what pitaya would be your first choice

mostro(jax/9a)August 17, 2012


I planted a pitaya plant two years ago and it is now very large. This year, it has been growing and flowering like crazy. The flowers are enormous and very healthy, full of pollen, but the plant appears to be 100% self-incompatible.

I like pitaya fruits and this plant has survived the last two winters without protection, so I want to get another variety for cross pollination.

* What variety has a good combination of productivity, good fruit size and taste?

For the record, my coldest temperature in the last two years was 24.5F and the plant is near the wall on the south side of my house. At any rate, it appears more hardy than most of the sources say.

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Check out Pine Island Nursery's Dragon Fruit Viewer

I have Natural Mystic and I got my first fruit this summer without hand pollinating, and I didn't have any other plants flowering at the time, so seems to confirm that it's self-fertile. Very tasty as well.

Some of the best known and well-regarded varieties are American Beauty, Physical Graffiti, Halley's Comet, and Purple Haze.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dragon Fruit Viewer

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