pruning a sea green juniper(junperius chinensis)

jerome69(6)September 27, 2008

have 3 junipers that have gotten too large. they are the ones that have branches that come out like a fountain from the center of the plant.need advice on how to trim it without destroying the shape.

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can you send pic here?

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bernd ny zone5(5)

I prune such junipers by cutting ends of branches out, going back to the furthest-in branching, without eliminating all green branchlets. You have to do this early on, or the juniper gets too big.

I just chopped out a large (6-7 ft high) perhaps 25-year old Sea Green j., because it got too big, was no longer manageable with my method, and it was crowding out other dwarf conifers. It was producing too much shade in an area of my front yard. I had to do this too with a large 28 year old blue juniper.

This gave me an opportunity for new landscaping!

A nursery owner said, home-owners should replace conifers around every 20 years. That means you buy 2 -3 ft tall conifers, prune them as you remember, and after 20 years chop them off. The other option is to buy real dwarf conifers which are small (1 ft tall, i.e.) when installing and grow very slowly to the desired size (3-5 ft, i.e.).

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thank you for the info, i will try this. i was going to to just trim it but your method makes sense.thanks again.

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