Duncan or Carrie mango

jupiterplants(10/A)August 5, 2010

Hi Everyone,

A few years back I was at the Zills place in Boynton beach with a friend. She picked up ( or so I thought) a Duncan mango. She just had her first fruit and shared it with a few of us. It was absolutely wonderful. The problem is she lost the tag and the receipt and for some reason she thinks she may have purchased a Carrie.

The fruit was a golden color on the outside and inside and nice taste very sweet. I am thinking about going back down to the, Zills to see if I can compare the two. Any thought on the Duncan and Carrie ?

Thanks, D`Ann

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

If the outside was golden yellow, it was likely not Carrie, which tends to be green when mature and only shows a very slight exterior color change to a yellow tinge on a basically green exterior. Duncan does get much more yellow. Also, you can tell from the flesh. Duncan flesh is more yellow in coloration while Carrie is more orange in color. Duncan flesh tends to be more firm than Carrie. Both, however, are fiberless.


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Thanks , I feel it was a Duncan also. After thinking about it for awhile I have decide to get both since mangos freeze so well :)

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Jupiterplants, I have a Duncan I recently grafted. Send me an email if your are interested. Squam256@aol.com

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a tree picked Carrie is excellent but they are hard to find good in the market.

Duncan holds up alot better, is firmer and tarter, like an Edward

something was off with the Carrie this year, they were too small and the flavor and consistency was off

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Duncan is actually a seedling of Edward....specifically an Edward by Pico cross.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)


I had never heard Duncan's parentage ID'ed. The Fairchild Mango Guide from the early 1990's says that it is of unknown parentage, but that Saigon was probably one of its parents. Neither had I ever hear of a "Pico mango". I did some research and it appears to be a Phillippine phenomenon and is apparently closely related to or perhaps the same as Carabao. According to the Fairchild book, Duncan was apparently patented by a David Sturrock of West Palm Beach, FL. Has there been further genetic studies that you can cite me to that would confirm the parentage of Duncan?

P.S., I did find this article which does say what you are saying:


But in the Wikipedia article below, genetic testing seems to refute this claim and places Nam Doc Mai and perhaps Saigon as the parents.

Here's the reference used by wikipedia:


Well, I'm confused...but thanks for provoking my brain on this early Sunday AM....have a great day.


Here is a link that might be useful: Wiki on Duncan

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I actually wrote that wikipedia article. :)

Nam Doc Mai can't be the parent of Duncan, as Nam Doc Mai wasn't introduced to Florida until the 1970s.

I mentioned this discrepancy in the 2005 pedigree analysis of Florida mango cultivars to Richard Campbell while I was at the mango fest this year and he basically distanced himself from that whole study (despite it having his name on it). I suspect it could be wrong on some of the other parentage conclusions as well. I've used it as a source for most of the wikipedia mango articles though, haha.

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Squam , thanks for the offer I will be contacting you soon:)

Well now I am confused too. The mango was shaped like the Carrie but had more of color of the Duncan.
It was sweet , smooth, mango-y taste. My friend can't fine the tag. Looks like I MUST get one of each :)

This has taught me a lesson. I am writing down the names of ALL my plants I have in my yard. I remember now , but what about latter on ?

Thanks for everybody's input.


PS My Nam Doc Mia was tasty in a " nice fruit" sorta way ,so it is a keeper.
But I like a stronger taste.

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they are pretty easy to distinguish

Carrie is usually a small ugly looking mango with creamy sweet reddish orange flesh

Duncan is a larger and its flesh is firmer and tart like edward, in fact i could easily mistake it for one

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Okay , so looking at your picture Carrie is the one on the left ? You didn't say. Then It must have been a Duncan.

Thanks for the picture , and thanks for everybodys time

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yes Carrie is on the left.

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um I thought carrie was the right mango, since it has a slight yellow blush. I didn't know Carrie mangoes had that much color when ripe.

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Yep , I am going to get them both.

I am keeping my haden at about 20 foot and I figure Ill do the same with the carrie. Duncan is a condo.

And I am thinking about getting the Pickering, And the lancetilla and Mallika for late season. I hear they are condo mangos also.

I had this very small woodpecker that would hang upside down on my haden and peck these big holes in them. That is why I need six trees :)
Thanks everybody,

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the one on the left is definitely the Carrie, that one may have gotten alot of sun

here is another picture of Carrie

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

I got a duncan mango from Homestead and it was sweet and tart. Just a great mango. I'd love to eat it again. :)

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

Duncan sounds very interesting. I haven't seen any for sale though - anybody know who sells them (in FL)?

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