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sapote(10a)August 21, 2013

In the past we had a debate about how best to germinate mango seed � without the hush seed cover or with it. While searching for a method to germinate polyembryonic seed, I ran into this website:

As see here, the poly seeds are planted in the sawdust, and after the seedlings were about 4 to 6", they were lifted out and separated to individual plants.

I�m also interested of the way they used clear plastic tape for mango grafting, using splice grafting method I think. This is the method that I had succeed in the past on other trees.

I paid close attention to the nursery environment � the area was covered with green shade screens on the top and all sides. Is this to control the humidity and sun light condition for optimum mango seedling? Other photos show the workers in warm jacket, which indicates this area is not a tropical rain forest (mango natural environment). I think a lot can be learned from this nursery for growing mango outside of rain forest.


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Mangos aren't a rainforest plant. They're from more of a monsoonal/savanna environment. That means a distinct very dry dry season, and then the usual wet tropical wet season. That's why they normally flower during winter, the dry season. However, outside of the tropics the temperature gets to them and (if they survive) they flower/fruit spring and summer.

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