Lychee like grapes

zone10aridgardenerAugust 30, 2011

I just sat down reading some of the forum posts with a bowl of grapes. I tried one and it is practically identical to the taste of a lychee. Does anyone know what variety of grape it is?

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samuelforest(5b Montreal)

Lychees already taste a little like grapes ,but I don't what kind it could be?Do you have any pictures?It should be a grape that doesn't taste a lot with more water taste in it like watermelons...


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It looks just like the regular red grapes that are usually sold at grocery stores. But it was identcal to a lychee apart from a sour after taste.

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Guys, don't mean to disappoint, be rude or burst your bubble but lychees taste nothing like grapes, no matter what color or variety of grape (I have tasted some rambutan from Chinese markets that taste similar to a grape but that is not a lychee). Lychees taste like lychees. They have their own distinct, tropical flavor that really compares to nothing else. I wish I could describe what the flavor is like but I would say you would have to taste a well grown, ripe, fresh picked lychee to understand. Also, a good, ripe lychee should not be sour.

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samuelforest(5b Montreal)

I taste several lychees but here in Canada the quality the same is not as yours and it is not as fresh as yours too...You might be right.

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I miss lychee season already!!!

This year, I went to Pine Island (Bokeelia, FL) about once a week, and got at least 5 or 6 pounds of lychees each time (Kaimana and Hak Ip were our favorites). We liked the taste of the Kaimana the best, and liked the flesh to seed ratio of the Hak Ip.

I'd love to try the Sweetheart variety though, with even more flesh and smaller seeds.

Port Charlotte, FL

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This is very strange that exactly one year after this post, I took had the exact same experience. We purchased fresh organic red grapes at Whole Foods in New York City, Houston St and 2nd Ave. I tested this batch of grapes on 7 people and all agreed that they tasted very much like lychee. I have tasted ripe lychee in singapore, and this flavor was similar. They still tasted like grape, but with a strong lychee flavor. They were delicious, but I have to wonder if they are GMO. I do not think it is legal to label GMO food "organic", is it?

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I would guess that if you did an actual side-by-side taste comparison, you wouldn't think that they tasted the same.
The memory isn't always accurate.
Just a hunch.

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Correct, they were grapes, they tasted like grapes, but there was a distinctive difference with this bunch. They had a subtle taste or perhaps scent of lychee.
If you sat there and ate one of these grapes, and then ate a lychee, you would not say they taste the same; one is a grape and one is a lychee, they are totally different.
My main reason for posting is to see if others have had this experience. Everyone that I gave these grapes to agreed that they did contain a flavor or scent reminiscent of lychee. I suspected that there was some kind of genetic modification going on, and I wondered if anyone had heard of anything like that. Are there GMO grapes? Is it possible?

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Yes, I have eaten the similar grapes but white color that taste really good like lychee in Japan. I brought seeds back and planted them and 5 years later I got fruit that tastes exactly like that. Other regular grape don't taste like it at all. I gave one grape to a friend and she wants more. It was really sweet. No trace of sourness period.

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It would be a stretch so don't laugh but I could make a pitch that my bronze muscadine grapes could be describes as lychee......ish

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ashok_ncal(CA z9b)

Most of the grapes commonly available in U.S. markets have what is sometimes described as a "neutral" flavor -- which is to say, not much flavor at all. "Flame Seedless" would be a good example of the type -- sweet, somewhat crisp-textured, quite pleasing, really, but not distinctly-flavored. If I recall correctly, the loss of flavor had to do with the breeding lines that were used to develop seedless grapes.

But there are grapes -- notably muscat types -- that have intense, perfumed flavors. Some are so aromatic that eating them is like inhaling perfume. (I'm not kidding.) Some of these definitely have rose or lychee-like components in their scent/flavor profile. (Labrusca-type grapes like "Concord" are also perfumed, but in an entirely different direction -- the "foxy" aroma.)

From what I've read, the hybridizers working in the commercial industry have, in recent years, been working on re-introducing the muscat flavors into commercial, seedless grape cultivars. My guess is that those commenting on "lychee-like" grapes have tasted some of these (relatively) new introductions. My understanding is that, in general, these muscat-flavored seedless grapes have relatively mild flavor compared to the old, seeded varieties.

In terms of sweetness/aroma, the very best muscat grapes are easily a match for lychees (which I also love) -- although, as some have observed, I'm sure that they wouldn't taste *exactly* the same if eaten side-by-side.

Muscadines are not easy to come by in my vicinity, and I've only tasted them a few times, so I'm not sure how they compare.

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I have muscadine and scuppernong (vitus rotundifolia) and I find this interesting, because I have said many times while eating the bronz scuppernongs, I can't grow Lyche, but thankfully I have scuppernongs.

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i've also had the grapes mentioned by the OP here. they are red, with a thin almost crunchy-firm skin, and they have a mild but sweet, distinctive lychee-like tone in its flavor.

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I ate grapes that tasted like lychee which my friends got from the Mountain View, Ca farmers market. They were exactly as described by zone10aridgardener . They had hint of lychee and tasted amazing.
After eating them I googled "grapes that taste like lychee" and found this post. Created this account just for that!


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John Sanders

I found a red grape with the label Valeriana Grapes that taste like lychee. It said product of Peru. valerianagrapes dot com is their website,

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dan8_gw (Northern California Zone 9A)

I had this exact same experience with grapes I bought at the Asian Grocery. They have a clear sweet Lychee taste without much acid. They were labeled as US grown, often available very late in the year, very large, elongated and black. I'm thinking that it may be Autumn Royal which is a late harvest black grape. I can only find these at this Asian Grocery, and interesting enough this video Autumn Royal grapes on youtube say they are popular in Asian groceries and to me they look identical to the ones I thought tasted like Lychee.

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