Planting Mango Seeds, Then Grafting?

brute(Florida 9B)August 18, 2011

One of my neighbors has moved away and his mango tree has pretty much been stripped by animals. The coons and possums devoured the mangos and left debris on the ground under the tree. Some of this debris is pits.

If I gathered these pits and planted them, would mango trees sprout? Of course, if they did, they would be inferior specimens, right?

Would they make good rootstock? I don't know what variety my neighbor's tree is, but if I grafted my Glenn cuttings onto whatever sprouted from these seeds, would the result be good?

I'm also wondering what would happen if I grafted cuttings from the ORIGINAL tree onto whatever sprouted from the seeds originating from THAT tree?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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zands(10b Fl)

You can do all of the above but grafting takes practice and you get more failures in the beginning. You can start right now sprouting those mango seeds into rootstock then practicing grafting Glenn or any mango tree you want onto them. Hard to believe but grafting budwood onto rootstock of the same mango tree will get you mango fruits sooner than just sprouting the seed and letting nature take its course. This is because the grafted mango tree is bypassing the mango juvenile stage. Similar to a human being being able to skip years 3-13 where 13 is taken as the year you can start making babies.

In contrast the seedling mango has to spend (waste) years in juvenility. A seedling mango tree is a roll of the dice. You might get the good, the bad or in between. You might get small fibrous mangoes, you might get a new exciting mango. Some of the well known Florida mangoes we have today were successful seedling mango experiments. But I think the odds are you will get a small fibrous mango instead of something really nice.

Also what season mango will your seedling mango be? This is unknown until your tree starts producing. With a known grafted mango you can extend your mango season by planting an early mango variety and a late variety. Glenn happens to be early so you should want to plant a late variety. You can (should) plant a mid-season mango but at least you can get them from friends and neighbors or buy them cheap when the flood of mangoes come in...roughly June 20th-July 20th. More difficult to get or buy our native Florida early and late mangoes.

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marinfla(10 South Florida)

Hi Brute
Zands makes good points, you could wait many years to find out if you have a great new mango or a fiber filled dud. It is much more reliable to graft a variety of proven quality and known production, and get mangoes much sooner than later.
That being said: to start- carefully remove the husk of the pit to expose the delicate embryo inside. I have tried sprouting mango many different ways. The most successful method I have found is to remove the husk, soak the embryo in water for 24-28 hours then put it concave side down in a small container of potting soil with the very top hump of the seed slightly exposed. I just recently did this with 18 mango seeds from my pile of "monster mangoes". I had 100% germination within 10-14 days. The trick is increase the results is to begin this process with very fresh seeds preferably the day you cut open the mango. If your seed germinate, let them grow to a decent size before you graft them and try to get the scion to roughly match the diameter of the rootstock (especially if cleft grafting) , and if you can't get budwood by grafting time just let the seedlings grow until next season and try then.

I also suggest you go to you-tube and watch every video you can to observe and learn about each type of grafting technique. Then buy all the supplies ahead of time. I personally love the the Parafilm-m to keep moisture out.

Then find some varieties you really think are yummy (and try to space them out over the season) and graft away. So far of the 3 grafts I did for my first attempt at grafting-- the very 1st one is still progressing and the 2nd and 3rd failed. I now have 20 root stocks to keep working on my technique. But I am on a mission to get at least 10 trees of this selected mango I am crazy about because I have promised some of the grafted plants to the people who turned me on to this gem.

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brute(Florida 9B)

Hey, thanks for the responses! I've learned a lot.

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guys plz identify the type of grafting for my newly bought grafted mango tree.will it bear fruit early?

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Hi Karbas,

Grafted mangoe trees can fruit from the first or second year. The young tree you've got is fairly small though, so I wouldn't let it grow any fruit for at least a couple of years.


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