Deformed New Growth on Tropicals

jwthought81August 10, 2012

Hey all,

First post here. Really informative site and I look forward to getting to know you all.

I've planted a tropical mini-orchard in my yard and I've recently noticed some curled or deformed new growth on a few of my trees. The varieties in question are fantastic avocado, two sugar apple trees and a guanabana tree. They have all recently been pruned/tipped about a month ago and then again about 1 week ago (probably too soon).

I've also given the same treatment to two mango trees but they have not shown any problems. Additionally, none of the trees had this issue after the initial pruning,

Each tree is planted about 8-10 apart and I water them with aquaponic water. Occasionally, they get additional fertilizer in the form of emulsion from my black soldier fly bin. I see no sign of pests.

We've also been experiencing a good deal of rain. Im thinking either over-watering or over fertilization. I will post some photos tomorrow, but I was hoping that someone might have a suggestio in the meantime.

Thanks in advance!

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might be too much fertilizer. i'd suggest laying off the fertilzers for now, since they're in ground and don't need to be feed that often.

might be mites, very tiny pests. take a magnifying glass and inspect them closely.

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Thanks. I think I agree with the over-fertilization idea. I've since done some research on bsfl leachate ( i said i used emulsion which is incorrect, I actually use the leachate) and evidently it needs to be diluted heavily to be safe. I had been using it almost in its raw form!

Im keeping my eyes open for mites or signs of them, but nothing yet. I havent broken out the magnifying glass yet tho.

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