy

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Hi Sandy,

The selection is hit or miss. I think they must pick and choose what doesn't look quite up to wholesale standards. You know what I mean. But the bargains are hard to pass up and in a couple of years you wouldn't know the difference. It was still fun to bid on things.


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House on the corner of our road has lots of evergreens from last years auction that seem to be doing fine. (Hard to tell with the several cypress, I'm not familiar with their growth.) The ones he bought were good size, had huge root balls and he dug them all in himself! He was trying to make a mini-forest between house and busy road, so the auction was a great savings. I must get back there. Sandy

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