Sugar apple or Cherimoya for container

yellowthumb(5a Ontario)August 2, 2011

I am debating that I should get a sugar apple or Cherimoya for container planting. Sugar apple seems to be more compact and easier to fruit. But Cherimoya is a bit tastier than sugar apple. Have any of you have a Cherimoya in container? How compact they could be? Are they fruiting well? The Cherimoya I am about to get is probably seed grown and 3 feet tall with 6 branches. Do I have to wait long to get any fruits?

Thanks for any kind help.


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ohiojay(z6 OH)

YT...I have both in containers right now. The SA will be by far the easiest to maintain. I agree that the cherimoya fruit has some benefits over the SA. My cherimoya is currently in a huge container. I believe good pruning practices will keep it maintained for a good while. If it continues to do well...I may plant this one directly into the ground. I have 3 varieties grafted onto this plant and if I remember correctly, I've only gotten fruit from the seedling parts...which turns out to be a keeper as well. So far, it has been slow to produce a large amount of blooms at the same time so to give me a chance at pollinating. This season, there was not enough blooms coming on at the same time to even make an attempt.

One thing I will mention is that so far...the cherimoya has proven the best at resisting pests and disease. My SA has struggled over the years.

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yellowthumb(5a Ontario)

Hi Ohiojay,
Thanks as always.

How old is your seed grown cherimoya tree? Could you be kind to post a picture? The tree I am about to get is 3 feet tall with 6 branches. I think it's probably 3 years old or two. Don't know how long I have to wait to just see a bloom.

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If you're trying to get it to fruit it needs to get to about, from what I've been told, 8 feet tall or so.

I was also told that if you want it for fruit you may want to just plant it in the ground, but I would imagine a huge container would also work.

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[i]"If you're trying to get it to fruit it needs to get to about, from what I've been told, 8 feet tall or so."[\i]

One of my Cherimoya's is about 20yrs old, and it still did not reach 8ft height(I don't let it) but it fruits just fine.

Last November I've planted a new tree, just a whip it was. Cut the tip off this spring and it produced three branches and two flowers. Pulled the blooms off. Couple of weeks later it produced another bloom, which I pollinated. Now I have a little Cherimoya hanging on this young tree.

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I wonder why mine will get the fruit but it's like they stop growing after they get to the size of a cherimoya seed.

I'm not surprised that it doesn't need a huge height but I know it does need a decent mass behind it to support fruit.

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I have a skinny 3 year old seedling sugar apple, about 4 ft tall. It flowered for the first time this year and now has 4 fruit, largest is 2" in diameter so far. I can't wait til it's ripe to try it. It's in a 16" pot.

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