Need help with some weed and feed questions.

cats39(z5 Upstate NY)September 26, 2005

Hi All!

Well, from the looks of the upcoming weather I guess things will begin to wind down with the cooler air.

I know this may be OT for this Forum but before I go over to the Lawn Care Forum I hope you don't mind if I first ask if there is an Upstater or CNY'er whose used Lesco's Weed and Feed 18 2 9? I understand its an excellant product.

I do have some resevations about using a weed killer but my yard was a mess with weeds this year. I couldn't keep up with the pulling and a great deal went to seed.

I'm assuming the overgrowth was partly due to the extrememly warm weather as the weeds seem to be able to withstand the heat. In fact as you know they thrive especially after getting just a few sprinkles.

My biggest concerns are:

#1 Our pet dog ----

If I were to use this product how long in # of days should I wait for her to use the yard again?

#2 I don't own a broadcast spreader and Lesco suggest the use of this type. I have a dropspreader. My veg and Flower's are all in raised 6" to 8" beds but I still don't like the idea of broadcasting.....

I called their 800# and they said the problem with the drop spreader is it takes off some of the coating.

#3 If and when I were to use, what would be the best time table? (The end of Oct - after the first frost etc.)

I can't think of anything else more important than the above that concerns me and would be greatful if one of you experts can help.

Thanks in advance.


Maybe someone out there can start up a thread -- "What are you doing to wind down."

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hilomark(z5 NY)


In your earlier post, you expressed interest in composting and building soil. Consider using corn gluten meal on your lawn. It won't take care of the weeds as quickly as the weed 'n feed, but it will be safe for the dog, and will help build up the organic content of your lawn also.
Type in "CGM" or "corn gluten meal" and I'm sure you'll find several threads about it.

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cats39(z5 Upstate NY)

Hi Lois and All!

I'm glad I got your reply to my post as it prompted me to go out and buy the "CGM". I returned the $19.99 40lb bag of Lesco's weed and feed to Home Depot and was surprised to see that the CGM "Safe 'N Simple" at the local feed store was only @29.95 at 50lbs. It figures out to cost just .01 more a lb.

I was brought up in the midst of the "middle man" produce business when everything was, as my Dad said, "FRESH".

Kids in my day didn't have access to all the Gatorade type sport drinks as they have today and on a hot summers day I remember so well being able to scoop water into my cupped hands to get a drink from the Chenango and Susquahanna Rivers in Binghamton where I'm originally from. Now its' said that not a body of water in our State is free of some sort of pollution.

I must admit I too was no angel as I plunged from the spray can a lot of DDT into ours as well as the neighbors Gardens. Crazy as it sounds I loved the disticnt smell (of DDT).

If you only knew how torn I was about using that Lesco stuff and not just because of our pet dog. I wish all of my "New" neighbors, although I'm the one that's new, would read "Silent Spring".

Thanks again for your help!


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