Best Mango variety

rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)August 12, 2007

I am looking for a really good mango variety. I just bought some Keitt fruit and found them to be a bit sour and have an odd texture. Maybe not fully ripe (as they were more green than colored)?

Any suggestions would be helpful. I want a sweet fruit, low fiber.


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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

They probably weren't ripe as you suggest, Keitt's should be great, along with many other varieties. I've tried maybe 30 varieties, some which are excellent: Mallika, Carrie, Edwards, Cushman, Dot, Bailey's Marvel, Glenn, Valencia Pride, Nam Doc Mai, FLorigon, Kent.


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I love my Duncan. Sweet subacid with no fiber and the most beautiful evergreen foliage. Many folks agree though, the Alphonso is the worlds best mango. Haven't tasted it yet.

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

After I ripened the rest of the Keitts up (in a bag with a tomato), they did sweeten up. I agree, they are good (good enough to get a tree!).
I liked how thin the seed was- more fruit,less waste!

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boson(Delray Beach,Florida)

I must say that I got surprised when I tried Valencia Pride just a few weeks ago - it had a delicious citrus taste, that I have never tasted from any other mango variety. So now Valencia Pride is one of my top favorites. When I went to the Mango Festival at Fairchild Bot. Garden a few years ago, my favorite on their mango sampling table was Nam Doc Mai.

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

Valencia Pride is great, I'd say it has a bit of a coconut taste, similar to Julie. Its a super vigorous grower, and mine is doing such also.


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Eggo(z10soCal LBC)

i really got to get my hands on more varieties and fruits. all I can say is that the best one that we get commercially here is Keitt.

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My favorite is the Carrie. The tree is a rapid grower and a good producer, fruit with no fiber. If eaten early in the ripening stage, flavor is milder and peachy. Fully ripe the flavor is spicy and more intense that many varieties. Keep in mind that the fruit doesn't turn yellow or orange when ripe. You'll see a hint of yellow, but mostly green. I go by size and test pick to see how it ripens.

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r2e2 mango

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You are all SOOOOOOO lucky to be living in your climates!

Do you grow them in the ground or pots?

I wish I could afford to live in my house in Puerto Rico..I have a home in Toita and lot's of Mango in the back yard..


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older trees here can produce hundreds of mangos in a single crop. alot of the older trees are Haden, which get boring quick. many of them are also Kent, which are better and usually nice late season fruiters

Carrie definitely is one that is unmistakable and my favorite. full flavored when dead ripe, the only reason i do not recommend them to people who are buying there first tree is because some people do not enjoy the rich flavors. Julie also is excellent, I would probably rate it second in popular Florida cultivars. to me Julie has a slight fig flavor and a coconut finish. If your looking for peachy i would say thats more like Glenn. Edward is like a perfect blend of Manilla and Haden to me, both also excellent.

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yaslan(8 WA state)

I've only been able to taste a few varieties and they weren't even good. And, though, I know it's challenging for those of us who are 'zone pushers' I am gonna try pretty dang hard to get my mango trees to fruit!!

Also, I was only thinking of getting the Pickering and Nam Doc Mai (this spring) but after reading this thread; I might end up with half a dozen if not more! LOL

Bryan, would you say Julie is a vigorous grower? Is there another variety that has the coconut finish and compact as well?

Hi Mike! When are you getting your mango trees? And how many and what varieties? I think you'll end up with more than a few. lol


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That post which mentions "it's a vigorous grower" was referring to the Valencia Pride :-). Julie is the exact opposite - it's a very slow grower. A friend of mine has a well-cared-for Julie that's about 18 years old and it's no more than 8-10 feet tall by 15 wide.


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Hi Bo...These forums seem very amazing to me..Is it my imagination or is it true?

Does it not seem like the only ones that even acknowledge our postings are the ons that we know? I am new here, and it seems like my questions and postings go unnoticed except by my few friends..Maybe it's just me

Thanks for saying hello Bo and for asking about what I want to do..

Maybe some one will take the time to let us know what they grow theirs in and give us idea's for our zone area..

I will e-mail you later.

Take care Bo..:-)

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

great thread here as I'm looking to finish off my plantings with 2 more dwarf or semi-d and a vigorous one. I'm focusing on waiting and GETTING a Maha Chinook and a Cogshall somewhere and a "vigorous" Edwards perhaps this weekend at Mimomsa in E. Los Angeles...

MeyerMike - I'm sorry you're feeling a little ignored at this forum, but as you know the Floridians who make up a large chunk of this forum's wisdom and other East Coasters have been a bit pre-occupied with the frigid weather the past week or so, but I'm sure once they get re-settled they will be able to help you with whatever you need.....

Where did you say you lived.....Puerto Rico?...I'm confused by your comment about a having a house there that you aren't able to live in....

Anything I can help you with, though I am also a mango neophyte, I will try to.....


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marinfla(10 South Florida)

I have 10 mango trees. 2 are planted in the ground (Carrie & Keitt) The rest are in large pots (Cogshall, Po Pui Kalai, Glenn, Pickering & Lancetilla) I also have 3 seedling experiments that I germinated from seed. One has a Valencia Pride mother, another has a Kent mother, the last one has an unknown mother but the fruit it came from was superb. I can't wait for the babies to get big enough to produce fruit to see what I get :)

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hmhausman(FL 10B)


The problem is that this thread from 3 years ago was revived and you posted to this thread with a question that looked specific to the poster than re-opened this thread. He or she never responded and is not a regular poster here. Most of the others that have previously posted in this thread are no longer active in the Forum. Of course it is only natural for friends that you know from elsewhere to be much more responsive to their friend's posting. Hang in....after the thaw here in Florida....if you have questions folks will respond. Regards......Harry

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In my opinion every mango variety is good tasting. Sometimes some mango varieties get bad feedback for having not a good taste because sometimes they are planted in not suitable areas with lack of mineral nutrients. And so other times they are harvested earlier or late and may have a change in its flavors.

One good example is Tommy Atkins. People criticize it always for not so having a good taste but if TA was planted with care like adding Boron and planted in high elevated tropical areas then maybe you can taste it true taste which is alright.

Every mango variety has its unique taste. And every mango consumer has its own preference too. So plant mango that fits your image and lifestyle. If you have a small backyard
then its natural to plant a condo mango that has a good taste. Just my two cents.

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In my view, the best variety of mango is Himsagar..
it mostly grows in Bangladesh, but you will love a bite of this...

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Many varieties are grown(endemic) in India. Worldwide, Alphonso is considered the best in taste(also less fibrous). However,Most Indians like a variety called 'Langda' in western/northern India and 'Malda' in eastern India. There are many sub-strains of this variety called 'safed malda','Kalkatia malda','Lal malda','Bambaia malda' etc. 'Dussery' is another excellent variety (mainly grown in Uttar Pradesh in India. In the state of Bihar, famous varieties are 'Kishanbhog', 'Sipia','Malbhog' etc which are extremely good. All these mangoes differ in flavour, size, colour etc. Alphonso is the one to ripen perhaps the first i.e in April. Malda(almost all of them) ripen in June. A person can try these mangoes in India and then settle upon his/her favourite flavour. Personally, I like 'Safed Malda' the most and many a times foregone regular meals due to overeating this variety.

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Langra(9B Rockledge FL 32955)

Here are some images of the various cultivars of mango that are grown in Florida.

Here is a link that might be useful: Images of many cultivars of Mangoes

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I am looking for a Namdoc mango tree,where do I get it

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