Wintering Potted Plants

andryakymOctober 3, 2011

I live in upstate New York and have 2 potted strawberries, one potter lavender, one potted flowering flamingo plant, and one potted tomato.

I was wondering if there were any tips on wintering them. Our garage is very small and one of us will have to park in it so putting them in there isn't an option. I have no basement. And we have no space in the little apartment garden plot because it was severely neglected by previous tenants and was taken over by lily bulbs so I can't plant them or bury the pots in the soil.

Any advice would be really welcomed. I had heard of wrapping the pots with blankets and putting mulch on them after the first frost, is that true? Or is there something better to do.


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bernd ny zone5

I live in upstate NY in zone 5a. Flamingo flower and tomato plants are tropical and would not survive outside in zone 5 (-20 F). They might be able to survive inside an apartment. Lavender depends on its hardiness, you would need to tell this forum the cultivar name.
Strawberries are winter hardy in zone 5, and you could leave it outside in a pot, but would need to cover the top with plastic or place it on its side to prevent standing water on top of it at times which could rot the plant.

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Thanks! I'll bring in the tomato, flamingo flower, and lavender plants in then. Otherwise I'll cover the strawberry plants then when it starts to snow.

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bernd ny zone5

I need to add that pots when kept outside should be in the shade. Here is a current thread in the conifer forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: keep pots outside in winter

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