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bjgirven(z4CNY)October 1, 2006

Sorry not to put this on the exchange page, bit it seems no one looks there anymore. I have 6 issues of Garden Design Magazine, all from 2006, that I would like to trade for plants. They don't have to be rare or amazing plants, but since it is time to divide soon, I thought someone may have some divisions or something to trade. The only thing I dont want is anything invasive (biships weed, or mint), or swamp lilies. I would love horseradish if anyone has some. Thanks.


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Hi Bobbi,

Sorry, I don't have anything to trade, but I think you are probably not getting responses since it's really too late to be dividing/digging things right now in our zones.

We had a minor frost last night, and more to come tonite ... newly dug/divided plants would not be established before they got hit by frost and probably would not survive.

Probably better to try this in the Spring.

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