Do seed companies process their tomato seed differently?

donna_in_saskApril 6, 2012

I'm wondering why my purchased tomato seeds look so different from the ones I saved myself. The ones I bought look very small and are a dingy grey color...totally opposite from mine, which are larger (even the cherries) and are more buff than grey. The purchased seeds are smooth and flat, whereas mine have a more "ragged" edge. Just curious, I'm sure they all germinate the same...

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Yes, commercial seeds can sometimes be processed differently. They take all the fuzz off of them. I'm not sure why since regular old ferment seed germinates just fine. Maybe Carolyn will see this thread and give some insight as to why.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Catching the ball from Remy......

It depends on which seed companites you're talking about. The smaller family run ones sometimes produce their own seed, which they usually do by fermentation, or they may subcontract out seed production or they may buy wholesale off the shelf, or a combination of those methods.

And here I'm talking about OP varieties.

Hybrid seed is produced for the US and elsewhere in several countries and that hybrid seed may be treated with TSP ( tri-sodium phosphate) or acid and that can produce seeds that are darker in color and have no fuzz and are flat.

Nothing at all wrong with those seeds but they can be smaller b'c of the treatments,etc.

TSP is often used b'c it's known that it can cleanse the seeds of TMV ( tobacco mosic virus) which can be a problem still, especially in large commercial greenhouses where it's spread mechanically, not by the usual insect vector.

Hope that helps.


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That explains it perfectly. Thanks Carolyn and Remy.

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