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lilium_guy56October 12, 2006

I have so much digging to do next spring. For those of us that have lived in NY a long time (56 yrs) this SNOW today is normal. At least for Booneville it is. Us upstate NYers are the only people who can drive in a blizzard at 75 mph. Put the rake and hoe away get out the snow shovel. One good thing about the LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG winter is you get highly excited waiting for the Tulips to sprout. I spent many years as a bachelar making the best flower garden in town. It really is!!! Then I was playing spades on the web and got talking to a W.V. woman. We got married (April 2005)and I trucked her up here to snow country. She loves my garden. Hates the cold and snow. We were watching the news last saturday and the prediction was for snow by weeks end. I took it as normal. My wife had a fit saying "are ya'll nuts? They cain't be serious!!" So I told her its normal but I hate the cold and wanted to leave NY 5 years ago and thats why I was attracted to her because she was from "souther". LOL!!! Somehow she took that as a compliment. The wife then said, "if ya'll hate it here so much why did ya'll truck me up here? We could go down home if ya'll want." She let that drop I think because I had a nasty look on my face. But all week at work I've been thinking about the snow, cold and the 100 stupid costly fees we have here that they don't have there. Today I was standing by the garden with the shovel as my weife drove in. She asked what I was doing and I told her, "we need a lot of saw dust and some barrels hun." She asked, "fer what?" I told her, "well we have to take all these flowers back to West Virginia with us". After a smile all she said was "well you the man so thats the way it'll be" AHHHH those dixie chicks. So we are out of here April 2007. After 56 years of blizzards and high taxes and high electric bills, high heating costs and high everything I had enough. I need to write Albany to tell them why we are leaving. NY population down by another 4 people. See Ya'll around!!!If anyone ever is in Parkersburg,WV stop in.

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Hope you make it through the winter :-)

NY is not that bad. I've lived in Fla and CA and loved them, but there's no place like home. After you live in WV for awhile, you will find all kinds of things you don't like about it. Then NY will look a little better.

And this snow is NOT normal, they say this is the snowiest 2 days in all of October since they have been keeping records. Not even the snowiest just for Oct 12 or Oct 13, but all of October for over 100 years. That sounds abnormal to me.

Sure hope this is not an omen for this winter . . .

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Here's a coincidence. DH and I left the 11th for a trip down to Mt Hope, WV to see mom's old homestead and do some leaf peeping. The temp dropped to 28 thursday morning with a heavy frost. We were NOT prepared to hike around the hills in our sweaters and sweats. And the wind was really blowing. Some parts of WV are so so lovely and other places so poor. Where is your wife from?

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