Frost damage tomatoes

norcal_galApril 16, 2009

Help we had a freak snow flurry while I was at work and came home to find out about thrity of my tomato plants had black shriveled leaves. The plants are about 1 1/2 feet tall the stem of the plant looks fine but the leaves are toast.Will they make a come back or are they dead? Anything I should do to help speed recovery?

Thanks Tiffany

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anney(Georgia 8)

In many cases, the plant revives as long as the entire plant wasn't frozen. I'd leave them, leave the shriveled leaves on them and let them drop off when they've dried (not to cause any more possible wounds to the plant), don't fertilize them or stress them in any other way, and see if the plants put out new leaves. If they're going to make it, you should see new growth in a week or so.

Maters can surprise you with their resilience.

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jll0306(9/ Sunset 18/High Desert)

I hope you're right, Anney.

Norcal_gal, this Socal_gal has the same problem. During the last cold snap, I covered my plants with upside down pots and that didn't protect them at all.

A bitter wind blew all day yesterday, and I expected the temperature to drop quickly after sundown. This time I took all my pillow cases out to the garden and gently pulled one down over every plant.

Costoluto Genovese and Red Star were the only plants that made it through the night with no visible ill effects. The rest look pitiful.

What really torques me is that the predicted low for our village was 40 degrees both nights. grrrr.


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Thank You for the encouragement I hope they make. I was so exicited about all my little plants.


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The same thing happened to mine about 3 weeks ago. But they are now sprouting new leaves and looking pretty good. I was also told that as long as the root didn't die the plant will be fine. Good Luck!!

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vegomatic(z5 BHSD)

I let my outside plantings get hit by a late frost and snowfall last season. I covered the first night and all was well, but night two got much colder than expected and I didn't bother to cover, trusting my weatherman. They did all come back and made some fruits, but very few of the toms were ready by fall.

Fortunately, the greenhouse toms all survived. I'd consider starting a few backup seeds or buying a couple plants. This early, they might recover, but it's fairly easy to cover your bets now.


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