Free 10ft lancintilla mango tree!

j-growAugust 12, 2011

I need to make a very beautifull mango tree disappear from my yard its about 3 yrs old, very happy and healthy. It has some giant fruit hanging from it right now. I live in Merritt Island. Anyone interested I hate to cut it down its so pretty!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Just one question? WHY??

That is SO Sad!! I'm sure you'll find someone that will love to take it off your hands!

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it is starting to drown out a showpiece screw pine that i have and we couldnt eat all of the mangoes we had this year so i decided to cull the heard. i still have a neelumm that will satisfy the late part of the season so i am good with the loss. a peach tree will take over its spot

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Won't you end up having the same problem if you put a peach tree there? I have a few peach trees and they get big pretty fast.

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phucvu(10 b oc ca)

can you ship the tree to one of our friends in italy?

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Italy is no problam at all! please send me a cashiers check for 6,000$ if you would like it sent in small pieces or 143,000$ if you would like it shipped whole, live, with a horticulturalist by its side.

as far as the size of the peach goes it should cap out at about the size the screw pine is now but the screw will be bigger by then. with this lancintilla it wants to turn into a monster and i have been pruning it hard each year to keep control. "condo mango" no way!

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Maybe you should trade in the Screw Pine species you have for a Pandanus Amaryllifolius. That way you could keep the mango, have a species of Screw Pine that you could "eat" (use in cooking) AND a peach.

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I agree will others, you may want to consider another tree other than a peach tree as they grow very fast. Here is a pic of my 3yr Tropic Snow Peach. I only prune in winter, but I prune it hard back down to an 8x8' tree.

Hope that helps,


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JB - you need to do more earlier pruning on those top shoots. I understand you prune in the winter but it seems the new shoots from the pruned spots just take off into straight shoot (kind of like being stuck in a cyclical pattern). If you were to prune those shoots at an early stage it would promote more top branching, which would in turn lead to a fuller tree and more fruit. Just a thought...

..oh, sorry to hijack the thread.

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

Ooh - I hope you find someone to take it. I don't have a spot for it, but would hate to see a perfectly good tree cut down! Could you put it in a big pot and move it to another spot?

By the way, ditto on how fast peaches grow. Here's mine:

I just started it last fall and cut it back to have no branches in the spring. It has grown about 2 more feet since this was taken early in the summer.

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please don't destroy that productive tree..
can you post a picture?..

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Is the tree still available? If so please email me at
Thanks, Mike

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