Rollinia hardiness

jun_(8b-9a)August 16, 2010

I found rollinia trees at a local nursery in Houston but undecided if I should get it. I am a little confused, some sources say they are relatively hardy, others say they are ultra tropical.....which is it? Anyone have experience getting them to fruit in a pot?

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i would bet its somewhere between a soursop which is sensitive and an anona which is more hardy.

a cold tolerant anona would be Cherimoya

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mango_kush, your list of trees on your page is impressive. you must have a huge yard. How big is your rollinia tree?

What is your favorite mango flavor wise? I probably have room for one potted mango.

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im only on about 1/4 acre

a square 1/4 acre gives you about 50 foot of fenceline on each side, all my medium upright canopy mangos like the asian varieties are around my east fenceline, the Lychees are in the back, the Jackfruit are in a row on the West and my anonas are in the north front yard. all my trees are spaced 10 foot from one another with the largest ones like Jackfruits farthest from the house.

my citrus are all in 25 gallons on my patio. my bananas kind of hedge around the house with other tropical plants, im trying to propagate more passionfruit vines to cover my fenceline

sounds like alot but many people have overgrown tropical gardens here, the shade is definitely nice if you can keep up with the hurricanes.

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oh and my trees are all juvenile since i recently moved down here, here is Rollinia biriba

which mango is my favorite is such a difficult question since at their peak of flavor in a good year they are so distinct, Carrie, Mallika, Okrung Tong, even a Champagne at its peak are all perfect in their own right. now you see why i grow so many of them

I would recommend you grow a Pickering since it is by far the most productive dwarf and would produce the most amount of excellent flavored mangos in a 20 gallon container

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