Any advice for my new lychee seedling

TamTrible(9)August 3, 2013

I planted the seed from a lychee I bought at the Asian market, and now I have a little seedling (I don't think it has true leaves yet, just the seed leaves).

Currently, it's in a 4" pot in my window. The window doesn't get a whole lot of sun. Eventually, it will probably have to go outside in a much larger pot (I live in Arizona, so think summer highs of a hundred and oh-my-god, no humidity to speak of, and winter lows that barely dip below freezing for maybe a few days a year)

I'd like to, you know, not kill it. So, any advice?

In particular:
1. When should I transplant it to the larger pot outside? And do I go directly from the 4" pot to the huge pot, or put it in a gallon pot as an intermediate measure?
2. Any special precautions I should take when I do?
3. Should I put it outside in the smaller pot at some point?
4. Does it have any special soil requirements or anything, or can I just use bog-standard potting soil?
5. Any special precautions I need to take about the summer heat?
6. How sensitive is it to freezing damage, if we're talking overnight lows in the high 20s at *worst*?
7. Will it be tolerably happy staying in a big pot for the rest of its life (it's... I think a 20-gallon or so pot, something like that, wider across than my forearm), or will I need to put it in the ground at some point?

Thank you.

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Hi Tam
I am not an expert on Lychee, but i have several seedlings ive been nursing a few months now.
From what i understand, after they get about 8-10 inches tall, they stop growing for like a year or more.

As far as summer heat, i am in New Orleans with blistering sun, and i try to keep them out of mid-day sun.
The leaves get kinda sunburned, but it hasnt killed any as long as they have water.
not sure about the cold, but i think it doesnt like freezing or below, maybe a mature tree could handle a day or 2, but im no expert.
i have no idea of the size either

2 links may help

Here is a link that might be useful: germination-lychee

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