mountain lions in upstate ny

alb419_ny(5)October 9, 2005

Has anyone seen a mountain lion in upstate ny?

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I believe there are, although I've never seen one. (Not surprising as I've only seen one black bear and no moose in the part of the mountains where I live, and we know there is a population of both.) Hundreds of people have claimed they have up seen mountain lions here in the Adirondacks and across the state. Someone I know claims he saw one as far south of here as Dutchess County. A State Police investigator claims to have spotted one while hunting near Keene, NY. I'm not sure though that I want the State to declare them a resident species as that will surly insure their extinction. Better they stay elusive and unrecognized.

The official position of the State and the DEC is that there are no mountain lions in NY, despite the sighting by the police invesitgaor. DEC memo

Here is a typical sighting report in a local:
newspaper article

Sightings count for little. Officially, it seems that without direct physical evidence, the policy is that there is no mountain lion population in NY. Note in the story that two people coming from different directions spotted a large cat near their village. The DEC apparently doesn't bother to respond to residents' concerns about the cats. Until the Governor runs over one with his car, I don't think the official position it will change.

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kareen(z5 NY Renss.Co.)

A few weeks ago there was an article in the Albany Times Union on sightings of mountain lion in the hilltowns. There were several sightings there and again DEC denies they have "proof" and suggested it was bobcats the article stated . Shortly after that article we had a workman at our home from the hilltowns so I asked. He states there are both bobcat and mountain lion, fox , coyote , coy dog and a DEC confirmed wolf sighting.
I am in Rensselaer County and the bear in my backyard was enough wildlife for this year thanks! Kareen

Here is a link that might be useful: Our pond and gardens

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Aurore(Zone 4/5 NY)

There used to be reports of black panthers around here. I remember someone once telling me they saw a footprint from a panther in the mud by their stream. These reports have never been taken seriously. I think the DEC said they were probably fishers. I believe there are lynx in the upper catskill regions.

Here is a link that might be useful: my webpage

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There are lynx here in WNY. I live in the "southern tier", outside Buffalo and was just talking to someone this weekend about Lynx in our area.

He actually spooked one out of his field when he was brush-hogging, and his dog took after it. He said a minute later his dog came running back with the lynx chasing him ... it took off when the dog got back to "his human".

I've heard we've had lynx in the area, and this is the second person I've talked to that's actually seen one.

Lynx, coyotes and bears are the reason I make sure my miniature donkeys are in their stalls after dark. They could probably defend themselves, but it's not worth taking the chance they don't.

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orcuttnyc(z5-6 NY)

Down my way, in lower Orange County NY, a local cop supposedly saw a lion crossing his drive. Unsubstantiated tho.
Me?...I'm still waiting to see a stegosaurus browsing on my hostas. Like the deer aren't enough.. :)
I've been hearing great horned owls hooting back and forth, at three in the morning tho. First time in years.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Last year there was a large non domesticated cat that was prowling around here in N. Tonawanda for about a month. It was more the size of a bobcat or possibly a lynx (I didn'g get close enough to check it out nose to nose. My husband saw it first and then several days later I saw it on a few occasions. Haven't seen it since.

There are articles on mountain lions in wNY


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We live in Sullivan Co., near the Neversink River Gorge DEC area. My wife saw a mountain lion crossing the road while driving her car. She said there is no doubting the long tail. Local DEC guy doesn't believe.
We do see bobcat (much smaller and no tail) we often hear coyotes, and I believe I saw a fisher last year - big, dark and low to the ground. I know I've seen otters, no doubting their prancing walk across the pond.
I'd be happy to know lions are around, I've read deer are their favorite food - take my deer, please?

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orcuttnyc(z5-6 NY)

Well, is almost hunting season. Time to put the orange vest and sleigh bells on my golden retreiver. At least he doesn't cower at the gunshot sounds like my thirteen year old baby girl who just passed this last july. I don't mind the hunting, except when they are jacking the hind quarters off the back of my property illegally.
But, maybe with the presence of hunters, maybe we'll hear of more big cat accounts.

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otsego(z4 upstate NY)

Having lived in the rural Northeast for most of my adult life I have grown used to hearing reports about all kinds of animals in our environment. Some of them seem hard to believe, like 30 years ago who would have thought that Moose would return in sufficient numbers to become traffic hazards in suburban areas of Burlington, VT and the Adirondacks?
A couple of years ago a local homeowner near Cooperstown photographed an animal he described as a Mountain Lion. Two groups of wildlife biologists examined the photograph, one said it was definitely a Mountain Lion, the other called it a bobcat or even a house cat. The issue got quite a bit of attention here in Otsego County and the picture was published in the local newspaper, here is the link to the photo:


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There's been reports here in the southern tier from three different parties that they have seen a mountain lion wandering the area. If bear can make a come back why not the mountain lion?

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

According to my dad, they never left. You could probably always find people who thought they saw large cats in the wilder areas of New York and Pennsylvania.

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I have not seen one,but the stories persist up here near the Quebec border,and the cougar has been verified as being in Quebec. A few weeks ago a sensor-triggered U.S. Border Patrol camera on the border with Canada was set off by a large cat.The pictures are still being evaluated.It looks like a cougar,but there is nothing in the pictures with which to compare its size.The cat walked around a field for about 20 minutes while the camera zoomed in and out. An agent who went to the scene and used his binoculars estimated the weight at 80 to 100 pounds.That is nobody's pet!

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I've heard the same as you Chazy. I'm just west of you out near Saranac Lake.

It's hard to believe that I can ride my bicycle into Quebec but cougars/mountain lions can't walk here. Must be a Homeland Security thing.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

THe cat in the picture you posted a link to is definitely NOT a bobcat or a house cat. At least not the kind I am used to seeing.


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Yep- not seen, but heard. I heard a bobcat, which is a totally different animal in looks, size, voice than a mountain lion. Their call goes right through you- it's a horrific scream. I heard it about 25 years ago, near 4th Lake.

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Absolutely! Three times over a 15 yr period. Once, first time, early morning hours of a summer Sunday, when it had a face off with our house cat in the field behind the house. Our cat was screeching its lungs out, which was what awoke me, as they stood facing each other until I arrived and our cat made a bee-line for me. I was within 100 ft of them. Beige, even colored coat, long tail, small head, and much larger than our large tomcat. I first thought Bobcat, but tail was long, and no other markings in the coat. That was about 1988. Twice again, most recently about 1997, but from a distance as it ran along a wood line behind the house. Location - Clarkson, NY. Others in the larger area were reporting the same sorts of sightings to the DEC, but the "party line" was that we were all just dreaming. I feel like a UFO reorter, but I know what I saw and I know it was looking at our cat as breakfast when I ran outside to chase it off.

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kareen(z5 NY Renss.Co.)

I haven't seen it yet but my husband said there was an article in this months Adirondack magazine on cats in the area. Hopefully someone is beginning to believe the sightings. Kareen

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>>You could probably always find people who thought they saw large cats in the wilder areas of New York and Pennsylvania.>>>>

I live in Elmira 9 miles from the PA border. Rural area
all around us. Much wilder just below us in the PA counties
of Tioga and Potter.

There have been many rumored sightings in these PA counties for the last ten years or so , of mountain lions.
YES they have a lot of bobcats . But the rumors PERSIST
,despite the state of Penna. denying it, that there are mountain lions in these northernmost counties of Penna.
In particular , around the Coudersport, Pa area. That would
be western Potter County . Their local paper has reported
sightings from local, dependable witnesses, many times in the last few years. Even a blurry photo in the snow which I saw that newspaper last year.
The state wants they keep denying what people say they see.
There have even been sightings of a BLACK mountain lion...though most of the rest of the reports are your
typical golden colored one.

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tedwerd(z6 ny)

I live outside rochester where there used to be lots of apparent sightings. my neighbor down the road who is a close family friend actually said he was eating dinner and watching a rabbit outside when a big black cougar jumped on it and ran back into the woods. I dont know why it was black but my parents and I have both seen strange animals quickly that couldnt be ID'd as anything in particular. my father sent me this email awhile back with pics from a cougar supposedly in hornell, NY. south of here. theyre of a mountain lion outside on a porch looking in someones glass door. kinda scary. if i can figure out how to post them i will heres the text that came with the email,

This is NO joke. I personally know the person who took these photos. Edna Kriner Kirby was at the hunting camp in Hornell NY the weekend of Jan 24, the weekend we had the big snowstorm. She has cats and noticed something had been cleaning out all the food on the deck and in the storage shed.Very Big Cat That sunday a rep from the DEC confirmed it was a Cougar. He said there is at least10 cougars living between Hornell, Corning NY to Wellsboro PA. Each animal can roam a 100sq mile area and usually stay clear of human activity,but in the winter easy food will attract them. He noted this is VERY rare to have one at your door and stay there for 3 photos. This animal may be a problem one , he said. He also estimated the animal is over 100lbs.Also the local radio and tv news didn't seem to care much about this story or the photos. I guess they don't want to cause a scare in that area.Watch your back if you have a camp or cottage in that area.

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OKAY...thank you for that story about Hornell NY ..the mountain lion sighting.
Hornell happens to be in the New York county...Allegany...
that is just above the Coudersport PA area. ( see my post )

Then you mention Wellsboro, Pa...and that is Tioga County PA.

Those counties in Pa....Potter County and Tioga County
as I said, are mountainous and heavily forested with a good deer population. LOW human population as well.
Perfect habitat for cougars.

Thanks again for your reply. I bet the hunters who have
hunting cabins in that area could tell us a story or two as well !!

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I hope I'm not too late to reply to this subject, but I saw a mountain lion last year! It was October 18, 2005, when I was driving to Saranac lake with a friend. We were driving along and all of a sudden, from the ledges on the side of the road came a huge mountain lion! It was as long as one lane of the road from the tip of tail to tip of nose! The cat wasn't running, but had that typical cat-like low slung fast gate. We couldn't believe what we were seeing, and as quickly as he/she appeared... it was gone! I never thought about getting out to check for tracks to prove the sighting for DEC, and could kick myself even today for not thinking about it. Trust me... they ARE here in the Adirondacks!

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I live in Albany county, Monday July 17 my boyfriend & I were on our patio around 7pm, he noticed something in the field across the street, at first he thougth it was a fox but I noticed it was to big, then the animal started jumping & stomping on something, it had a long tail & actually acted like a cat hunting a mouse I ran upstairs got my camera & actually took photos but as most big foot photos they are not that good, I KNOW WHAT WE SAW...a mountain lion, in fact when we built our house 6 years ago a mountain lion walked right across my driveway in the early evening, I was the only one home at the time and of course I didn't have a camera!!! Also at night we hear strange sounds that make the hair on our backs stand up!!!

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Being in the wildlife business for years I hear about a lot of interesting animal sightings. What interests me is that the cougar sightings only happen in the summer months, and that in this day and age with cell phones having cameras on them and digital cameras abounding in pockets everywhere, that no one can get pictures of any cougars. What happens to the cougars in the winter when there would be verifiable tracks? Do cougars hibernate or fly south? I would love for someone to be able to convince me that there is a real cougar around, but as yet, no one has been able to convince me with verifiable tracks or a sighting and photo with local landmarks. Or, better yet, call me when the animal is strolling through their back yard - make me a believer, please! I hear about sightings in the area near where I live (near Sardinia, NY), and would love folks to contact me. I have connections and would love to be able to have concrete proof there is a cougar in my area. So far though, all I have been able to verify are cougars that turn out to be deer, Bobcats, housecats and coyotes.

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No matter what DEC tries to tell us, we know they are present here in the northern Catskills. I saw one in a friends back field one evening - no mistaking it for anything else.... and the same friend later took a video

The DEC guys says - Yup, sure looks like a mountain lion, but we don't have them here.... LOL


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several of us have seen a big black cat......several sightings of it in the last few years.

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When a mountain lion attacks with its front paw can it leave five separate scratch marks from a single blow? Does the dewclaw leave a mark as well as the other four claws? Any info appreciated.

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I live in NY State Saratoga County I have been hunting in the Adirondack Mountains for over 35 years Yes! Mountain Lions do live, hunt & breed in the Adirondacks! I have seen only one, but if there is one, there must be more!
Three years ago (November, 2003) I was hunting alone as I do most of the time North of Saranac Lake (I hunt deep in the forest I spend 3-5 days camping and hunting taking small game for my dinner, but always looking for that trophy buck to take home I hunt with a pistol A S&W model 629 44 mag with an 8 ½ inch barrel I have a nice scope for it but never found the need to use it I have had many an opportunity to kill a bear and other critters but never cared to do so as I just wanted to find that trophy buck Now and then I would drop a coyote or 2 because they will just run down deer and killÂem for the hell of it Normally my hunting trip would end with the taking of a 6 to 10 pointer no trophy as to dateÂ) Anyway, I was sitting on the west side of a small ravine with a light wind to my face about 20 feet below me was a deer run at the bottom of the ravine that I had my eye on I saw a small, spike horn buck walking the run with 2 small doe in front of him I was very still to keep them from hearing, seeing or smelling me I was waiting to see if a larger buck would be behind them The other side of the ravine was mostly rock with rock ledges and some trees Something caught my eye on that rocky side of the ravine It was a Mountain Lion! He (or she) was stalking the deer below The lion never noticed me but I had a perfect shot at it if I chose to take it I just watched as they all moved out of sight I sat for what seemed an hour more then went back to my camp The next day, I shot a 6 pointer, packed up and left I stopped at the Stewarts shop in Saranac Lake for a coffee & some gas for my Jeep and an En-Con officer walked over to look at my kill and asked to see my hunting license & pistol permit I proceeded to tell him of the Mountain Lion and with a stupid grin, he asked me if Big-Foot was with the cat I asked him if heÂs a hunter he said he has better things to do then sit all day in the woods I said, Well looks like IÂm just wasting my breath on you bud cuz you ainÂt gonna believe me anyway.
About a year latter, sitting in a doctors waiting room, I was flipping through some magazines and on the cover of Adirondack Magazine was a photo of a mountain lion with a statement something like Mountain lions in the AdirondacksÂ
I rest my caseÂ

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You weave a very entertaining tale, details to enhance it and all. LOL!! Has anyone see mountain lion tracks this winter, or have they all flown South for the Winter?

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I was driving home yesterday (1-6-06) from Clinton, NY on the Taconic going south towards Legrange when I looked in my rear view mirror and seen something run behind my truck and it was black, had long tail that looked like it could touch the ground and it leaped over the guardrail and ran across the other side of the parkway in front of oncoming traffic and ran up to the hills I could not believe it! so could it be a black panther or a jaguar? Do we really have them in Dutchess? I don't know all I know it must have spotted a deer to run so fast and knew exactly where he was going.

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I was sitting in my kitchen with my son & we both saw a cougar walking up the slope behind our house. It was around 5 PM in August 2001. We were no more than 15 feet from it & as it slowly walked towards the woods it turned and looked directly into the window at us. It was not a bobcat, not a coyote but a well muscled cougar. I have not seen it since, but my neighbor claims to have seen one last summer [2006] in the early morning crossing the road nearby and it was carrying a cat in it's mouth. This is in Vega Mountain, Delaware County.

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oh geez.... another exotic pet escaped... read this one. Ironic how the agencies have the same response no matter what state it is in.

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99.9% sure I saw a mountain lion while hunting near Marathon NY on Sun. It was 40-50 pounds, catlike round face, round tail that swept up at the end, very smooth fur, and very muscular. I could see the rear quarter muscles from 100 yards away. My only question was it was the color of a yellow lab. Not the color I thought a mountain lion to be. When I first saw it sneaking along a field edge thats what I thought it was, a lab. When it got closer I realized it was not a dog. I checked for tracks but couldn't find anything other than deer tracks.

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Cougars are twice that size orthoboy2. Sounds like you saw an Eastern coyote with sarcoptic mange. A very common mistake that people make. The coyotes have a swollen face that can appear cat-like, a largely bare tail and body. Muscles easily seen because of the lack of thick body hair. Lack of fur also making the animal look yellow. They will often travel along edges of fields because that is where the easiest, smallest prey is. Sarcoptic mange is an awful way to go. Too bad you weren't close enough to shoot it and end its misery, as there is no natural cure for mange and that animal was doomed.

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Thanks Johnmer, Checked the specs on cougars and they do run much larger than what I saw. Make sense too as the color was really odd...almost a light beige and it did look like skin more than fur now that i've got a different perspective. I have a number of pictures of coyotes on my trail camera (look healthy). I hope this sarcoptic mange isn't too contagious. Thanks.

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Unfortunately Sarcoptic mange is very catchy to Red foxes and Eastern coyotes alike. The mange mite remains in the soil and in dens and is easily picked up. I can't remember if you said this was your property or not, but you can spread bait treated with injectible Cattle Ivermectin throughout to help knock it out of the population. Not an easy task, but do-able. I learned this from a Coyote and Fox expert in Upstate New York. Many people I know have tried it and it works. I heard that a lot of the fox hunt horseman will do this to keep the fox populations healthy, and so their dogs won't pick it up because mange is very nasty to get in a kennel.

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Johnmer, Thanks again for the info. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the spread of this sarcoptic mange. Unfortunately in this case my 65 acre property borders 3000 acres of N.Y. State land. A little tough to treat. Thanks again.

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Someone said:
Until the Governor runs over one with his car, I don't think the official position it will change.

If the governor runs over one with his car he'll offer them all driver licenses!

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It's quite annoying how many people refuse to believe there are cougars in NY. My father and I were outside looking at something near rt. 30 and about 50 yards away we saw a huge cat come off our mountain and walk towards the river across the road. It was not a bobcat because it was about 5x larger than any bobcat I've seen and it had a very long tail. Also, a neighbor across the river has huge cat tracks in plaster, much larger than any bobcat. Of course the DEC would not openly tell the public there is a mountain lion population in NY. That would cause a little hysteria in the puplic.

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Keep this in mind. Cougars were NOT plentiful in NY ever. But the last one was killed several times in the late 1800's.Was the last one really the last one.While we desacrated the Adirondacks then could we of killed all cougars.This is 6 million acres of high peeks,huge marshes and lots of forest in between.Was it possible for man on foot or horse to conquer all this wilderness.The Ivory Billed woodpecker was thought gone.Moose in NY gone.American Elm gone[pockets of this once majestic and belove tree have been found in GA. and Vermont>. Wildlife all over once thought gone has appeared.also remember: what happens at DEC stays at DEC. Are they behind the remergence of the cougar.

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I had a horse injured on the night before thanksgiving. he had 2 slices running down his back side all down his leg near his hamstring. The slices were about 3/4 inch apart. there was nothing sharp in the pasture. 2 weeks before that he had 3 puncture wounds on his neck. Would a Bobcat attack a horse? I know we have bobcats around here. I am Averill Park area.

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Geralyna. My guess would be no a bobcat wouldn't attack a horse. They are small and feed on small animals such as snowshoe hare,rabbits,mice,ect.I could see one trying to take a old or week deer, but a healthy horse.

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One of our horses severed his femoral artery in a pasture that was supposedly sharp-object free. Horses can mangle themselves in a padded room. I hope your horse is up to date on his rabies vaccination. It could be a rabid feral domestic cat, raccoon or Gray fox, a raccoon or Gray fox with distemper is also an aggressive animal and will attack things for no obvious reason. Of course Distemper is not a concern for your horse, but that could explain bites. A good rule of thumb- bring your horses in at night.

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i have seen a mountain lion in chazy NY, ,last deer season. my father also witnessed the lion. it crossed the old train tracks at on minners ins. state land. It pounched about thirty feet up a ridge it had a great long tail and was in full view. i now there are mountain lions in upstate NY. Just yeasterday my father came across a dead deer that was torn aprt by amountain lion on the same piece of property. He didnt see it but the tracks matc he the same mountain lion tracks i have on my digital camera. keep your eyes pealed because there out there.

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Josh,I sometimes walk over at Lake Alice. I sure hope I don't come across a mountain lion. Muskrats are o.k.


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Nancy carry a gun wihen you go hiking, you wont have to worry about anything. j/k. If moutaint lions dont exist in NY, why do i know several people that have seen them in Deleware County? Why do i know people that breed hound dogs soley for the purpose of big cat hunting? I guess the DEC would say the hound dogs are escaped exotic pets as well?

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"Why do i know people that breed hound dogs soley for the purpose of big cat hunting? I guess the DEC would say the hound dogs are escaped exotic pets as well?"
What????? You really aren't making much sense, other than admitting that you have some pretty strange friends. I am sure they aren't breeding dogs to chase big cats - more like raccoons or coyotes I am sure. There is an excellent article in The Conservationist this month on cougars. check it out.

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Hi there. Been reading the postings! Wow! I believe everyone here, but am not happy about this! Mountain lions are ferocious, and have and willl attack humans! They are having a big problem with them out in Colorado. I had heard that they put them in NYS here about 4 years ago, don't understand why the DEC denies this. Watch your back! I live in Southern Ulster County, and I had a Bobcat in my backyard with a big turkey in his mouth, and that was scary, can't imagine coming across a Mountain Lion, as I walk my dog everyday about 2 miles, and we live where there is a lot of rock outcrops and wetlands and mountains. Yuk!

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I saw very large black cat today, just outside of Woodstock in the Catskills. It had a very long tail which was a little bent, was about 3 times the size of a house cat and much more muscular, and had ears that sort of folded down. I looked up some pictures and the only thing that matched it is a black panther.

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Well, First off I'd like to say I was born and raised, and lived many yrs in upstate,NY, and Had onoccasions to hear, as well as see with my own eyes.......BIG CATS with LONG TAILS that dragged onto the ground!!! Having said that I would like to say if you know what you have seen then don't let someone tell you you did not see what you saw! I've seen the BIG BLACK CATs; if they are mt lions, lepard, opr jag I can not say other than that some were all dark BLACK, some have been tawny or darker brownish red shading towards upper part of body! When I was younger I saw a big black one men and dogs had treed over around Caton way! My brother and I also saw a black one in a field the other side of the river towards south corning way. That one had a rabbit in its mouth and dropped it and ran when it saw us! When I was in my teens I saw one just down the rd from my house. It was getting a drink from the pond there and ran off when it saw me! Around that time my sister was sitting in a car in front of our house with her date that night and she said they both saw a very big light brown cat with a long tail walk right down the st past the side of the car, it then went off into the field! In the 1970's my husband and I build our home up on one of the hills that overlook Elmira, NY It is nestled in the Chemung Valley below! On 2 diff occasions I was inside the house and heard a God offel scream coming from close by outside! It sounded just like a woman being murdered and screaming for all she was worth!!! The other time it again close by sounded like a baby crying so much so that I walked out to the rd and looked to see if some one had left a baby in the snow bank in front of the house! I asked my dad about it and he said there was a panther aka-cougar up there!! A couple yrs later my daughter was riding her 10 speed down the rd to home and she was pretty shook up when she came into the house saying that there was a big black cat with a long tail down the rd by the creek that had just sat there and watched her as she passed by it! She said she had looked back over her shoulder and it had been walking off into the tall grass there!!! Then another time my niece had been to visit me and getting ready to leave we were standing out in my driveway talking and movement cought our eyes across the rd up in back of neighbors house! There were not ONE, but mind you; THREE BIG CATS running out from under the old barn that sat off up behind that house! (2) all black big cats with long tails, and a tannish red color one with a long tail! They ran real fast like they were either chasing each other, or chasing something there! They then ran up and around in back of that barn and into the woods! My niece looked at me and asked what the @# was that? She asked me what I had just seen...I tild her I had just seen 3 very big cats with very long tails running out and on up behind that barn, and that 2 of them were all black and one was light brownish color! She said that was exactly what she had seen! She wanted to go up there right away and see if they left tracks! We did walk up there albeit myself with some apprehension due to their size and being there had been three of them!!! There were tracks there in the mud, and they measured 5"W across the pad prints. To me that spells BIG CAT!!!!! Don't ask me what they were doing together like that cuz I haven't a clue unless it would of been momma with 2 about grown cubs out on a hunt together? I told people about it and yes not believed!!! I was asked what I'd been drinking by one guy! Ha! He later on a few months stopped by for coffee one day and told me he had seen one of the big black cats while he'd been hunting up in back of our woods! He said he saw it lopping along at edge of the woods in a snow drift, and it went on into the woods up there! The neighbors across the rd where Id seen the 3 cats were gone away on vacation when I saw the cats so a few days after they returned I mentioned to them to be careful and keep an eye on their 2 boys outside as Id seen 3 big cats in back their place, but she said that wasn't possible cuz when they had moved there she had asked the conservation people and they told her nothing like that existed around ny!!! I told her I knew what I saw and only told her becuz of her kids liked to hide at times on her in the weeds around there! Low and behold not long after that one day we heard her screaming out in her garden and went out to see what was up. She was yelling for my husband to get his gun and hurry! Off up on a little mound area between garden and the old barn was the light brownish one digging up something! Her husband came out and took a shot at it to scare it I guess which it did run off up into the woods. She later said she was sorry she had questioned me as to what I had saw! Untill people see with their own eyes they don't believe, but they would believe a game preserve person who told them they did not see what they knew they had seen!!! I also on another occasion about 3:00a.m. heard one of the big cats in what sounded like it was treed by some hunting dogs down in back in our woods! I'd heard the cat what sounded like a real angry cat and then the sound of a dog yipping as though the cat had just connected a good swipe with it! I finally closed the window and went back to bed, I have no idea how that all played out though since I didn't know who's dogs it had been to ask about injuries possibly received? My brother-in-law also saw the light brown one late one winter night as he was leaving our house heading back to the city! He called us when he got home and asked us what the #@&% we had living up there, and said he'd seen this large animal along the rd just a little ways from our place by the woods, and that he'd slowed down almost to a stop when he got up to it so he could get a good look at it and he said it was a real big cat with a long tail and that it had looked at him and made a snarling noise and showed its teeth a him. He said he just stepped on the gas and took off! The next morning my husband and I went up there by the rd where he said he had seen it and sure enough there was the tracks there in the snow going down into the woods and you could even see the tail drag marks it left in the snow ! The tracks were fresh from that night prior and I measured them and they were 5" across the pad prints!!! Again BIG KITTY CAT FOLKS!!!! Believe me when I say this.....that was several diff cats thru the yrs just heard or seen by me, and others I personally know that have no reason to tell tall tales at all! They are people that are familure with animals and know what they did see! If you want to doubt, and speculate if they are in NYS you will then but they (the big cats) have been in NYS for several yrs and yes, mating, and producing, but just because they don't get rd kills or lots of sightings don't mean they are not there! On another note I'd just like to add that yes the wolves are also around NYS for real!!! Not coyotes......wolves! My oldest son told me he was walking back thru the woods in back of the house there when he was chased up a tree by a pack of wolves! In the scramble to get up the tree he said he dropped his bow, and of all days forgot to bring his cell phone! He said he was up the tree for awhile till they finally left, and he made it back to the house before dark! He said they were too big to be coyotes and looked more like wolves! All I know is they are for real and they are out there and they can be dangerous, so people really, really need to be careful! I want to just say that not only do the wolves watch their potential pray for a few days prior to attack but so does the big cats! Don't take the same walk, or path 2 days in a row! HOW ABOUT THOSE HIKING TRAILS

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I live in Cicero now, but I have family in Elmira/North Chemung(Chemung County). My uncle had told me when I came down for opening weekend of Archery Season that he had seen a big yellow cat walking a small ridge line behind his house, and that I should be aware and take caution out in the woods while hunting. I did not see any cats or during the weekend, however this morning(OCT-20-2008) just before daylight, and just before walking into the woods, I had heard a high pitched "RARR" if you will, enough to stop me dead in my tracks, and send a shiver down my back. I had looked ahead, and I seen something in the brush, I didnt get a good look at it, all I saw was a bright color (in the dawn of the morning) Enough of a color difference to know it wasnt a deer or a bear. Needless to say I beat feet back to my truck as fast as my legs would carry me. Even with out a 100% verification on sight, I think I may have ran into a cat or something in the hills just outside Elmira. Everyone needs to start taking caution. I had never, ever before seen any signs of predators in this area my entire life, and last year I had come across bear tracks, with a witness, and today this.

Mat R

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I would be o.k. with cougars in the Adirondack region but while visiting my brother we saw one dash across a street in front of our car and I couldn't believe what I thought I saw, most particularly because we were only 30 miles east of Buffalo in Alden, Erie County. It is farmland but so near 'civilization.' The circumference of the tail looked like what is used at airports and theaters to separate the lines. I was terrified to think it was real.

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daylilyfanatic4(Zone 6 SE NY)

I would say it's very likely there are mountain lions in NY considering that there was a confirmed sighting in patterson NJ ( they sent the cops to try nd catch it) Mountain lions can travel more than 1000 miles so a mountain lion in northern NJ is just as good as a mountain lion in NY. However lets not get crazy around here Black panthers (which is a generalterm to refer to both Jaguars and leporads are both tropical rainforest species there are NO Black Panthers in Ny. Now way a mountain lion that looked black from a distance couldof been mistaken but there are no jungal species wondering about upstate NY.

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bernd ny zone5

I have never seen a mountain lion in NY state, to answer the question of the original poster. But I heard from a colleague that south of the Adirondacks one was recently roadkill, and DEC removed it.
To summarize, this thread of postings and others seem to indicate that perhaps all of the sitings are of former pets which escaped or were let lose (panthers, mountain lions, etc.). There does not seem to be a breeding population of original mountain lions in NY state.
But I notice that people I hiked with seem to be concerned that they might encounter a big animal. Who cares then if a large cat was grown in NY State or an escaped pet.

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My husband and I were snowmobiling North by Lee Center,Ava, West Lyden area tonight. We coming through a old excavating site and about 20 feet infront of my husband leaped a mountian lion it stopped for a minute and looked at him then leaped off it jumped really far in between strides I seen the body and long tail it SCARED me to death. My husband was a white as a ghost he jumped off his snowmobile and I not me I went fast and kept going. Last year in that same general area we seen a dead wolf it looked to be another snowmobiler had hit it. I would of NOT believe anybody telling me this story unless I had seen it for my own eyes. I still am very unsettled about the whole thing. I told my husband I was scared to go that way anymore. We cover alot of territory up North as far as Lowville but this was a FIRST!!

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I was driving through NY from Missouri to Massachusetts and I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN I saw a cougar in the large woodsy median that separates I-90E about 30-40 miles east of the border of Pennsylvania and NY.

I was on the (hands free) phone with my boyfriend and thought from a distance it was a deer. When I drove closer, I noticed round muscular tan hips, PAWS, a LONG TAIL and a strong large muscular frame. The COUGAR was eating something (road kill I imagine) in the median. It was huge and it scared me--unlike anything I've seen outside of a zoo.

I asked him to look up mountain lions or cougars online and confirm the characteristics I had fresh in my mind. He said it was a cougar. When I looked it up online, it confirmed what I thought I saw.

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I am very interested in the Patterson, NJ siting - but was unable to find anything about it on my web search. Can you help????

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Today may be the day of reckoning for all of us who have seen mountain lions in upstate NY. This morning on national fox news the are introducing a story of black mountain lions in upstate NY.

I have spent my summers in Greene County NY from birth to my teens and became a full time resident in 1994. My husband and I saw the first mountain lion in 1995. It was in a field where my husband hunted. My second sighting was very recent at 2:30 in the afternoon. My mom and I were driving on Route 23 just outside of Windham NY. It crossed route 23 onto a very open field. We were able to watch for a about 1-2 minutes. It was a Saturday during ski season so many of the city people in there cars were in awe at what they had just seen. This cat stopped traffic. I was so excited I immediatly called my husband to confirm that yes they do exsist in the Catskills. AH HUH! I think The DEC is telling a few white lies.

My husband and I reside in Round Top NY. Our ten acres borders state land that leads to North lake and Hunter. We see and hear coyote day and night. We have even heard either mountain lions or bob cats on occasion. We are now even seeing quite a few Fishers. I believe the DEC is hoping the the food chain just naturally works itself out and that the cats and things like fishers stay as elusive to the public as they have in the past. I feel lucky to have seen such things

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My friends and I rented a house/farm about 20 min south of Roscoe late last summer. One night while driving back to the house we turned a corner and a mtn lion burst out from the left side of the road, crossed in front of the car and bound up the bank on the right and into the woods. It couldn't have been anything else. It was tan/golden, long tail, lanky body, HUGE, etc. It looked just like that photo someone linked to earlier.

I fish a lot in the Neversink Gorge and wonder if I should be concerned. I ran into a guy two weeks ago who was fishing but was also armed (small handgun on his side) and that got me thinking.... Thoughts?

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I live in Clarence NY and have seen a few of these mountain lions, lynx or bobcat. Well, I am not very experienced in these matters, but the more I research this, the more I believe what I saw is a mountain lion. It was a large cat (40-60 lbs I would guess, long tail reachig the ground and then curling upward. On one occasion the one I saw was stark black, the other occasion it appeard to be a reddish brown, or just plain darker brown. I have photographs of its footprint on my deck. I had found that it knocked the grease trap off of my grill on the porch, ate the grease, stepped in it and left a perfect footprint on the deck stairs. Another strange occurence we have found on our property is large piles of feces high up in a very large willow tree in our yard. There were several different piles, all in the same tree, all in an area where a large branch will join with the trunk. The feces contained a large amount of hair like it had been eating quite a few rabbits. We generally see this animal a couple times a year, but it has been becoming more frequently as of yet. Probably due to our curiousity. Anyone that can offer any type of information on this topic and my encounters would be much appreciated. I am in the process of trying to get a photo of this animal on a trail cam, and if I do I will be sure to post it here. Either that or a good photo with the digital camera if luck allows. I can be reached at Thanks, Jeff.

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I live in Clarence NY and have seen a few of these mountain lions, lynx or bobcat. Well, I am not very experienced in these matters, but the more I research this, the more I believe what I saw is a mountain lion. It was a large cat (40-60 lbs I would guess, long tail reachig the ground and then curling upward. On one occasion the one I saw was stark black, the other occasion it appeard to be a reddish brown, or just plain darker brown. I have photographs of its footprint on my deck. I had found that it knocked the grease trap off of my grill on the porch, ate the grease, stepped in it and left a perfect footprint on the deck stairs. Another strange occurence we have found on our property is large piles of feces high up in a very large willow tree in our yard. There were several different piles, all in the same tree, all in an area where a large branch will join with the trunk. The feces contained a large amount of hair like it had been eating quite a few rabbits. We generally see this animal a couple times a year, but it has been becoming more frequently as of yet. Probably due to our curiousity. Anyone that can offer any type of information on this topic and my encounters would be much appreciated. I am in the process of trying to get a photo of this animal on a trail cam, and if I do I will be sure to post it here. Either that or a good photo with the digital camera if luck allows. I can be reached at Thanks, Jeff.

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Mtn. Lions are most def in parts of NY...and they no doubt roam through all of it into other States. the DEC knows this very well, though they aren't quick to admit it.

no need to be worried about Mtn Lions attacking humans. they have a TON of prey food to eat. this state is riddled with White Tail Deer. they will, and do, prefer those over us.

the "Black" cats ppl are seeing are either Black Panthers from someone letting them go (or they escaped from captivity), or they are Melanistic Mtn. Lions (i think that is the word...or is it Amelanistic??)

saw that story on the History Channel's "Monster Quest" last night...very interesting!!!!!!!!

tx --- art.

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Look folks, it's real simple. In parts of the country where cougars REALLY DO live, such as Calfornia, there is solid proof found all the time. Lions killed by cars, old lions that died of old age (they all die sometime, and leave bodies), dens full of cubs, lion skeletons or bones, lion skins, dead animals killed by lions (they kill in identifiable ways) hunters who illegally shoot them and lots of wildlife camera get their pic, or security camera. There are even lion attacks on people, and LOTS AND LOTS of real, believable photographs. in New York, nothing like this is ever found. Why? Because they aren't here. I saw Elvis last week walking with the Loch Ness Monster. People who have sightings should get their eyes examines, I'm an eye doctor and lots of people come in my office with 20/400 vision and think they see just fine. These people would see a deer and think it's a lion. Get over it, there would be proof if they were here. No proof means they aren't here, but there sure are a lot of dumb who think they see them. I live in the Adirondacks. I don't understand why so many people claim they see things that aren't there just because somebody else saw it. It's like a human trait. How many people saw Champ in Lake Champlain but after 300 years of millions of people fishing nobody ever caught one? What the hell is wrong with people?????? -Morgan Wright

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We spotted a mountain lion in Hamlin, NY, right off Rt. 19 where the town just put in a new trail system.

We had a similar experience to others posted here. Two of saw the cat as were hiking today.

At first, when I spotted the cat as it ran across the main path, but I thought it was a VERY big fox, because of the red color. Not really thinking cougars here.

After we got deeper into the woods, on a side trail, we came across it dead on about 100 feet ahead, but thinking at first it was a deer -- until I saw the cat's head, and thought geez, that looks like tiger. Then, I realized OMG -- that is, it's a mountain lion!

We both saw it at the same time, and I never turned, tucked tail, and ran so fast! We hauled out of there scared skinny that cat saw us.

We made a narrow escape, when I saw that head my animal instinct kicked in, I knew we were in big danger.
I felt like we were back on the steppes of Africa suddenly exposed, like in a dream, where you are suddenly confronted with an attacker.

So there you have it, sighting of cougar along Lake Ontario, western NY, about 30 miles northwest of Rochester. Anyone else care to verify?

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I just spoke to a woman today who claims she seen one in Sullivan County last year. I was pretty shocked to overhear her conversation. I questioned her about it and she told me the story. She said she was positive it was a mountain lion. It was no bob cat. She said it was huge and she didn't know why she wasn't attacked. It was only about three or four feet infront of her. It just left.

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Mountain lions \ cougars are not black panthers. There are no black cougars and never were. Black panthers are Leopards. Leopards are south\ central America. Few Black panthers exist in the wild anywhere. They have been produced through genetics in zoos in limited numbers. I believe there are cougars in NY but find it hard to believe after 10s of thousands of years we all the sudden have black ones

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bernd ny zone5

That would be black panthers escaped from illegal private zoos possibly, such as the one cougar killed years ago in the Adirondacks was genetically found not be a wild one. Black panthers are also being seen in Great Britain, probably also escaped.

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Hunting season 2010 I persoonally ecountered a mountain lion or cougar in Camden N.Y.Thought i had seen this cat in the 2009 season but wasnt 100pct. sure.But within 20 yards 2010 season i was absolutly sure this was a mountain lion or cougar.

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We are new residents in the Catskills, living on the southern foothills of Mombaccus and High Point - Tabasco, NY to be exact. We've been here not even 5 months and marvel at the bountiful wildlife. Some sightings are unbelievable.

Late last fall we were both shocked to see a large light brown feline of massive proportion walk past our house (within 20 yards in our backyard). There was no question this thing was not a regular house cat and far from domesticated. We did not have time to grab a camera.

Today, March 2nd, 2011 just before dusk we just sighted a large jet black feline, again massive (within 25 yards, same location as last). About 6 feet in length without the tail, which was enormous on its own and very bulky at the end. Again, no time for a camera.

Both cats had the same qualities: sleek movers, slick coats, concave arch in their back, huge shoulder blades sticking up, long tail barely grazing the ground.

Both cats presented us a profile view and walked away diagonally. We never see faces. Both sightings lasted about 20 seconds.

I'll be going out tomorrow morning to try and find tracks in the frozen snow.

If you live in this area, you have likely seen Black Bear, Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, Bald Eagle, Pileated Woodpecker, etc - I know I have. If you have sighted a large feline in our area, please chime in!

For reference, last 30 seconds of this video depict what we just saw 2 hours ago.

Whether here naturally or escaped from a zoo, I cannot speculate. But this does substantiate previous claims of sightings, at least in my humble opinion.


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There are mountain lions, lynx, bobcat, wolf, coyote, coy dogs, black bear, moose, red and gray fox plus many other animals in the area that are seen regularly.

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I lived in Southern California for 12 years. I was amazed to see the lack of concern for mountain lions that roamed in the hills. It finally changed when people started getting attacked on the regular.

Much like the earth quakes there, there was a time that it just was not really talked about in an informative manner.

As cats of any size are extremely elusive. My daughter and I were burying my cat, which died after 20 years, In Fryeman Park above Studio City, Ca.
As we stood up to leave, I got a very heavy stench in the air(like fifty dirty, cat litter boxes together, or a visit to the zoo). The hair stood up on the back of my neck! I knew it had to be a mountain lion. We looked above and around never seeing it. But the stench followed us to the entrance of the park. Two days later there was a sighting of a mountain lion watching the children in a school yard, below from the same section.
I believe the sightings! Upstate is a perfect environment for such an animal to thrive. I admire you fellow New Yorkers up there and how you live. Wish I had the B****!

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Last year at this time in May 2010 my neighbor spotted a large cat that looked like a mountain lion in his front yard, at around 3am. This past Saturday nite around 4am there was a bone chilling screem (not a roar) and woke both my husband and I.
We turned on the outside lights to see if we could see anything, but everything was quiet. We were going to call 911 but the screems seemed to be getting further away. My neighbor thinks, that whatever it is, it takes this route for migration. By the way, four of our neighbors heared this bone chilling screem, so we are not imagining it!!!
We live in Sodus NY between Rochester and Syracuse.

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In the late 60's a friend's pony was found dead in the blood stained snow on West Hill in Camillus, NY. Local police, Sheriff and State Police were on scene.
There were large cat's paw prints in the snow and on a vehicle. Photos were taken by authorities of the scene and the prints.

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I was working in Bradford county PA close to the NY state border cutting lines (paths). One afternoon in between a couple of large fields i followed two sets of prints (both were quite recent and very clearly mountain lion) along a somewhat muddy two track for at least 30 feet. One set of what appeared to be baby prints right along side a huge set that joined in, they were next to some deer and coyote prints and the adult cat tracks were a good bit larger than either. I cant imagine escaped pets managed to find each other and breed, i am convinced they have always been here in hiding. After all we are the reason that they were "driven" out of the area in the first place, why wouldn't they be hiding from us?

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It was the summer of 1969. Nothing I have ever heard before or since compared to the screaming I heard in the middle of the night. In the middle of nowhere - town of Ohio. I was sure someone was being killed. I was 16 yo. I am amazed at how NY says there are no mountain lions and passes it off as a lynx - what about that tail or a fisher - come on. And now, a mountain lion was killed in Connecticut in a road accident. I think that's proof enough.

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In response to gruvfunk, I think you saw what is known as a Fisher. They can have dark fur, almost black and are a very large type of animal from the weasel family.

I have read this forum numerous times because I thought I saw a mountain lion in Rockland County NY, at the very Southern most part of Harriman state park, off on the other side of the fence from interstate 87. I no longer believe that I did see a mountain lion. Living in Westchester just 8 miles from the I have seen numerous foxes and coyotes.

Last year (2010) on route 17 driving south I almost hit a black bear crossing the highway near Hancock, NY.

Anyways what finally brought me to post was the fact that there recently was a Mountain Lion in NY. As many of the other who have posted against Mt. Lions being here many of the reasons you gave of why mountain lions are not in the state were true. First off there was multiple sightings of this animal in the same area on the same day. It became a huge news story down here. Wildlife experts were able to find tracks and scat from this lion. Lastly, very sadly as many have said would happen, this mountain lion was killed by a car. If you check out this link,0,2357918.story

or just google mountain lion, greenwich ct you can find multiple stories. They believe this lion was released or escaped from its owner/handler. I would not be surprised if a rich person in CT owned a mountain lion illegally.

Hope this helps!

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Recently , a mountain lion was killed by a car in Connecticut.
Do you ever think the Connecticut DEP will release any info
regarding whether or not it was de-clawed or the contents of it's stomach to see what it was feeding on ?

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I found this site while researching for what I saw on the hill where I have land in Richford NY in Tioga Co. I was driving down a seasonal road when I saw two black cats about 12-14" at the shoulder, short hair, and long tail that dropped down and turned back up. It appeared as if they were playing. As I rode toward them they walked slowly into the tall grass off the road. I got off my 4wheeler and walked in after them. I caught a few glimpses as they cheeped through the underbrush and watched them till they disappeared, about 10 seconds. I walked back to the road, maybe 15' I got back on my 4wheeler and another one about 200' down the road came out of the brush and ran down the road 100' more. I looked for that one but no luck. My first thought was that I saw three black feral cats. But the long drooped tail and arched back said that they must have been juvenile mountain lions. I told my friend who spends most of the hunting season in the woods the story and he said for sure they were mountain lions, and that the mother was most likely near by or in a tree above. So after reading all the above posts I see no need to call the DEC to report the incident.

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I just want to say that I SAW a Black Panther today!! That's why I did the search. I told the Forest Ranger and he said others have sited them too, but the DEC officially says None in NY. I first thought it was a black bear, until it turned around and ran in the woods. It was definately a black mountain lion, with the long tail. It was bigger than a German Shepard too. So to say they don't exist is BULL. This was in Jersey Hill State Forest, near Birdsall, NY (Allegany County)!

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I live in hornell I moved there a year ago from the city .no one ever told me about the lions i saw it on the back road on webb crossing I was about 10th yards away and it was tan and had a white marking down it face so I called the DEC and they told me I was nuts I told them fine I will kill it and bring it to them they said no they can't be killed and they hung up I knew rite there they were hiding something e

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Cougars are migrating east from the western US. Sightings have been confirmed in Michagan... one was killed on a Missouri or Indiana freeway. Why wouldn't they continue on NY, with its vast state parks and overpopulation of deer? I'm a believer.

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Hello all. I am new to the forum and joined today so I could share my input. I have read about 3/4 of the posts today and still reading. I am an avid deer hunter, been hunting very hard and a lot for 20+ years now. I hunt deer mostly then coyotes, turkeys and small game on occassions. I spend every free minute from 10/1 till 1/30 in the woods in all different parts of NY, southern mostly like the Catskills, Long Island and west in Chenango County. I have seen a bobcat up close and personal, it actually stalked me so quietly I didn't even know. I was sitting on the ground and looking in every direction deer hunting, and within minutes, I turned around to look behind me again and it was literally 4-5 feet from me in a stalking position and it jumped and took off faster than I ever seen an animal run.

Once while hunting a huge hill towards dark I had something come down the hill in a cat like posture and walk but it was too far to tell what it was and get a good look at it's tail but it was big, bigger than the bobcat I saw. I'm not going to call it a mountain lion though cause it was too dark and too far to tell. I do have an uncle that swears he saw a mountain lion standing on the side of the Taconic State Parkway on his way home from the country one weekend. Do I believe him? Not sure LOL. I have also heard the farmer story shooting ones with collars but the version I heard numerous times was different (depends on where you live what version you get)

The version I heard was

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Sorry, my message got cut off. Here's the rest.

The version I heard was that a farmer shot one in his field with a radio collar on and within minutes the DEC was at knocking at his door and confiscated it before he could show anybody. I have also attended DEC meetings for different hunting topics and the mountain lion debate has come up at every meeting and shot right down by DEC only to be told "Show us proof".

What I really wanted to say is my input and give everybody a link to a fisher video. My input on mountain lions is that I have not heard or seen any real proof myself, and I think given that most of NY is forest and mountains, especially the Adirondacks (I never been except Lake George for vacation lol) I think it�s possible that mountain lions could exist and I�d love to see proof. For years now my entire family and friends have been putting out trail cameras and have got some cool pictures and videos, coyotes, deer, bear, raccoons, foxes, hawks, crows, you name it, we have never gotten a bobcat or mountain lion. I just started really getting into coyote hunting last year so maybe this winter I will see something cool since I will be doing it more often now. Anyway, I love the forum and will continue reading now till I read them all. Also, below is a link to a youtube video, owned by me, that was taken on my trail camera of a large fisher around Feb of last year. Enjoy!

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Ok, you want proof, here's proof. This is directly on the NYS DEC website. So tell me, if one can come through NY, why wouldn't there be others that have done the same and stayed after finding plenty of food and a nice cozy home?

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Hello. I have posted this places hoping to hear from others who saw what I did. In November I was driving from Syracuse to Binghamton, NY. It was around 10:30 am. Soon after I passed the Whitney Point exit, but well before Castle Creek, I saw a dead cat on the left shoulder of the road. This was a huge red cat. It was obviously dead but its face and body were intact. The face was rounded-a cross between a raccoon kind of face and a domestic cat.-sweet and round. It had a very long tail that had fur that was straight (not fuzzy or curly) and the tail was rope-like. The legs were long. The color was very close to the red you would see on a domestic red cat-solid color not spotted and not merely tan with redish tint-clearly orange red. I would say its back would have been about 2-3 feet off the ground had it been standing. It was thin and the fur on it was not fuzzy but short. I was traveling at 65mph and by the time I had processed what I saw it was too late to easily pull over. I was late too. I called the police (I think Castle Creek but can't recall-maybe Broome county sheriff- not sure.) and the dispatcher showed interest. She said she would have someone check it out. I called her later that day. She said she was so curious about it that she went herself during her lunch hour but by then it was gone. She said someone probably took it for the fur. Then she started listing the kind of animal it could have been.

Now, I know nothing about wild animals but was surprised by the animals she listed because they were the sort of animal I assumed existed only in places like africa (I've got the suburban NY-view of the world) or the zoo. I began to google the various animals she suggested to compare to what I saw. What I saw was clearly most similar to a mountain lion. But, the face was round and did not have the long muzzle that the pictures show. So, I think it was probably young-although the pictures of the young mountain lions suggest that they are not solid in color. Maybe there is an adolescent period when the body becomes solid color and the face is still round?

It was only after I looked at pictures of all kinds of animals that I started to read about Mountain lions in NY. I had no idea there was any controversy about whether they exist or not. (I add this because I have no vested interested in proving that they do or do not exist) I did not know they ever existed in NY. In fact, I would have been quite surprised to hear that they existed in this country at all..anywhere. So, when the dispatcher mentioned things like mountain lions and panthers I was very surprised. I posted a description of what I had seen on Topix in the hope someone else had seen it and could let me know what it was. All I got was a few snide comments. Then I started to google more seriously because it began to bother me that I could not figure this out. At that point I found this post
"05-05-2011, 06:48 PM #1
Posts: 158
Mountain lion sighting
First, let me state that I have all my faculties, excellent eye sight, and am not given to exaggerations.

Today, while traveling south on Interstate 81, between Syracuse and Binghamton, I saw a Mountain Lion / Cougar/Panther, pick your noun. !! 100% positive, absolutely no doubt. There is ZERO chance that it was anything else. The only other thing it could have possibly been ( other than a live mountain lion/cougar/panther ) is a full body mount of a mountain lion/cougar/panther and someone pulling a prank. It was less than 100yds off the West side of the road, sitting on top of a section of rock/cliff that the highway had been cut through. It was sitting on it's haunches, leaning forward, ears forward, looking down onto/across the highway. It was about 30-40 feet above the highway. Just before the " Castle creek 1 mile " highway sign.
When I screamed " holy F%^K, a mountain lion, scaring the S#$T out my buddy who was driving almost lost control at 75 mph.

An absolutely beautiful animal, well muscled, excellent specimen. Up until now, when ever I've seen reports of sightings, I've taken them with a grain of salt. No more!

Anyone know of any other recent reported sightings in that area?

Wldnerness: Can you put me in touch with any of the state Dec/Rangers/etc from that area?"

And my post on Topix was as follows:

East Syracuse, NY
huge red fox, moutain lion or lynx on I-81 (S) near Castle Creek
Nov 9, 2011
Did any one see a dead huge cat like animal on the southbound side of I-81 about a mile closer to Syracuse then the exit for Castle Creek. It was on the left lying an its side, obviously dead and huge. If you did see it, or heard someone else talking about it, what was it? It looked like it had a body like a mountain lion, a long tail with long fur-not bushy and a face that was rounder like a lynx.Its color was pretty uniformly red-not mixed or strips or anything like that. I was moving too fast and, once I had processed what I saw, I had gone too far to see it. Apparently someone picked it up, probably for its fur, because it was gone soon thereafter. I saw it at around 10:40am Tuesday morning. If you did not see it but are familiar with the wild life around there, any ideas? Any information would be appreciated.

What do you think? These two sightings are at identical places. I do not believe that they are both mirages. Also, if the one I saw was young, it would not have been as visible to a driver on I-81 6 months earlier. The one I saw was not so big that it would have been very visible to drivers if it were on the top of a hill. That means that the one I saw could have been the adolescent offspring of the one seen by the earlier poster. If so, maybe there is a den nearby. I know exactly where I saw the dead animal so a wildlife person or ranger could easily investigate. If the other poster saw the parent in May and I saw a dead adolescent one in November I bet that there is one that has set up a resident in the area.

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My mom lives in Rome new york. She was driving to work during the early morning 2 days ago and she absolutely most definitely saw a mountain lion. It leaped across the road right in front of her. She said she's never seen an animal move like that. Or a tail so long and distinct!!!
Scares me to think how I used to ride my bike with my brother through those country roadS!! Yikes!!!

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There is no doubt there are Mountain Lions in Otsego County. My wife and I saw one between Milford and Mt. Vision after the tornado cleared the hill of trees. We were driving in broad daylight and a juvenile ML crossed 5 feet in front of us. It had a long tail and was yellow. It was defiantly a young one because of the size.

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This is a follow up to my post above. Well I have not seen another mountain lion since the dead one I saw on i-81. I was just reading the start of this thread and read the one from Marathon. Well, Marathon is only 8.9 miles from Whitney Point, NY. The description sounds so similar to what I wrote and to what the other guy (see my post above) wrote (and said). Wish someone would explore the woods off I-17. I keep doing google searches looking for evidence that others saw what I did on the side of the road that day. This compare this post to mine a few posts above:
" Posted by Mark ( on Mon, Nov 5, 07 at 17:55
99.9% sure I saw a mountain lion while hunting near Marathon NY on Sun. It was 40-50 pounds, catlike round face, round tail that swept up at the end, very smooth fur, and very muscular. I could see the rear quarter muscles from 100 yards away. My only question was it was the color of a yellow lab. Not the color I thought a mountain lion to be. When I first saw it sneaking along a field edge thats what I thought it was, a lab. When it got closer I realized it was not a dog. I checked for tracks but couldn't find anything other than deer tracks. " And no, John Mer, what I saw and what this guy and what the Crokit saw, all within 8 miles of each other over a span of 4 years was not a Coyote with a swollen face. Come on. No, lots of people don't mistake one for the other. The animal I saw had beautiful think very dense or heavy fur.

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Correction to post above . That should read I-81 not 17!

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My uncle saw a mountain lion in East Chatham late at night, crossing the road in front of him, in 2010. He spent some time out West where they're more common and had seen many of them there; no mistaking it, from his point of view. He had the same experience talking with the DEC that others on this thread had - they denied they existed here.

I have also heard that mountain lions were released in the mountains around here by DEC, in very limited numbers, for deer population control. Can't say how true it is but I do hear that from a lot of folks.

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