HELP; Roses after the Snow Storm

joyce58(Zone 5 NY)November 13, 2011

Hello....I need advice concerning my roses that were smashed by a falling tree during the freak snow storm we had in late October.

We have removed the tree and I can now see that several rose branches are bent low ( almost to the ground ) and a few are dangling, as in half broken off....

Should I try to stake up the bent branches? I doubt that I should cut off the dangling ones....

Please send advice.



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Hi Joyce,
Sorry no one ever wrote back. I haven't been to visit this forum in awhile. If you haven't figured out what to do, it is ok. Doing nothing this time of year won't hurt a thing.
You do not need to stake anything. Broken branches can be cut off or left til spring to do the same.
Once spring rolls around, you can remove all the damaged canes. It is ok if you have to remove a lot from some. They will bounce back and grow like nothing ever happened.
Hope this helps,

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