stuff ain't dying fast enough

lilium_guy56September 22, 2006

The darned plants aren't dying fast enough up here. Ok that sounds a bit weird I bet. Let me explain. I been having fun planting and moving and replanting for a long long time. Like the rest of you I couldn't wait for spring to see what comes up next. You know the wonder when all 12 of those $8 each Crown Imperials you planted last fall grew? But before that we had to clean up the mess left from the dead stuff the year before. Well at my old age I got remarried a year ago. The new wife (trans-planted here by me from dixieland and hates the snow) said "why don't ya'll cut off the day-yed (dixie for dead) stuff before it snows?" Well DUHHHHHHH!!!! Ok so she had a good idea there. I knew there was a reason why I married her. So here I am doing a daily search for what turned brown today. With snippers in hand I wander around the gardens every day looking for dead (or day-yed) things to go SNIP SNIP on. This is as much fun as watching it come up. And way more fun than fixing the washer. (well it works on all but heavy setting). Snipping dead garden stuff is a lot of fun. Ya got to have the right foot work and a radio with REBA on. COOOOOL!!! Sometimes I just figure "well it'll be dead in 3 days" so SNIP SNIP now. Theres not much left out there except the Red Hot Pokers, Phlox, Siberian Irises, Hosta and a few Oriental Lilies still green. Theres a huge pile of dead stuff out back. I went nuts on those Coneflowers before they spread their 87,000,000 seeds around. But the rest is just standing there all nice and green. GRRRRR. And I was wondering aloud how I'm going to know where everything is when I buy more stuff I don't need next spring and my wife said, "Ya'll need ta be fixing up some plaistic knives and write yer plaint names on 'em and mark it all". Hmmmm. "Well great 2 good ideas. I need to get this done before deer season" I said. Where upon she asked, "Wasn't ya'll promisin' ta take me to dinner anywhere I choose the friday before deer season?" I tried to get out of that but no dice. I told her before the weddin' if she leaves me alone from Oct 1 to dec 15 while I hunt deer she gets a dinner anywhere she wants. Well we going to Alexander Hamilton Inn with my paycheck and a tie. lol. Dixie chicks don't forget I guess. I wonder if I can snip dead stuff in the dark. POKERS are still green as ever. Stupid things don't die fast enough. Then my wife asked, "when was Ya'll fixin' ta repair my washer?" HMMMMMM!!! "After deer season hun, I'm busy snippin'". Have a nice day.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Well this is from another transplanted dixie chick (from Louisiana) who HATES SNOW and hibernates once the temps go down into the 40's.

Since moving to yankee land I have learned to leave the dead stuff on a lot of my plants b/c it protects the root system and keeps freezing moisture from getting down into the root ball. Also any seed left on the plants provides food for the birds over the winter. This particularly helps plants such as salvias, agastaches, bee balm and plants with hollow stems (I grow a lot of plants of the south and southwest). I did have to cut my coneflowers back this year because a storm that blew through here a few weeks ago flattened them. If they don't come back it is no biggy as I probably have a hundred more that reseeded. I do pull out all the annuals after the first killing frost but all my salvias and agastaches are still going strong and with the recent rain they are blooming like crazy. Perennial vines I leave alone until spring and then trim them up if necessary. If I have hardy plants that 'disappear' over the winter such as hostas, bleeding hearts and lily of the valley and daylilies, I do put markers where they are located so I don't dig them up in the spring when I start planting.


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I like to snip the dead stuff too, it keeps the garden neat. Lily Guy, you should try Garramones or Buffalo Head, It is beautiful up here right now, Your wife might really enjoy the fall season closer to the Adks. Plus, you dont have to wear a tie, you can even wear you camo, and fit right in (we won't even see you) haha.
Happy Fall!

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