Kent Mango Tree, not bearing fruits

roxanna-2008August 23, 2008

Hello ! I'm new to this forum.

I have a kent mango tree that I planted (grafting) 3 years ago in my backyard. The first 3 months, flowers came out, fruits formed but did not develop completely, they just fell off the tree. Since then up to now, I don't see any signs of bearing fruit. I put mango fertilizer around the tree after 1 year per nursery's advice. What am I missing here.

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Eggo(z10soCal LBC)

Roxanna, is it not blooming or is the fruitlets not holding up?

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Hi eggo, it's not blooming at all. I'm getting frustrated now.Is it because of the location ? I planted it in an open area east side of the house where it gets sun all day. Is mango tree ok if it's on a slightly windy area (golf course)? Thanks for your input.

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Locations seems fine. Can you take a picture of the tree? Would like to look at its condition and leaves.... Did you get affected by the hurricanes a few years back? Was it abused by any chance? Sometimes it takes a little longer with some trees and not by others. I purchased a tree the same time, however the hurricane hit it and cut its head off. As a result it didn't bear fruit :-( IT is doing well now and growing pretty well after recovering from the attack. It is a grafted tree so I am confident it will be fine. Waiting for your reply.

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Did you stop fertilizing in the fall and allow the tree to rest? Give it a good pruning in the fall? I've made the mistake of not letting mine rest during winter and I didn't get any blooms.

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Please explain??? What is letting it rest?

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Winter months usually has a lot less rainfall and you don't fertilize. You don't want the tree in vigorous growth. It needs to store the energy and sugars for blooms. Someone a lot more technical can explain this better. Where is Eldys??

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Thanks. Never knew or thought of that. I will follow the next time. Thanks.

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Hi all ! Thanks for your input ! dr scifi, we were affected by 2004 hurricanes but I planted this tree in 2006 I believe. But it bore fruits 3 months after I planted it but didn't hold up. I fertilized with mango fertilizer after 1 year. I sprayed fungicide around the body and leaves because of the black stuff on it and it went away. The tree looks fine but no fruits, just new leaves coming out. I will take a picture of the tree and learn how to download it here in the forum.

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Here's the pictures of my kent mango tree. What's that black stuff in the branches and leaves, could it be from raining almost everyday for weeks now ?

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

It looks like "Sooty Mold"? I think it can be caused by too water water and very humid climate. I'm sure there are some sprays that you can find to treat it. Check with a local nursery and see what they recommend. I am not recommending you try this, but I purchased a small mango tree on clearance, and some of the leaves had sooty mold on it. What I did was spray it with a few drops of dish soap mixed with water. I sprayed it well, used a soft cloth or(paper towel) and wiped it off as I sprayed. I did it on a cloudy day(or you could do it early evening). I made sure I rinsed the water off really well, so the next day the sun didn't burn the leaves. Key is to make sure you rinse the leaves off very well, so the leaves don't get damaged by the sun. But I recommend you check with a nursery if you want to be sure...

On your question on your tree not producing fruits, I wouldn't worry about it too much, I think your tree may t not be mature enough yet. By the way that is a very nice mango tree you have... I have a Glenn Mango and Cogshall that is similar to your tree, although yours is a little older than mine, that hasn't produced fruit either, I'm hoping I get get a couple next spring, assuming we don't have a "freeze" during flower set. But then I was told sometimes they have to be a little older? Just depends on the variety, growing conditions, climate.

I also live in Central FL, appx. 1 1/2 hours south of Kissimee. How do you protect your trees on the few occasions of frost?

Also if I can suggest you remove the grass around your trunk a couple of feet away from it and put some pine bark nuggets for mulch. Just keep the mulch a few inches off the trunk also. The grass is so close to the trunk and is probably taking some of the nutrients away from your tree, just my opinion...I attached a pic so you can what I meant.

Good luck!

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Hi puglvr1 ! Thanks for the advice, that's a very good idea, I shall do it after the storm, it's windy here now.
Hopefully I will be harvesting fruits soon, just a matter of time.

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Our tree did for the first time after 10 years lack off producing approx.50 or more mangos they tasted great. I Aruba we do not have a quality soil and the soil is more like gravel. We have installed a sprinkler system around the tree which it feed 2x per week for approx. 1 hour.
The tree is 18 " in diameter, yes an old tree 40 ft in height. I tried to maintain the best I can of dead branches and do give twice yearly fertilizer.
The tree drops leaves daily but leaves look and appears healthy. Leave falling is me a natural occurrence when it tree shedding its leaves. Again did not noticed blossom on the tree since last May. I would like to find out if the age of the tree is the issue and or what can be done so the tree bares fruits again. Any help and ideas are and is appreciated.
Thank you

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hmhausman(FL 10B)


Its tough to really fully address the issue of your mango tree's not blooming just from the info you have provided. The only thing that I would mention to you is that mangoes like to bloom after a period of stress. The stress is induced by either a drying out period or a cooling off period or, as we have in Florida, both. I don't think it is just a matter of hours of daylight versus darkness signaling the seaon for blooming as occurs in many plants. My suggestion is to stop watering for about month or so. Or, at least, cut way back on the water and see what happens. I would also cut off all nitrogen based fertilizer for at least a month or two before bloom is expected. I would suppose that a blossom boosting fertilizer 0-30- 15 wouldn't hurt. When the bloom occurred last year, was it preceded by a cooling off period? I'm not sure that Aruba ever gets one of those. Anyway, I hope this helps. Good luck.


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too much Nitrogen could be promoting alot of growth instead of fruiting. Fairchild reccomends no nitrogen for new mango trees, only potash or potassium to promote root strength in the winter for in ground mangos.

If its a grafted Kent it will fruit, its first few years should be focused on growth anyway. I would be careful not to over fertilize, only use slow release formulas if they are chemical based

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This is Aruba. Thank you for the info that was sent to me....Aruba do not have a cooling down time as you have in the USA. Our cool down or winter period means rain This can occure for many days and sometime it may go on for weeks. The temp. during the day is always around the 82 to 85 degree mark. Yes it is dificult to find out why this tree will not bloom every year and mine thoughts was, that the age of the tree could of been the issue. Please do not forget the ground is more like rock. Around the base it has soil. I was thinking the lack of water was the main issue for no fruits. For your info, leaves are falling off continously each day and it take me at least a 1/2 hr to pick but the tree looks good and new leaves are forming Maybe this is another indication why this tree do not bears fruit I'm lost for what needs to be done or what is wrong. I have friends on the Island that do not have this problem and their trees do have mangos sometime twice each year. All answers will be considered and looked into
Thank you helping to solve this problem.
Frank in Aruba

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Kents grow to be very large trees, it could just be in its juvenile growing stage not ready to fruit yet. i wouldnt worry about the soil, they grow in all types here even coral rock. try to promote growth in the early spring and promote dormancy (leave it alone) in the winter. again with time I cant understand why it wouldnt fruit, they are reliable bearers

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Thank you Mndo Kush for the info sent. Yes it is strange that our tree will not bloom. AS I MENTIONED IN THE FIRST EMAIL this tree did not have fruits for more then 10 years. I was hoping that others may had the same problem before and had a sulution. In the past, I did contacted a comp. on the island that sell mango trees, they did not solve this issue either. I do not know who I should contact for more info this is the reason why I went to seek info on the internet for help. Lets hope someone will come with a sulution that we all can benitit from.

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just baught a kent mango tree grafted. it in a pot i want to keep it in a pot for at least 2-3 yrs what type of plant food shold i give it and the care it needs tell i put it in the ground thanks . any help

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sorry I didnt realize the tree was 10 years old. theres definitely something wrong with the root structure whether it is spiraled or obstructed from the water table, you can try to dig it up and see, you probably will not kill it if you leave enough of the taproot in tact.

a ten year old Kent mango tree should be 20 feet.

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Try the link below, I think you will find your answer there. Its the University of Florida IFAS Extension mango diseases. Hope this helps, since mangoes grow very well in Florida. And they keep track of common mango diseases.

Here is a link that might be useful: University of Florida IFAS Extension mango

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