It's Official...we got snow

lblack61(z5 NY)November 10, 2005

I wasn't sure whether to put an exclamation point on that or not...WSing makes me want to put one there. Driving makes me not.

And what's up with the weathermen? No mention of storms in Oswego Cty until late last night. We had thunderstorms accompanied with torrential rain and high winds on and off (mostly on) from noon until around 7pm. They said we wouldn't get any (of course I knew better).

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

We had the torrential rains and wind all morning on Wednesday. Yesterday was very cold but sunny most of the day. In the evening we got a bit of rain with some sleet whch lasted about 10 minutes. Cold and overcast so far today. Waiting for the warm-up tomorrow. I have my wintersowing containers all set up and ready to add soil to. I have already sown my bottle brush buckeye seeds and my honeysuckle vine seeds. cut back my batfaced cuphea and hope to root a cutting or two. Brought the main plant inside along with the gartenmeister fuschias and manettia vine and passifloras to overwinter.


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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

lots and lots and lots of it . . . . .

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

OH MY!!!! We didn't even get one flake but it is FREEZING COLD! I sure am glad that I got all my winter sowing containers ready and filled with soil over the week end.


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hammerl(z5-6 Amherst NY)

I don't live far from Penny, but we got a lot of rain yesterday and in the early evening it turned sort-of sleety for a couple hours, then turned into some lazily drifting flakes that seemed to melt when they hit the ground. There was a tiny bit of snow that stuck to my neighbor's lawn in one patch, less than a quarter inch. My yard is green, and my roses are still blooming. On the way in, though, I'm spotting a bunch of cars with some snow on them. I think further south of where I am got more snow. But boy, it's cold out, a nippy 28 degrees. Brr!

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faltered(Hamburg NY Z5/6)

We had over a foot of snow when I left the house for work this morning. Supposed to snow all day. Yuck! I know they said snow, but I still wasn't ready.

My cosmos were still in bloom, too. Glad I picked one last bunch of flowers before the snow hit.


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We got about 3 inches of snow last night. I walked out to the mail box this morning(which is quite alittle hike for me and it just looked so pretty. My seeds are all collected, my pern. all cut back, my winter mulch is on so I'm ready to snuggle in and read my garden books, do the holiday thing, winter sow and maybe some sewing and get ready for another spring!!!

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Well still no snow here in Niagara County (one more reason to live in the northtowns) but it is brutally cold. My cannas finally bit the dust but all my agastaches and salvias are still going strong and blooming. Al the seeds that I am going to collect are done, cleaned and packed and most have gone back out. My containers are cleaned and filled with soil and ready for wintersowing. Plant stakes are cut and ready to label. All the seed requests are packaged and ready to go as soon as the sasbes come in. I am Still waiting on my last 2 trades to come in then I am all set.


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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Well we got some of the white stuff last night....about 1/4 to 1/2 inch on the ground this a.m. Plants are finally looking a bit frost bitten :(


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hammerl(z5-6 Amherst NY)

We got about a quarter inch last night, the lawn is covered and there's a trace on the ground that will melt once the sun hits it. My cosmos looked a little peaked this morning, though, but not as bad as expected. I think it spelled the end of the petunias by the house, though.

I do have two lovely vases of roses though -- one at work and one at home. My last taste of summer that I cut Thursday morning. Gotta love having Bonica around even if just for that. Although I do have a lovely tangerine colored Tropical Twist rose blooming in a vase, too, a HT with no business being fully budded in mid-November in Buffalo.

I had to smile when my boss asked me, "How do you have roses NOW?"

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

When I grow up I want to be like mulchy . . . .

My beds are not cut back or mulched, still have lots to do . . .

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gottagarden, I'm sitting here still grinning over your post!!!! You know you would be done too if you did not spend so much time moving rocks!!!!

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