GottaGarden, Tagalong Morning Glories

remy_gwSeptember 10, 2006

Hi Brenda,

I got a couple of surprise Morning Glories appear. I don't mind. I like them. I thought you might know if they have names or just passalong plants to you also.

The first one looks pretty much correct in the photo. It came along with the Verbascum.

The second one is a dark purple with red stripes. It is harder to see in this photo. It came along with the Veronica. I really do need to get a better camera. I'm going to ask for one for Christmas!


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husky004_(z5 NY)

Remy, looks like a Grandpa Ott to me!

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

The second one is Grandpa Ott. Absolutely gorgeous, I loved it . . . until they took over. They self seed like crazy and are coming up everywhere. You are warned, you may want to yank before seeds appear, or else spend lots of time pulling up unwanted seedlings next year.

I love morning glories over my arches, but given their seeding tendency, have replaced them all with clematis. Now I need another 2 years for the clematis to get large. ALthough beautiful, they are still small and establishing, and my arches were rather bare this year.

Hope your verbascum and veronica are doing well.

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Thanks for the ID both of you. The Grandpa Otts is a beautiful color.
Thanks for the warning Brenda. Your Clematis will look great sooner than you know it! I remember the arch from a photo. I have a few Clematis, but my Etoile Violette is a monster! It would be a good choice for your arch. What varieties did you plant?
My plants from you are doing good. A couple of the Salvias kept right on blooming!

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Glad the salvias are doing well for you - s. officinalis is wonderful, isn't it? Just stays in bloom forever.

Clematis is one of my new loves. My current favorite is Roguchi - blooming for many months.

Others I bought are:
Betty Corning
Etoile Violette
Nelly Moser
Elsa Spath
Dr. Ruppel

I have 10 arches, and can plant one clematis on each side, that's why I have so many. (that and the fact that I find them very hard to leave on nurseries tables.)

Here's what they looked like in year 1. I love the look . . .

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I didn't realize you had 10 arches! I forget you have all that land. The arches do look great with morning glories, but I can see the seedlings getting out of hand.
I just had Betty Corning bloom this year for me! It is very delicate looking. And you did plant an Etoile Violette. I looked up the Roguchi; I like it a lot!

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