Droopy new growth on starfruit tree

tropicalgrow516August 27, 2012

I bought this starfruit tree from Jene's two months ago. When it came, it had a few yellow leaves. It has been growing well since then, but somewhere along the line (I don't think it came this way) a lot of the new growth started to droop, as in the picture, and it still has a few yellow leaves here and there, though less than when it arrived. I'm not sure if the growth eventually "un-droops", as I honestly haven't been checking on this plant as much as I should. Is this drooping normal? I don't think it's an issue of watering, as I've been watering it every couple of days.

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yellowthumb(5a Ontario)

This is typical for me as well. Sometimes dry winds and underwater will do just that. You really have to water them well to avoid it. Mine was bad in June, I pruned it hard, kept it very well watered, now it rarely has this problem

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