Talk to me about red fox....... bear with me please

kareen(z5 NY Renss.Co.)October 21, 2007

Hi everyone, I live in Rensselaer County just across the river from Albany. The quiet country road I lived off of is now a main thoroughfare with big box stores etc but my property is still a backyard habitat with a herd of deer and other critters. Have seen bear in my yard and recently saw an animal that walked like a cat(walking in the creek) but was the size of a small lab and a reddish yellow in color. When I went out to take pictures this animal was gone but there was a small animal looking similar with long matted hair and looking like a large kitten. The other day a friend suggested it might be a fox and baby .....can anyone tell me if this sounds like a red fox?I googled red fox pup images and the hair doesn't look as long to me in the pictures I am seeing. Sorry I was so stunned to see the kitten instead of the large animal that I didn't get a picture. Thanks, Kareen

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Yes it does. We have a pair of mated foxes that hunt in our back fields. All winter long we had the pleasure of watching them hunt our brush piles for food for their young.
The female can be pretty large, like a small lab and the coat color is about right for this time of yr.
Chances are good you will see them again, they seem to find an area they like and stay with it as long as their available food.

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rini(Rochester, NY)

Kareen -

It sounds like a fox.

I had quite a surprise a few days ago when I was driving. There was a fox, licking itself, on someone's driveway! It didn't even run away when I drove by - it just looked up and watched us drive past.


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Foxes are not shy when they don't feel like they are threaten. My DD has come home from work very late to see them standing just off the driveway. They don't move they just watch to see what's going on and as long as what is happening doesn't bother them and their plans they won't budge. Their way of escaping danger is to out run it.

I do know our neighbor down the road has seen them too. He has chickens and he says they walk right past his coops to easier pickens out in their fields.

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Where I use to live was just out of town.One summer morning I was driving down the road. I noticed something along the ditch beside the road. It was a fox. I've seen fox before and even had one I had one mounted.This was the first one I ever saw in summer. This was the Nicole Richie of fox. In summer coat there is nothing to them.Bone with light furred skin. I saw it several more times. It was inf front of a couple of houses each morning mousing.A few years before at the same spot there was a coyote along the road. I stopped and watched it just a few yards away. I didn't carry a camera back then

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The red foxes here are pretty nervy. Two weeks ago a young fox came into my back yard at 2 p.m. ,chased a squirrel up a tree,checked the bird feeders,and proceeded to come within 6 feet of my back door and looked at it. I was watching from a nearby window and ran for my camera.

He was back again the next day,but I haven't seen him since.


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We had a family of red foxes living in a rocky hillside next to our screen porch. There was a mom and 3 kits. Needless to say, we had no garden varmints that summer! We'd run from window to window to watch them pounce on mice and chipmunks all over the property. Often they'd run up and down the driveway.

They came out after noon and were active from then on. I would find animal parts they dragged into the yard, huge fish skeletons (we live across from a reservoir in Ulster County), duck carcasses and deer legs, etc. It was worth the clean-up just to have them around.

They behaved just like puppies.
I read that one of each litter will return to the same den next year. Ours didn't.

When we had gravel dumped and spread on the driveway, they disappeared. The neighbor shot one that was getting into her chickens, and I saw one dead on our road...very sad. But I found a piece of fabric at Joann's with a perfect picture of those 3 fox kits, which I made into a wall quilt for the porch. Nice memories. That was such a wonderful lifetime experience.

We see one now and then along the stone wall, looking for rodents.

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kareen(z5 NY Renss.Co.)

Thanks for all of your responses. I hope they hang around , I could use some varmit control in the gardens. Happy New Year . Kareen

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I just had a animal cross the back of my property on rt 40 easton ny , It looked like a fox but it also big like a wolf ( it was cream color so I think it was a fox

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We have a red fox with 7 young living in our fenced in yard, under the pool shed. The mother can easily jump our 4' fence. Can't let the dog out any more. Wish they would leave.

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