small mangoes

dylan3dAugust 29, 2013

I planted a mango tree that I purchased from a local nursery last spring. Not sure the exact variety it was only labeled criollo. It had a ton of clustered small mango's which I expected would shed off and only a few would survive to grow big. But they remained in clusters and stayed really small. Now they're beginning to ripen small. Will this change as the tree grows? Should I help the tree along and remove extra fruits in the future?

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an other pic

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one more:

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I haven't seen this before, must be something about that variety. I think that if you want larger fruit you'll have to do the thinning yourself.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Wow...those are very small mangoes. I've never heard of that variety but there are SO many of them I'm not surprised.

I agree with TropicB...if you want larger size mangoes next time, I would thin out the clusters...wait a little while to see which ones looks the healthiest and keep those and thin out the rest not so healthy ones.

Let us know how they taste?

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They actually taste really good. Just a lot of work for such little bites. ;)

I started thinning out what I can but since a lot of the fruit is already ripening I'll have to wait till next season for the results or to see if this was a fluke. If I can't get larger fruit I will most likely swap it out with another variety.

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