Cedar Damage from Snow

shalenrdNovember 29, 2005

Hello -

I am a recent transplant from Houston. Last week I noticed that our first snow fall was causing the branches of my cedar bushes to bend to the ground. I'm afraid of permanent damage to these great 7-foot tall bushes. Any suggestions on how to protect them would be greatly appreciated. Not sure if a wooden teepee or burlap would be appropriate. If it is teepees then do you buy these at Home Depot/Lowes or make them out of plywood? I am at a loss here. Thanks for your help!

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Hi, Welcome to western NY. I don't have cedars, but I have a suggestion in case no replies quickly. I'm assuming the shrubs were there when you moved in being that they are so large. I would ask a neighbor if the people that lived there before protected them during the winter. I guess it would be a good way to get to know a neighbor if you haven't met them yet. Most people don't have plants outside that they need to protect around here, so it could be that they may just look bad to you but nothing is going to happen. Now, if it happens that the shrub was protected, I don't know what to do. I have a survival of the fittest type garden : )
Good luck,

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kennerd(z6 neNJ/seNY)

I typically take twine and spiral around my arborvitae (6 footers) for the winter and shake off excess snow to prevent overweighting them.

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