Traveling Daylilies

jennie_in_mt(z3 MT)July 11, 2007

I would very much like to meet and trade with some of your members. Seems like such a nice group of people! I have seen your guidelines for inclusion in the TDLs, however, have not been able to locate many members with trade lists posted in order to offer a trade. LOL

Not to be too familiar, but I have been reading your posts as you have grown. So very sorry to hear about Carmen and yet so glad to welcome Talon to the world! Congrats Dawn.

I have Pink Playmate and Barbary Corsair to trade. I also just received a group of new lavender un-named hybrids from Brad at Rainbow Hill Day Lily Farm. I am particularly interested in Startle and Fire & Fog DLs. Would anyone be interested in trading? I also have many named varieties of hosta and waterlilies.

GW ate my trade list and I am updating as I can (summer in Montana is too precious and short to sit at the computer! *grin*). I have traded on the GW Aquatic Plant Exchange for several years, as well as at the American Ponders forum which offers a feedback system (

Thanks for considering me....


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hi Jennie!

Thanks for your interest in our group and for the kind words. : )

My trade list, if still there, is totally outdated. I sure wish I had time to do an update. Probably won't happen 'till after I move. Maybe I can take inventory next summer. : ) I know several in the group lost their lists too.

I'm very interested in trading with you. I can't do so right at the moment, but maybe once my DL's are finished blooming? I'd also be interested in trading Hosta & some Aquatics. I'll try to come up with a list when it cools down a bit and I can take baby outside.

But i'll bet you can find someone else in the group willing to trade probably sooner than I could. Besides Daylily lovers, we've got a few Hosta-holics. ; )
I sure do miss trading and can't wait to get back into the swing of things.

Thanks again Jennie, and hope to talk to you soon....

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Hi Jennie,

I am sending you an e-mail about arranging a trade.

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Hi Jennie,

Thanks again for your interest in our group:)

Unfortunately the 2 Daylilies you are looking for I only have double fans of each:( Startle came from Mary B & Fire & Fog came from Sharon both from our group. I tend to not leave things alone long enough to multiply, but I am trying very hard to do so:)

Would you consider trading your Water Lilies for my Daylilies? I lost count at 1000, so at this point I am very fussy on what goes in, DH thinks he still needs a yard??? I just don't get it, I keep telling him the more beds the less he has to mow, but he wont buy it:)

I would prefer not to dig till after bloom, unless you are interested in ones I divided last year? But not till after my pig roast July 21st. Almost any on my list that have NEW 2006 eBay Blueridge, after the name
Dewy Sweet- Joiner, J 1999NEW 2006 eBay Blueridge,
I shared some of them with my Mom last year, but I just went & counted 32 that I divided what he sent in half & planted in 2 different bed's.
The link MY GARDEN on my member page will take you to my pic's, I have lots of them on it & am working on getting them all on it.

This is 1 of the 32

Quick shot of today, as you can see I'm getting full:)

Hope we can work out a trade...:)Anita

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jennie_in_mt(z3 MT)

I love to walk through my gardens seeing all the plants that have come from afar. They remind me of all the nice gardeners I have met! Would be happy to trade anything that I have enough of.
Dswn, you take your time and enjoy your blooms..and Talon too! Best of luck with the new house. And I don't envy you the moving part!
Debbie, got your email and will check things out ASAP I have been working overtime at the hospital the past few weeks as we are in a major reoganization. I am whipped tired and ready for a couple of days off.
Anita, your gardens and flowers are lovely. I only with I had that much room for each plant that I am collecting (read this as 'addicted to'). I would have to have one for columbines, fragrant trumpet lilies, hosta, delphinium, cranesbill geraniums, penstemon, sedum , clematis, campanula..... well, you get the picture! LOL
Here is a snap of my patio this past summer, the delphinioms were taller than my head!

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Hi Jennie,
Oh your Delphiniums are breath taking, HOW do you do it??? I love them so much & have had some beautiful ones, but after about 2-3 years they peter out to nothing, I was jut talking to my sister about them the other day when she was up, she was asking what happened to them all, I told her I have no clue?
Oh, I totally agree it is an addiction:) Can't forget Iris & Foxglove.

I would love to trade you for any of your Water Lilies you have enough of to share, I am not fussy, but I do already have 2 white (no name) ones, so if I could get anything other than white, I would be very happy. A yellow would tickle me pink:) Are your divisions, how do I say this without looking ponder stupid:) Rooted? As in I need not fuss with it?
I also have seeds for William Guinness & Dorothy Rose Columbines. They are about ready from this year.

This is another of the 32, taken yesterday, this is the actual plant that needs a new home.

Pic does not do this Daylily justice, It is way better looking in person, makes one stop & say ohhhhhh, or at least that's what it does for me:)
Let me know about a trade one way or the other, as I would like to trade these out this year to make room.
Have a great day..:)Anita

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jennie_in_mt(z3 MT)

Moonstruck Madness is indeed a beauty. I am saying Oh!! just as I look at it! LOL I will email you privately for the trade....

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