Gardenweb Plant Swap - look at them now! (8 photos)

gottagarden(z5 western NY)September 11, 2006

Just thought I would share photos of this year's aquisitions; they are doing so well! In case any lurkers were wondering whether to come to the swap next year, this should provide encouragement.

Thanks to all who came to the swap and brought wonderful plants! (and magazines :-)

Eggplant from Mulchy. I counted more than 50 eggs!!

My "redbed". The red largeleaved plant is castor bean, also from Mulchy. The maroon red plant in background is amaranthus, from last year's plant swap.

The little red stars are from "cypress vine", something I had never seen before. Looks great in my red bed.

The striped grass was from riverbirch. The tall brug in the back is from Kathy. The angel trumpet was from Mulchy. An unknown salvia from ?

Dahlias in front, in back is "Mystic Merlin" mallow, from Mulchy.

Angel trumpet from Mulchy, and cosmos are from last year from Kathy.

Coreopsis "zagreb", more gold in color than moonbeam coreopsis. Glad to add it to my collection.

Lots of Tomatoes!

Sweet Autumn Clematis. It's not blooming yet, but look at all those buds! I got this from last year's plant swap, but this year it's looking so nice.

I have lots more great perennials that I got, but they are still too small or not yet blooming, so I don't have photos of them yet. Next year I should post photos of how the plants from this year's swap have grown.

Thanks everybody!

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faltered(Hamburg NY Z5/6)

Looking great! I'm still in love with that red bed. Just fabulous!

My plants are doing wonderfully from the swap. I'm loving all the tomatoes I have been harvesting.


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kareen(z5 NY Renss.Co.)

Wow, your gardens look wonderful and so do the swap plants. We didn't have our plant swap here in the capital district region and those pictures really make me miss it . Hope we can get on the ball and have one next year or I will want to take a trip out to your area swap! Kareen

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Great pics as usual! You do make some wonderful combos. That clematis is going to look great shortly!

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husky004_(z5 NY)

Great gardens, glad to see some of my contributions, the brug, the cosmos and the sweet autumn clematis, the plant swap is the best, good friends and great plants.

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Hi Kathy, I have several brugs that are all good size, although none have bloomed yet. ( I took the "leftovers" ;-) Probably need fertilizer. My fingers are crossed though.

The cosmos are everywhere, but are so pretty with the pink variation in all of them. One of them is excessively tall - almost 7 feet tall this year, so I'm saving seeds from that one.

The clematis is amazing! Last year a rabbit ate it right to the ground, only 1 inch left. This year I put a basket over the top of it to protect it until it got established, then it took off. Next year I need to put a new arbor in to show it off better. I love arbors.

I have lots of other perennials from the swap, they're just not blooming yet. Can't wait until next year!

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hi from a newbee in Orchard Park. Last yr Lowes marked all down 10/15


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celeste75(Z 5 NY)

Gorgeous pics. Loved the eggplant!

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Your pictures are great!!!! I feel lucky to have seen them, you sure "gotta" way with flower gardens!!!!

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tastefullyjulie(Lewiston, NY 6)

Your eggplant looks awesome. I have one but the foliage covers up the eggs :(

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Was the salvia from me. I gave someone a Salvia subrotunda but I can't recall who got it. It would have had red flowers and the inflorecensce (flower stalks) would have been about 2ft. tall (long)


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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Hi Penny,
Your salvia subrotunda is doing great. THANKS! It is REALLY tall, the inflorescences are almost 5 feet tall, and it is a very airy plant. So airy, that it doesn't photograph well. Here is a not-very-good photo where you can see it in the foreground (the 2 "stripes" in front of the amaranthus). The other salvia is on the left in the back, it is much shorter, only about 30 inches high. I like the way subrotunda adds color at such a high level.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I am so glad to hear that your subrotunda did well. You and I and Magicman are the only ones in the state of NY that have this plant. It isn't even available on the commercial market yet. I wasn't sure what to expect of it since it was a test plant this year for all of us who grew it for the first time but your results were just like mine. It is a great plant behind shorter plants to add height and those of us around the country who trialed it this year all decided that it would look best in a mass planting. Have you collected seed? It may even reseed for us up here but don't know yet. If you haven't collected seed and want some let me know.


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