Fall Is InThe Air!!

mulchy(z5ny)October 1, 2005

Well it looks like summer is at its end, leaves are turning and my husband is splitting wood. Sure makes me realize that it is time to get my new plants in the ground and start saving seeds for WS. I spent the week cutting back flowers that seemed like I just planted, it was a beautiful summer but it went to fast, aleast for me!!! How about you???

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I for one am glad this summer is over! It was much too hot for me and the humidity didn't help. Hardley much in the way of rain, either. I'm in the Buffalo metro area, things might have been different for you, hopefully.

Now that things have cooled off, I am finally spending more time in the garden. I've planted some perennials and can now get back to the much needed task of painting the exterior of my house.

Fall is always fabulous for me since I don't enjoy even moderate summers much. I get excited about the idea of doing more baking and the house smelling like cinnamon. :)

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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

I love the fall; it's my favorite season. I enjoy the slower pace - spring always seems like such a rush. I plant bulbs every year, dreaming of spring. I like the golden low sunlight and the vibrant colors. Even putting the garden to bed for the winter isn't a chore - it's a pleasure. And, of course, I can plant all sorts of perennials that I snapped up for a song at end-of-season sales.

Today I had a surprise - a hummingbird! I thought they had all started south by now, but this morning I had one scouring my garden for late treats - canna and fuchsia nectar. It must be a young bird, because it checked out asters, impatiens, and even coleus flowers - not your normal hummingbird fare.

Have a blessed autumn, everyone!


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faltered(Hamburg NY Z5/6)

Yep, fall is definitely here. I've been saving seeds for a month now. My morning glories and a few others are starting to fade and yellow, so I will be pulling my annuals out soon.

Then taking the fountain down, digging up the tender bulbs, etc.

I miss summer already.

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I'm feeling a little said. My veggie garden is coming to an end. I wish my tomatoes had done better but everything else did very well this year. The deer have stuck to our agreement and have just recently started visiting the garden (They know not to go in it in June, July and at least the first part of August. The end of September on, its ok for them to go in. I do have a rabbit fence surrounding it, but its no challenge for the deer.) I do like the fact that fall makes you feel like cooking and canning - like a squirrel harvesting and hiding nuts. Nothing like apple dumplings and pumpkin pie!

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I'm feeling a little sad! Pardon the typo!

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adina72(z5 CNY)

It's not really feeling much like Fall to me. It's over 80 degrees today and most of the annuals are still doing pretty well....I feel like I am so behind on my Fall chores. I've got over 400 bulbs to plant and many have not arrived yet (maybe due to the warm temps). Most of my bulbs are going in spots where annuals are now, so I really hate to pull them out while they are still looking decent. Fall is my favorite time of year...I just hope the moderate temps last into November....that would be heavenly.

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