Brogdon avocado tree blotchy yellow leaves

bblack912(7)August 14, 2014

I just recently received this 2-3' Brogdon cold hardy avocado tree as a gift last month. I transplanted it in a 13" pot (since being in Memphis, TN I think it'll be too cold for it in the winter and I will have to bring it inside), not long afterwards I noticed a leave turned yellow and fell off, I figured it was because of the shock of transplanting it. Then another fell off, now I've noticed the leaves up to about half way are starting to become kind of yellow and blotchy from the edges in. I have re-transplanted it again into a larger, I believe it's a 24" pot, with Miracle Grow potting soil and added some fertilizer but the leaves are the same. Any ideas? How often should this tree be watered?

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Here is another photo. Not sure if you can see but the lower leaves are a little droopy but still holding on tight to the trunk and I've noticed new little leaves higher up on the tree.

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