Winterizing a Screened in Porch

penny1947(z6 WNY)October 24, 2009

For those of you that grow tropicals tender perennials

If I enclosed my south facing front porch in heavy duty plastic would it stay warm enough for most of the winter to keep most of my mature tender plants out there. I had to bring them in so early this year and still have several that need to come in before the snow flies but don't know where I will put them.

I have two Hamelia patens, a Cuphea ignea, Cuphea micropetala, 10 Cuphea schumaniis, 2 Calliandras, 2 shrimp plants, 4 Salvia guaraniticas, 6 baby hesperaloe parvifloras, 2 cape honeysuckles, 4 Pentas and 2 Russelias along with about a dozen cuttings that I started a few weeks ago. I really need a heated greenhouse but that isn't going to happen considering it took 4 years for my DH to finally build the deck out back.


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if a 4x8 section would be enough you can have your husband build you a temp. plastic encloser. you should have a piece of styrofoam on the bottom to prevent the cold from below.a few 60-75 watt light bulb on a timer for overnight. i have a permanent setup on wheels and it works super.i keep mine outside and it is cool to see snow sitting on top and look inside to see the plants snug as a bug.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Hi Jerome,
Thanks for that info. I actually have two 'plant racks'. One is a 3 shelf mini green house with a clear cover but the plastic isn't that heavy and another that was a metal 5 shelf cart on wheels that I recycled from a conveneince sotre. That one has no cover as it was used to display Gal. jugs of tea but would be easy to make a heavy duty cover. My porch usually stays a little warmer than the temps outside the porch as it is recessed besides having a southern exposer. Right now I do have a few plants out there that are still blooming well in spite of the recent hard frost. I had not thought of putting the foam on the floor beneath the plants but that is an excellent idea. I think with a few adjustments I may be able to make this work at least for some of the plants.

Thanks again.

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