Are these guavas the Psidium Guajavas?

Califo13(Sunset 23 Los Angeles 10)August 6, 2014

A relative gave us a couple of gigantic guavas about 6 months ago. He didn't knew what variety they were. They were close to 5 inches in diameter. I had never seen guavas this big before. I took pics and try finding what variety they were. The closest I found was the Psidium Guajava. Please, I need the experts to give me their advice. Thank you!

It took them about 4 days to become ripe, by them I was anxious to eat them, that I forgot to take pics of their inside, which were white with a yellowish tone to it. I was so impressed by their size that I saved their seeds. I gave some to neighbors and planted a few but they didn't germinated. I still have a bunch so I'll try again soon using a better seeding system.

I'm not much of a guava eater and to my uneducated taste the flavor was similar to the ones sold at the groceries store. Eating a whole guava by myself was like having a full lunch.

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Yes, they are Psidium guajava, giant white. Mostly, the guava that we get here in the states is awful! So, last year I saw this guava being sold in a local Hispanic market. I bought some, and realized instantly the cause of guava passion!!

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Califo13(Sunset 23 Los Angeles 10)

Great, I'm going to plant a few seeds tomorrow and hope they will germinate this time. Than you, njoasis!

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If you like,
we can trade scion wood if you like...

i have a small tree with smallish white/yellow flesh
(i think its Mexican cream) which came from southern Tx
(border area, probably from Mex)

has an excellent flavor
i am trying to graft several varieties on to it.


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Califo13(Sunset 23 Los Angeles 10)

Brad, that's a good idea, but first, let see if I can make these seeds catch on. Are you near Los Angeles, Ca 90022? If you're, and just in case mine don't germinate, I could give you a few seeds from what I got left. Thanks!

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no, in New Orleans...
we could trade seeds in the mail...

but i actually have a couple varieties i havent got the chance to plant yet...
maybe down the line
good luck...

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