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poch1989August 19, 2014

Hi guys,
it's the first time I post in this forum.
I'm from Italy and the past month I had some air shipped julie mangoes straight from Jamaica. I love them. They were tree ripened and ready to eat. The flesh was soooo creamy and buttery, non watery at all (I hate watery mangoes). Is there any other variety which texture and consinstency is like the Julie (buttery and creamy flesh that melts in mouth?) I've heard about Carrie mango? Also, how big a julie tree becomes? Do you think its possible to grow a tree inside the house? (during the winter outside sometimes it goes -0 (celsius degrees) and during the summer is 40 degrees..(very hot). Do you think it would be possible to grow it here if the size is not too big?

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Which one is watery?

creamy means fibreless, not fatty creamy as avocado? Manila, Valencia Pride?

0*C is 32*F is not too cold to kill mango. You can try in a big pot and move inside when too cold, or if planted outside then you can build a camping tent cover the mango and you, yes you, must sleep inside the tent with the mango to keep it warm on the freezing nights. Hey, only a few tough nights a year, so be brave as a true mango lover :)

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ok think it's going to be impoissible :-(((( wish I was born in the tropics :-(((

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It would depend a bit on where in Italy you are. In the north of the country stay with apples. But if you're in the south and you have a good microclimate, particularly the south side of your house, it might be possible without too much trouble. What they don't like is wet and cold, or if it stays cold night and day.

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