OK, so what is this shrub that is everywhere?

Hobbes_in_Dobbs(z5a NY)September 5, 2005

OK, probably everyone but me knows the name of this shrub, but it's everywhere here in central NY, it's got an arching habit, it can get pretty big (I guess 6 feet or more), it grows in shade, it is covered with creamy-white astilbe-like fluffy flowers in Aug-Sept (at least), it's got big heart shaped to oval leaves, not serrated, they reming me of red-twig dogwood leaves. The long arched stems are dark. What am I???

Thanks, Hobbes

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Japanese knotweed??

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adina72(z5 CNY)

Butterfly Bush?

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hammerl(z5-6 Amherst NY)

I think herbalbetty is right, if it's what grows around here next to streambeds. I drive by big bushes of it that grow alongside the creek I drive past while going to work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Info and picture of Japanese Knotweed

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Knotweed is a horrible, invasive pest and almost impossible to eradicate. It's also called Japanese bamboo, thereby slandering the bamboo family. You can try round-up but it will require persistence. My sister smothered it by putting a tarp over the patch and leaving it on for a year - and spraying roundup on anything that crept out from under.
This rivals purple loosestrife as an invasive and should be destroyed when seen.

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Hobbes_in_Dobbs(z5a NY)

Thanks everyone-- I looked it up, and it definitely is knotweed that I'm asking about -- you know, I thought it was weird that all of a sudden, I saw this everywhere-- and to think that I imagined it might be good for a "problem area" I have-- whew! It's a good thing I asked! It could have taken over my property! --Hobbes

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