Celebrity Beef

quitman6April 19, 2012

I planted two big beefs and two celebrity variety plants in containers for my early go to's. Everything the same, same location, same water, planted in the same potting soil and peat mix, same fertilizer. Big beefs are now over two feet tall and celebritys are about 18 inches. When I walked out to water this morning, the two celelbritys had copper colored shiny spots covering the lower leaves. Big beefs green and healthy. What might the spots be and is there that much difference in disease resistance among plants varieties? The celebritys are now not "celebritys". They are in the corner of the yard by themselves.

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Celebrity is listed as determinate or semi determinate. Big Beef is an indeterminate monster of a tomato with very strong and tall growth. Thus, no surprise in the different growth patterns you are seeing. Celebrity have a very strong disease resistance package but that pretty much only covers dirt born, not what blows around in the breeze and lands on leaves. Picture would be helpful. Lots of things cause spots on mater leaves. Linda

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Pictures of my Celebrity Leaf spots. What is it and should I trash em?

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Focus is not real good but it looks like first the leaves got sunburned and now have something else, hard to tell and I am not an expert. Last year I got black spots early in the season and spayed with, I think copper and serenade, some swear by Daconil. As the weather warmed up the plants grew well and produced fruit and the spots seemed to go away. Until and unless someone else posts, I would continue to keep them separated, remove all the spotted leaves and spray with some kind of broad disease/fungicide type product. Again, Daconil is widely available, fairly cheap and used by many.

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Try this disease ID chart

Here is a link that might be useful: disease ID chart

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

If these spots appeared only a day or two after you put the plants out, I'd agree with the diagnosis of sun-scald ... except that the spots seem to have turned dark.

But the new foliage looks healthy -- which would make sense if it emerged after the older leaves were sun-scalded.

Had you hardened off the plants before putting them out (i.e. gradually accustomed them to the stronger light outdoors before putting them out permanently)?

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The the present I have out 6 varieties of tomatoes.
5 are perfectly healthy. 1 variety, Kelloggs breakfast, all look like your celebrities.

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What state are you located in?

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