Transplanting a Bird's Nest Spruce

adina72(z5 CNY)September 25, 2007

My mother is preparing for a move and she advised me to take any plants that I want from the yard. I need to take them sooner rather than later, as she may not be in the house by the time spring rolls around. For the most part, I've been taking cuttings from her shrubs, but she has a Blue Bird's Nest Spruce I'd like to have. I know fall is a good time for planting, but is it a good time to transplant this type of shrub also or is spring better? I have very limited experience with evergreens. All other trees and shrubs I've planted in the spring, so this is new to me. Any advice?

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Right now is the best time to transplant evergreens, better than in spring because the ground is still warm and the roots will grow, but the top is going dormant and not making demands on the roots. In the spring they have to deal with hot weather, often dry, and trying to put out new growth when the roots aren't adjusted yet. The same thing applies to most trees, not just evergreens, with a few exceptions.

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