Wax Jumbu is flushing

bananafanAugust 15, 2013

I purchased this plant a few weeks back and started tipping it and now it's sending out lots of new growth. Of course I'm hopeful for it to fruit also ..., but I don't know if it has passed its prime season for fruiting and also if it's old enough to do so. Anyway, it was good to see it flushing.

Here are a few pictures of it.

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Another picture

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Hey Bananafan~ I have a black pearl I planted last year and I notice mine was flushing like mad as we speak. Good luck with your tree!

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kaisersoze(10a - San Diego)

I planted a black pearl in my backyard in April and it has really flushed outwards, not so much upwards. Any advice on pruning?

Apr 2013:

Sept 2013:

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Hey kaisersoze!
Nice growth on your tree. I believe they do not need much pruning except to shape the tree or if it is interfering with something next to it. I would prune the "suckers" off the lower part of your tree so the trees energy goes up to where you want it when it comes to fruiting. Good luck.

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