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Teri MastroianniOctober 26, 2005

Alright, I am in the Utica area and it has been raining here for weeks!. Now the snow..2 inches last night! ( I live on a hilltop)..and my beautiful mag tree snapped in half last night along with many very large branches of surrounding oaks and maples. THe trees are just falling over in some cases the roots floating beneath the surface. THe ground is saturated.......there is ponding everywhere. I am concerned that I will lose many plants I invested in this year, even with the best drainage systems, this latest weather pattern will overcome.It is forcasted to continue raining thru the rest of the week. ACK! Will there be time enough for the water to seep away before the ground freezes? MY POOR PLANTS!!!!!!!!!I am grateful for the beautiful summer we had...but for crying out loud this is the worst fall EVER (IMO). Rant over.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I know how you feel. We are still getting rain here in Niagara county but I have not been able to get outside to collect seed and the grass is getting over 7 inches tall now. The yard is full of debris that needs to be cleaned up and thrown or put away. I have one dead maple that we were going to have removed but can't do it now b/c of all the rain.


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We didn't get half the snow expected here in the higher elevations of the Adirondacks. Good thing as there is a lot of downed branches to clean up even with the few inches we had. (Wet, heavy snow on limbs still with leaves.) I still haven't finished cleaning up the damage from the ferocious winds in September, including some old, huge poplars that snapped in two.

The snow we had Saturday was gone the next day and I was able to pull the last of the beets and dig the last bed of potatoes on Monday, which was fairly dry.

As wet as this month has been and despite the early snows, I'm thankful for the one clear day we had on Friday. My daughter was married in an outdoor ceremony down in Columbia County on Friday afternoon. Somehow, she managed to pick the only perfectly clear, warm day we've had recently and the weather gods smiled on her.

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