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mattee6November 11, 2012

I have a friend who lives in Oswego, NY and she has a plant that she wants to figure out what it is. I have attached a picture and she says that it has small flat pink flowers in the summer. It's leaves have no smell and are sort of spongy. And it grows in partial shade. I am from the Midwest, and it reminds me of Dock or Plantain. I think it might be a weed, but just not sure. If anyone knows what this is, it would be so appreciated. Thanks!!!

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It looks like a primrose to me (primula vulgaris).

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Thank you so much. That is so it. They are not common here in IL and all the pictures I could find had yellow flowers. Thanks again.

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I'll bet that was planted by someone who bought it at the nursery in late winter/spring for indoor decoration. I have one I planted outdoors, that has lasted 5 years so far and gets bigger each year. It, too, is pink. This year it flowered in the few warm days in December!

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