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Hooti(z5 NY)October 22, 2005

Hi everyone!

Got an email from garden web today and it reminded me how lax I have been on checking in, when you all were so kind and supportive. My deepest apologies - I am the kind to crawl off by myself when I have emotions to deal with, or just don't know what to say.

I am doing okay. I still have two tables full of plants to put in as there seemed to be no point in putting them in the ground during the dry weather as it is a heck of alot easier to water trays then haul buckets out to the woods-not to mention I have well water so not alot to go around. How did it get to be fall so suddenly? I am not worried-I make the beds a year ahead of time, by which I mean dump piles of used cavy shaving in the woods, pile on leaves and pine needles and cavy bowl dumpings, turn over mid summer and *BAM* woodland beds. Last year I buried any potsful that didnt make it into the ground and they came up perfectly well. In fact I just planted my midland shooting star that germinated spring of 2004.

A friend got me into working with gemstones (settings, wrapping, beads, etc.) and I am having fun with that. I got two kittens for mother's day and fussed over them all summer. My son made it home from Japan and started his third year of college, at UB, and is the student rep. of his department (linguistics).

I am dating. Not sure if that is good or bad or worth mentioning, but I would feel dishonest if I didnt admit it. So that is a summery of me-hood I guess. I think of all of you.



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penny1947(z6 WNY)

It is good to hear from you and to know that you are taking the bull by the horns. I know what you mean about it being fall so suddenly. I find myself still trying to collect seed from all the salvias and agastaches before the first fros and get all my rose of sharon's that sprouted this year in the ground for winter. I still have to find a place to put my honeysuckle vine for the winter as it is still in a 14 inch pot and over 10 ft. tall. I did finally get everything else planted out but it was definitely a lot of work this year.


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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Gemstones, how fun! I guess we all need a hobby for winter, so that one should do quite well.

Notice we are now getting all the rain we should have gotten all summer. Better late than never, I suppose. Still we ARE running out of time for getting things in the ground . . . .

The great blue lobelia I got from you is blooming and looks great. Thanks!

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It's really good to hear you again. glad that your son is back from the Orient and close-by. Good luck with the dating! It sounds like you've kept yourself open to life.
I'm finally convinced that the growing season is over. I've been busily making teeny tiny envelopes for the 'giant' seed swap.
There is a gal here in the Rochester area who is conducting watch making parties using the most fantastic beads I have seen. it was such great fun that I wanted to keep making watches in order to try all the wonderful and unending combinations of beads.
Take care of yourself and keep in touch.

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husky004_(z5 NY)

Laurette-Good to hear from you, glad you are doing the best you can...yes fall came a little too quickly here, im scrambling to get everything cut down, pulled out and inside...a never ending battle...kinda makes me think Im a little over the top on this gardening thing...cut back a bit on the seed saving but need to get all my tropicals inside or tucked away...you take care and post again to let us know how you are doing.

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Hi Laurette, I was thinking of you and found this update. I completely understand the crawling off to be alone thing. I do it myself. I'm glad you are doing better. The swamp milkweed I got from you got big, but it did not bloom. It is happy though, so I know it will bloom great next year. The four-o-clocks I got from you grew and bloomed nice, but I didn't get them out of the ground. I got operated on recently, so I can't dig. I'm going to be ok. I wanted to move a Peony also, but that will have to wait too. But it was just those few things, and winter is pretty much here, so I'm glad I'm sort of out of comission now than during the growing season. Anyway, I'll need you to be there next spring with the four-o-clocks again : ) I hope you have a nice thanksgiving with your son and the rest of your family.

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gail14054(z5 NY)

I've been lax, too, in checking in on this board - Too many irons in the fire, so to speak. Laurette, I'm very glad to hear that you're hanging in.

We've been doing some remodeling in the kitchen - went from 12 X 10 to 22 X 24. I just love it!! Can't wait until it's completely done.

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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I somehow lost my bookmark to this site and this morning while wandering aimlessly around the web here it was again. I really used to enjoy reading the posts. I have a black thumb, and struggle so much to learn to grow beautiful flowers. My roses had three blooms this year, but that is three more than last yearl. I feed them, mulch them in winter, prune them twice, once in fall and once in the spring but still they struggle. Almost like me. Just when I think I figure something out I go two steps forward and one step back. I forgot to plant my dahlias this year and found myself wondering why they didn't bloom. I couple of weeks ago I was cleaning the basement and there was this crate of peat moss with all these little dahlia toes buried in it. I hope they make it until next spring.

Keeping the weeds down frustrates me. They always do so well. At any rate I am bookmarking the site again and hope to check in frequently.

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